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  1. Not many flared trousers and no kipper ties.
  2. Thanks , never heard of him.
  3. I'd say the worst serial killer ever is Dean Corll who tortured and murdered dozens of young men. Lawrence Bittaker and Roy Norris were also absolutely evil torturers. Randy Kraft is another complete b@stard who never seems to get mentioned. He was dubbed the Freeway Killer , a name also given to two other California serial killers William Bonin and Patrick Kearney. All of them preyed on young men.
  4. Tower House Kings Road (Swansong HQ) Holland Street (site of Equinox bookshop)
  5. The occult always struck me as a 'for life' pursuit. Especially if you perceive it as having worked for you.
  6. Before the 80s and political correctness in Britain casual racism was the norm. It certainly didn't mean you supported oppression. As a consequence people could say and do pretty much anything outside violence and get away with it. Dressing as a Nazi was seen as a joke and not given a second thought. I often wondered if Jimmy got the Nazi gear from his mate Chris Farlowe who dealt in Nazi memorabilia for a living.
  7. I've seen the Goetia on eBay but never the Hickey book. Wonder how many of each they made. Very interesting description of the shop here https://credencedawg.wordpress.com/2014/03/24/my-first-occult-bookshop/?fbclid=IwAR3_Gj6TMkOdlU1RIwGXcz5ikj8vZRo5fvxJKc7lm0XO86N-Y15QwcVFW2Y
  8. According to Nick Kent it was partly staffed by junkies and was also a drug connection place.
  9. If Pagey loved early Damned he'd surely love the Ramones Pure rock n roll
  10. I don't believe the second hand shop painting story. Actually when Page appeared at Cadogan Hall in 2014 they asked the audience to submit questions, I submitted one asking where the painting was now but they didn't use it. Like the inner sleeve it's perhaps better if it remains a mystery.
  11. Anyone know what happened to the building that housed Manticore? I assume it's been demolished.
  12. The audio version is full of mispronouncements. Annoying. There is odd bits of stuff I'd not read about previously but not that much. There is one shocking bit , what Robert allegedly said to someone about Jimmy when Karac died.
  13. According to the Radio Times the Johnnie Walker thing is one of a two part programme.
  14. I will be amazed if he ever records another note or plays live again other than guest appearances. And so what, he owes us nothing.
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