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  1. My only very minor bit of feedback is I wish they would have included the version of All My Love with Jimmy's soloing at the end as I really like that version. Alas, and gratefully, there is a quality version available elsewhere.
  2. Thank you Sue and Glyn, I was wondering why so much of the other records were covered so well while Houses really only had a few tracks. That explains it. I am not a bad fan after all. (-;
  3. I realize this may be a touchy subject and if the admin decides to close the thread, I completely respect and understand the decision to do that. I have been a collector of LZ for many years and somehow, I seemed to have missed the studio outake recordings, like the Akashic set, The Smithereens. Now that I have all the super deluxe sets, the Scorpio releases, etc, I feel like I have a hole in my collection, especially from an album that rates perhaps as my favorite LZ album. Does anyone know if these still circulate and are there are titles these recordings went by? Thank you for the help.
  4. Sorry to hear that brother. I was just glad they brought the Coda SDBS down to the $111.61 price. Good luck.
  5. Justan, I initiated a chat through customer service and told them I was a Prime member and asked about a price match. I provided the link to the CdImports.com price. They said their price match didn't apply to non-Amazon vendors, but they were happy to match the price anyway. It took me all of five minutes and my order was updated with the new price.
  6. I am an Amazon Prime customer and was able to get them to honor the $111.61 price for Coda. I appreciate folks keeping everyone updated on the pricing as 50 dollars is significant. Thanks again.
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