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  1. Sunshine of your love- Cream
  2. I hate those little tiny dangling balls on John Paul Jones' puffy pirate shirt in TSRTS. I also hate his helmet hair that constantly changes during the movie.
  3. Does anyone know where this statue is at?
  4. And sadly, even Rush have run their course. Most bands who have held the potential to eclipse Zep after their demise have also gone the way of the dinosaurs. Has Rock died? Embrace the BEIBER!
  5. What? Nobody said Kingdom Come? They actually got sued by Page because they sounded to much like LZ
  6. I have no problem with it, and I really think it should be legal especially at the medical level. But other than being able to walk down mainstreet with a joint lit up, how is it going to change that much being legal at the street level? I mean it's literally everywhere now.
  7. Whenever I Call You Friend - Kenny Loggins
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