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  1. Hmm. Top of the head. Killing Floor SF4/27/69 In the Light the first time I ever heard it. Same with No Quarter on the official 73 live album Mars Bringer of War part in DC The whole Destroyer concert in 77
  2. I really love most of the Munich show, especially SIBLY. Maybe one day a soundboard will surface.
  3. Ha! I do love the creative nature of" boot namin' ". I'm going to search for a thread like that. The effect starts after the line "All those little things we used to do" around the 2:20 mark and goes on about 10 seconds.
  4. While celebrating today 46 years ago, listening to the Casino 3/7/70, during the song SIBLY there is a strange reverberation that resembles some Scoobie Doo sound effects either coming from Jonsey's organ or some strange feedback. Is this unique to my version (a digital error) or was JPJ channeling some Shaggy green or just some random feedback? I've never heard him trying to duplicate the effect before or after so it just got me wondering.
  5. I really like the Berkeley 71 for it's intensity and power (even though it has a 20 second cut at the beginning), and Munich 80 for it's laid back "lude like" feel. I believe Jimmy was trying to channel a little I'm Gonna Crawl into the song. And it's hard to beat the LA run in 77 for energy.
  6. He will perform till the "dogs of doom" catch him. Or till that hot wing/tee shirt business finally gets legs.
  7. I wonder what "Garage Band" or some other video game would pay to have "Bonzo's Monteux" added into their game? Maybe two or 3 statues worth? Silly idea. Would be neat watching some of the young drummers trying to mimic Bonzo though.
  8. I wish I could edit the header to 66 then! Thanks. I'll let them know..
  9. Received these shots from a friend who has an acquaintance at the show. The exact year eluded him but the city and venue are correct. Just adding to the ether, man.
  10. Admittedly 2-12 is a fantastic sounding recording especially with the matrix versions. If 2-12 is a "10" sound wise, I'd give 2-3 a "7". I just enjoy the crowd and comedy. From the first line the taper says "@uck the sodas man, light up the jay" I was laughing as much as loving the music.
  11. For me to listen to one concert forever I'm gonna go with 2/3/1975 New York just for the hilarious commentary by the stoned out tapers, not to mention a high energy performance by the lads. I feel as if I know the guys and the sound is really pretty good for an audience tape. You can put on the headphones, turn it up to loud, close your eyes and "inhale" the awesome music and circus like atmosphere in the crowd, and you are there with Artie, beer and smoke in hand.
  12. Try Mannheim, Germany 7/3/80 Really good soundboard with Jonsey loud in the mix and Robert does a little improve in your key lyric.
  13. If I'm getting your question correct, I thought the "blast off" part was Page slamming the cord against his strings when I first heard it. I have heard him say he actually pressed down the whammy bar as far as it would go and then "catastrophically" released it.
  14. I can't think of any hotter stretch for Jimmy than the German run. Offenburg is smoking.
  15. Sabbath were at their creative pinnacle with Ronnie. "Lonely is the Word" and "Children of the Sea" (a nod to Zep) are beautiful in their composition.
  16. Great topic. Got me to look at my old school covers.
  17. Berkely 9.14.71 is the best followed by a close second of Munich 80.
  18. Muich 7/5/80 Possibly the very best SIBLY version melded with I'm Gonna Crawl and definitely the best sounding solo by Page that tour. IMHO
  19. Undoing how? Too much traffic? Copyright? I assumed the site was out of Japan. Thanks for the replies.
  20. Atlanta 77. Trying to clean it up a bit using software. Aint technology amazing?! On a side note without starting a thread on the subject, is the fantastically "beautiful black" website that is set on a "starship" and a MP3 source been shut down? I haven't been able to access it for several weeks now. Pardon the hints in parenthesis. Not sure about any rules naming websites by name.
  21. Munich to me has the best SIBLY. It was a hybrid of I'm Gonna Crawl and SIBLY. Very emotional solos with sustained notes, much like the O2. WLL freak out in Berlin is one for the books. 1980 warts and all I still love. Imagine judging the 75 and 77 tour on the early Chicago runs. It takes time to get momentum and cohesion.
  22. I have tried to listen and cipher this lyric for 3 X 10 years gone now and have found several interpretations on the net and my own ears via concert recordings etc. Below is the best choices I have found and was hoping someone may have the DEFINITIVE answer. The two line below and the "best" answers I have found. Through the eyes an 'I'll sparkle, Senses growin' keen. Taste your love along the way, See your feathers preen. Through the eyes that sparkle, senses full and keen. Takes the lunge along the way, Set your feathers free. Though the eyes they sparkle, Searches for a key, Tastes the loves along the way, see our feathers free.
  23. What a great website. Joined for two reasons. To finally find some like minded fans of the greatest improvisational live band ever (including rock, country, orchestra and to answer this question. Grew up in late 60's early 70's too young to appreciate good music. I remember mom hopping around the house cleaning and picking up listening to Neal Diamond and Elvis on the tiny radio, but other than that, my mind was into bikes, tree houses and fishing. Then came The Hi-Fidelity Stereo my dad bought around '76. Big nobs, lights and speakers. The amp looked like a jet dashboard. The record player had a strobe to "tune in" the speed. Neat stuff to a near teen. I remember hearing Pink Floyd and Fleetwood Mac and really liking this "edgier music". Then came "Frampton Comes Alive" and the final solo. I was hooked and began to want to play guitar. Teen years came with love for Skynyrd (mainly because we could play it) and any other guitar type bands. In the early to mid 80's, Zeppelin was hard to find on the radio. Dinosaurs. New music with it's catchy sounds (think Malmstien) and V.H. were what was pushed music-wise. And who could deny that Yngve and Randy were playing more notes per second than anyone else!!! They must be the greatest! One day in late in high school years a fellow guitar player grabbed me by the shoulders and said "I saw The Song Remains the Same last night. And JIMMY PAGE IS THE BEST GUITARIST EVER". Not many of the fellow guitarists believed him, mainly because LZ was too hard to play. Not many garage bands were doing Four Sticks. This resonated with me and a few months later (things moved a lot slower back then) I bought the album version of TSRTS because I figured that the live version of Stairway was on it. Then, as the love story goes, along came No Quarter. "Holy Fecal Matter!!!". What a song. I was hooked and started to slowly accumulate the catalogue from 1 to Coda. Each album was captivating in it's music and mystery. Each album now can evoke memories of the months dedicated to its listening. This post could get ridiculously long to speak of those stories. From acid trips to sword making, we all have 'em. My first foray into the boots came in the early 90's. Like every Zeppelin fan, starving for a fix of anything Zep. I had just broken up with a high school sweetheart and a friend had picked up the Paris Theater BBC boot "Going to California". I was floored. The ambiance and beauty of GTC and jazzy feel of WIAWSNB was intoxicating. I was hooked. I could go on, but I really like Zep and after 25 years of collecting, I can say I have every concert recording that is out there and have listened to them all. (There may be a MD or two that I skipped). 50 years old and I'm still blown away. Often copied but never equaled. The music is always fresh. I was at a Zoso (tribute band) concert lately and I enjoyed watching the young crowd mouth every word as much as the music. Timeless. It's good being an old fart and being vindicated. Long live the greatest improvisational, mysterious, sonically powerful, talented band ever.
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