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  1. Mobile Alabama 1973 Tokyo 1971 February 14 1975 June 25 1972 Belfast
  2. Wow. I cannot even imagine. Question - how loud was it?
  3. TSRTS propelled me down one incredible, life changing rabbit hole.
  4. Agreed. For the best. Happy, even, that Plant cares that much. To do what is best.
  5. So awesome!!! New unheard 70's JP. Better than Christmas! This hasn't been previously leaked, then?
  6. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-lists/50-greatest-bassists-of-all-time-1003022/carol-kaye-1003030/ Was a trash publication then, is a trash publication now.
  7. Don't know about best but San Diego is great.
  8. Led Zeppelin night in Boston! https://www.mlb.com/redsox/tickets/promotions/themes/led-zeppelin
  9. Any insight into how therefore the records may be different? Is it just a difference of timing - when the records were pressed?
  10. Attached are pics of two different versions of TSRTS - what is the difference between these versions? They both appear to be the 1976 tracklist and have the same timestamps. With regards to the outer sleeves/covers, the cover of one seems a little newer/more modern, with a darker black background and lettering that is whiter. As for the labels, which is I presume where the answer lies, there are several differences which can be seen in the pics. Any suggestions are appreciated!
  11. A lot of great insight into the mission in this video. Armstrong is an ultimate hero!
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