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  1. its ok, heard zep 2 scrapping bottom of the barrel though
  2. shite, no-one tell chuck berry, he'd have a field day with j b goode
  3. barrios

    In the Evening

    "This is Led Zeppelin when they sucked. And wouldn't it be wonderful if all things were this bad?" this writer doesnt actually say anything apart from trying to illicit a reaction by slating zepplein, and trying to make you read another papragraph. he seems to contradict himself all the time, sentence after sentence.
  4. ..thought his interview was revealing, still alot of pain there regarding the lest few yrs of the band, nice to see him having the balls to do his own thing for so long.
  5. hit the nail on the head there, both queen and the beatles music were spoon fed to us in the late 70s and 80's. i have friends of mine who never heard of a single led zeepelin song, purely because they were not played on the radio and didnt release singles at all. queen were shit lets face it, a nice mixture of euro pop and theatrical rock, with a sprinkling of zep influence. as a previous post mentioned, murray is obviously a huge zep fan, and couldn't hide his happiness when zep were voted no# 1, and righlty so..
  6. disagree, the passage of time hasn't been kind at all on the beatles, i teach guitar to 80 children a week, in 9 different schools. 2 or three of them mention the beatles as a reason they picked up a musical instrument. the most popular by far are ac/dc (in terms of older bands), beatles music sounds dated, (just listen to ringo's cymbals pre 1965), in terms of people owning zep and beatles stuff, id say album for album, zep sold just as many albums if not more than the beatles. zep made rock and roll magical again, the beatles were good, don't get me wrong, i loved them when i was a boy,
  7. unless im mistaken zep had a member in each of the gategories, and won two of them,
  8. at the moment: 1) trampled underfoot 2) stairway to heaven 3) achilles last stand 4) all of my love 5) whole lotta love
  9. fuck em, if she wants to cover the song let her, she's doing it, not sat at a pc, virtually moaning about this or that, this site really is a hyena fest: people analysing everything to death. good on her i say.
  10. when ? lol, when they are 80 ? its never going to happen
  11. im sure they do, lol do you honeslty think they have fuck all else to do with their time ?
  12. great, cant wait... never really seen the point in buying a guitar that is identical to someone you admire, besides people will moan about the electrics arent correct, the pick ups arent identical, the volume pot is the wrong shade of amber. these guitars will be sold for thousands, stuck in the bank,
  13. .., im a big a fan of this band as anyone, but i find this a dreadful film, was very happy when the dvd was released so that imho, concert footage of good quality was made available.don't think ive ever endured the whole film without turning it off or loosing the will to live.
  14. ..very well eloquently put, why analyse so much ? every artist has been influenced by someone, passing on their desire and passion to another generation; hearing an influence in music has always happened. oterwise they would be no musicians. this really is a silly thread. cant believe ive wasted 2 min of my life writing this
  15. what a load of rubbish chaps, lol. we really are scraping the barrel here for info on the band.
  16. i hope it's becoming scarce, it's a dreadful film. catches the band when they were tired, and not on form. the self indulgent dream parts are chronically bad at best...i've only managed to watch this film once; this film done nothing to enhance their rep, the sooner it's made obsolete so that new fans aren't compelled to watch it, the better, as ir does nothing for the leagcy of the band,
  17. it was brave for them not to do woodstock, a very clever and long term idea that has ultimately worked in their favour. people in the uk remember bath, people and the british press began to relise how good zeppelin were.
  18. inyourdreams city, cuckooland, they won't tour, youll be lucky to see them on the same stage again, i fear
  19. he fan, i added you as a friend, thx for your knd words...back to playing 2-4 hours evryday, 6 days a week the barrios piece is intense and beautiful, infact there are about 30 pieces that barrios composed that are masterpieces... so tell me, if you can pls, how do you embed the video ??? thx fang-s (do me a favour and add me as a friend.)
  20. i got to a stage where my playing was strong, in 2005, i had approx 27 pieces at grade 8 and above all memorised. (including my own transcriptions of mozart, chopin, satie) had audtion at the royal northern, then i had a huge family trauama, well actually two, and left me reeling. i had no desire to play the guitar, and basically put my classical away in its case for 3 1/2 years. have now returned to the instrument , and am very very rusty, am preparing an atcl advanced recital diploma (trinity college), am also relaerning this, perhaps the most beautiful piece ver written for guitar by,
  21. thriller has sold 29 million in the us,well on it's way to 30 million, the figures are worldwide
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