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  1. It's not youtube but it is a video. New Wonder Woman teaser with Stairway as the music. http://www.flickeringmyth.com/2016/11/wonder-woman-trailer-supercut-is-better-with-led-zeppelin/
  2. Looks to me like it could be a Black Crows with Jimmy redeux (same font) only with Def Lepard. Achillies and the Wanton Song would be awsome, but would probably wind up being Rock and Roll Black Dog. Or a Jimmy/Jeff duo and a Def Lepard opening act. Or a big jam. I hope he plays and blows some snowflakes away.
  3. I think JoeGina was a groupie. Listen to IMTOD Vancouver 77. Robert propositions the young lady.
  4. Cheers! Maybe we can have a pint at a Tacomac, cry about the Falcs and swap boots one day.
  5. Good ones! I remember another for ALS The sacks of mit fment mell for The shackles of commitment fell In pieces on the ground The internet really helped me understand alot of muddy misheard vocals.
  6. All I can find is it (soundboard) was released by Wendy Records in November 2011. http://bootlegpedia.com/en/date/Led-Zeppelin/1972-06-27
  7. We've all had that moment of clarity when a Plant lyric escapes from the sonic fog and our mistaken vocal contribution in error is exposed. A couple of examples of mine would be : "Hey there Whoopie Cat" for "Hey there would we care....... to all get in line" in MMH. "They talk of bongs from Lilly's place" for "Talk and song from tongues of lilting grace" in Kashmir "Oh Excitement Man!!" for "Oh... Satan and man" in HOTH. I'm sure I have more. The funniest wrong lyric I've heard all time was Hendix's Purple Haze, "Excuse me while I kiss this guy", Luckily it's not mine. Any others out there?
  8. Hard to beat the 3/24/1973 Offenburg, Germany Whole Lotta Love medley, if this meets your criteria. Sitting in Atl traffic gives me plenty of time to hear 'em all. https://m.youtube.com/watch?list=PL89A496527DBFCB3A&v=so4JiF-6pvM
  9. Wasn't HMMT and WLL soundboard in previous releases such as Intimidator? Or at least fragmentary parts of the board?
  10. Just in my mail The Great Beast 666 (3/7/70 Montreux) - Deluxe Box Set Huge Upgrade and Featuring Previously Unreleased 4 Soundboard Tracks including Never Before Heard Communication Breakdown Encore. The following editions of this exclusive Ultra Rare Set are NOW in stock; Any ideas on what the songs are?
  11. Walking side by side with death The devil mocks their every step The snow drives back the foot that's slow The dogs of doom are howling more Oh dance in the dark of night, Sing to the morning light The magic runes are writ in gold to bring the balance back. Bring it back Ooh yeah, brave I endure Ooh yeah, strong shields and lore They can't hold the wrath of those who walk An' the boots of those who march Baby, through the roads of time so long ago
  12. A similar pre-jam can be found in 1970/03/07 : Casino, Montreux, Switzerland .
  13. My SIRA version is supposed to be really close to Millards original recording. No equalizing. 1st gen.
  14. I may read too much into things but my take is this The faceless man and the fat cat playing a game represented the music establishment. The wolf man represented the radio voices (Wolfman Jack) and the pin suit gangster was just that, a gangster. All properly dispatched by our guys, the new bosses in town.
  15. While in a state of alcoholic meditation on the mountain sides of Lookout Mtn in days gone by, a friend of mine had a profound (or not) observation about our band. He claimed that John Paul Jones was the "sandpaper" that smoothed the edges of Plant and Page. He explained this as the reason Clarksdale failed as a commercial success and the NQ album made minimal waves. I doubt his observation can be applied to their solo careers as Jimmy's Outrider and Firm were successful, as well as Roberts highly successful solo career. But when they try to get together, the "alchemy" and magic is not quite there. I can see his point there. To make gunpowder explode efficiently, you need Sulphur, carbon and an oxidizer in the proper amounts (not minimalizing Bonzo here). Any more or less you get a fizzle or smoke. So I ask you fellow meditators, was it a mistake to leave Jonsey from the mix in the 90's? Or was that explosiveness never the objective of their projects? Charlie Jones is a good base player, but when it comes to that magic mix, there's nobody like Jonsey.
  16. That would have been awesome. I was hoping for I'm Gonna Crawl. They started the concert with song 1 Album 1 and finishing with IGC would have been the end parenthesis.
  17. I can't remember if it's only in the LTTE show 6/21/77, but in the solo for that show around the 8 minute mark, you can see a huge influence on the attached Eddie Van Halen song "Cathedral". So much so, I first thought that was what the bootleg title was ribbing EVH about.
  18. My first boot buy was Classics 1,2 and 3 by Neutral Zone back around 88, 89. I bought the set for 300 bucks back then. A couple of years later the record dealer said he would pay me double if I would sell them back. I may try to sell it and pay for my kids college!
  19. No Quota


    I think taxes had a lot to do with it. Check the Denis Healy quote by Plant.
  20. I have a hard time hearing 16khz because of loud Zep on MTX audio car speakers back in the day. There is an annoying low hum in my version though. Just a thought, could you isolate the tone and invert it? Or does that result in harmonic loss?
  21. I wonder if Plant is picking on Jimmy when in NY 77' he says, "one that we're attempting for the second time for the benefit of a man who usually sits in the second row... a Ritchie Blackmore look-alike, wherever he's gone."
  22. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RGyeLApBguU An extract from Doreen The Movie, an indie comedy screening in The Black Country from October 17th featuring Robert.
  23. For me, each year is like your kids. You love each one because they are different personalities and nearly impossible to rank them. Given that, each year has it's arguments and unlike kids, years can't get their feelings hurt, So I think when they were all 4 firing full bore, I love 77, warts and all.
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