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  1. But i do believe its too late now..such a shame for me.. i know .. not for plant .. for 2 grand i could have saw them at 02.. wife was on bed rest .. could not go.. just venting.. never had a chance ...waiting 32 years.. does anyone else think T- bone .. looks like the misfit on the Christmas special .. you know the one htat wanted to be a dentist..
  2. Here's a thought... alison and Robert have a little fight.. guess what Zep's back.. p u z z y wipped. he ought to be ashamed of himself.. maybe she can put some depends on him..
  3. Saw the Raising Sand concert in Madison Square Garden... I'm not a music dude but in my opinion it sucked. Yes, Plant can have fun. she is a nice piece of azz.. I'd bang Alison "Yoko" Too... Yeah it won grammy's and I wind up gettign married too.. Amazing how we men get throw off coarse.
  4. and i suppose you already saw led zep live correct? yes, it sucks. I among many other fans want to see some more shows before it is too late. especially since I been ating 31 years
  5. I agree, can't they just get on with it and say to the best of our ability we will pan a few show 10 in the major venues(and list them) after plant does his dance with the (evil one) yoko.. i mean alison krauss. "oh robert its so sweet you decided to tour with me. I just can't wait to fiddle with myself!!!!" zepp fans can wait..
  6. gee... let me see... ummmm hearing that robert has announced tour dates with alison instead of plaing those dates with led zeppelin
  7. i agree, would have to be all of them. look i'm just venting. its just a fing shame .. really
  8. At least..at least ... make an offical announcement.. I bet the band is just as bummed. 5 months of rehearsals .. fantastic from what i hear but i suppose WE are not worthy.
  9. Agreed, who know waht happens. he probally be tired after toiuring with this b@@# and then give up on a zep tour. probally satisfied that it went over well annd that the end of it..
  10. gee, that great for you but what about the REST of us? I've been wating 31 years... glad you saw them. Why not this.. they already have the show .. correct. and it was good no? wht not do a few dates in us 5? few more in england i guess and maybe 5 more in another country they perfer. 15 shows.. At least to give us fans a chance to see them. is it asking that much? i know they already gave us a lot but they are just too good to just call it. At least that what i read from the 1000 + reviews on the web
  11. masoni, Thank you , for that. But how do I send you the info? I'm new to the board? I can always give out my personal email? Ted
  12. masoni, I wish you the best of luck. I understand, you didn't want me to get burned... I missed out on two opportunities on ebay. what do you think? 2,500.00 is a lot right? Just have to hold some hope that the concert goes well and they decide to do another show. Believe me this time I won't be so stupid as to not "spring" for the ticket regardless of price. thanks Ted
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