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  1. I know this thread is ancient, but the interesting thing about the head removed on Bonzos kit during recording has been discussed and debated for years. Jimmy brought it up very recently in an interview discussing the recording of "In Through the Out Door" at Polar studios. To quote Jimmy " The album sounds a little bit contained. It was a state-of-the-art studio, but there was no ambience. We had to take the front bass skin off John Bonham’s drums. Then we had to use a machine to create a fake ambience." You guys make have read the interview or it might be posted here already. I remember
  2. Nice photo. That's funny because I almost asked about any shots from Kezar in 73. I've seen a few good ones from that show. I believe there is a photo from behind where you can see the labelng on his ride cymbal. I think James Fortune might have been the photographer. I thought I had it saved but can't find it. Late 70's and 1980 seem hard to find also.
  3. Anyone have any good close up or quality photos of Bonzo with some cymbals in the photos? There are quite a few shots from the early days but not to many in the 70's and 1980 especially. Any good shots of the top of the cymbals or lettering would be great. Some of you drum freaks may have some saved. Thank you in advance!
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