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  1. Priest has no similarities with Zep. They do have much in common with Sabbath. They took what Sabbath was doing & ran with it. Halford has even said that in interviews. I do agree that their earlier albums are the best, they got caught up in the 80's with trying to appeal to MTV, can't blame them. They had some solid tracks here & there, overall I do dig them. I saw them back when Halford had hair.
  2. I as well enjoy Carouselambra, one of the few tracks that I like on ITTOD.
  3. So what??? Excuse me for wanting to participate.
  4. I saw both versions & enjoyed both equally, almost 2 different bands really. I do prefer the Roth era songs a bit, as they are heavier, but there's no denying many of Sammy's era songs, can't go wrong either way.
  5. Break On Through - The Doors Can't Get Enough - Bad Company
  6. I Hate Myself For Loving You - Joan Jett
  7. As I mentioned before, it should be renamed to the Music Hall Of Fame, as many artists have nothing to do with Rock or Roll that are in (Madonna). I agree with Stryder that with Wenner selling off the magazine he claims talks about music, that hopefully he will step down from having such a stranglehold on who gets selected for nominations as well. It's such a joke how they have ignored so many Hard Rock & Metal acts, the easily should be in.
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