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  1. The 2 major Museums in NYC allow it. I've seen some Museums have rules like No Flash Photography, so It depends.,
  2. Kinda digging the sneakers, it's not too bad. What would be really cool is finding a Rolling Stones Tongue sneakers and just Miss-match the pairs with Stones n' Zep and would stand out much better 😀
  3. What happened to that COMMUNIST propaganda Robert was apart of last year. We are not afraid ? ahahha
  4. BBC Radio - A celebration of 50 years of Led Zeppelin https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/live:bbc_radio_two
  5. I think there is only 1 BluRay disc for Celebration day. It's not really a video, just random Wallpaper pictures for each song. If you use the right program, you can extract the 5.1 or 2.0 Audio version. The Song Remains The Same release is different
  6. This is for a Museum Promo ? Maybe we just might get to see the rest of the 9/29 Soundboard, but will it will be preserved behind glass
  7. Does the Estate even have the money to pay the $600k tab to Warner ? The Lawyer is not doing it out of the kindness of his heart and win-win situation for him. He'll just drain the Estate to keep himself going.
  8. Did Roberts Dad appear in a season of Dr. Who ? 🤣
  9. Regardless of the outcome, I won't think of Zeppelin any differently. This could drag on for years and even go up to higher courts. Aside from the current circus going on with the Supreme Court, according to history we used to have more Supreme Court Judges. There is a very good chance we will see a boosted number of expanded Judges brought in.
  10. This really is the Devil's Music after all. Real cute and funny to orchestrate this scenario just to eFF with us
  11. This should have been done 10 years ago. It is absolutely insane to plan now for the next 10 years. I'm treating the news article as fake news and to generate a buzz. Don't underestimate technology, everything rapidly changes ever 6 to 9 months and going to plan next 10 years ? LOL, good luck. Gene Simmons has had nothing positive to say about Streaming. He's said quite a handful about free streaming, but also said the whole format is a discombobulated mess. Gene is the first to pimp out his own mother for a nickle, if anyone should test the waters with a Streaming Service it should be KISS and then we can look at Zeppelin.
  12. lol, what could go wrong when you have slime lawyers and tons of Red Tape involved? It's doomed to fail and the problem with our current system. Mark my words and post, the system will collapse with all these nonsense Red Tap and we will be entering a whole new system in coming years.
  13. Seems cool and interesting but I would not get any serious hopes up. You can try floating a balloon, but how long will it stay up in the air? I don't really see people spending money and streaming like this, especially with many poor recordings live. I'm not really all that keen with the term Led Zeppelin Experience. It sounds a bit cheesy and un-original ; in the sense the term has always been associated with Jimi Hendrix Experience. Zeppelin deserves it's own throne in terms of words and phrases like that.
  14. If you boost the brightness and reduce the contrast , you will see more lines and distorted drag in the photo. I dunno diddlysquat on this but just showed the photo to multiple (more than 3) experts in this field and they confirmed it's video
  15. Looks like the Richard guy is dead and will remain a mystery for now. I highly doubt Getty has any policy that forbids screen shots of video capture. It is an image after all. Why would this Richard guy screw around with photo in photoshop to give all those weird lines ? Richard was a bit of a snob anyway. If you use Wayback machine and visit his site, he basically tells us all to Piss Off and it's his stuff
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