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  1. "This is Led Zeppelin when they sucked. And wouldn't it be wonderful if all things were this bad?"

    this writer doesnt actually say anything apart from trying to illicit a reaction by slating zepplein, and trying to make you read another papragraph. he seems to contradict himself all the time, sentence after sentence.

  2. In England Queen are shoved down our throats whether we like them or not. Pretty much the same as The Beatles are. Queen are a perfect example of nice safe tra la la pop rock music that offends nobody, hence why they are played to death here.

    They certainly aren't the epitome of a 'rock and roll band' (I see them more as a pantomime musical) and that's why they didn't win the poll.

    hit the nail on the head there, both queen and the beatles music were spoon fed to us in the late 70s and 80's. i have friends of mine who never heard of a single led zeepelin song, purely because they were not played on the radio and didnt release singles at all. queen were shit lets face it, a nice mixture of euro pop and theatrical rock, with a sprinkling of zep influence.

    as a previous post mentioned, murray is obviously a huge zep fan, and couldn't hide his happiness when zep were voted no# 1, and righlty so..

  3. Zep were filled with musicians. For me they're the most amazing band ever. But that doesn't change the fact that the Beatles had a more profound influence, not only on the 60s, but on the world. Lets face it, the Stones as muscians are better than the Beatles. But in Lenon and Macartney they have one of the best writing teams of all time. In every position Zep were better but despite this what the Beatles achieved musically is such an amazing legacy especially for a 'boy band' (which is what they really started out as). Just because Zep is my favourite band doesn't mean I can't acknowledge the achievements of the Beatles. I'm just surprised that Zep won. Most people I know have at least one Beatles album and like their stuff. Far fewer people I know have a Zep album (and it's always IV).


    the passage of time hasn't been kind at all on the beatles, i teach guitar to 80 children a week, in 9 different schools. 2 or three of them mention the beatles as a reason they picked up a musical instrument. the most popular by far are ac/dc (in terms of older bands), beatles music sounds dated, (just listen to ringo's cymbals pre 1965), in terms of people owning zep and beatles stuff, id say album for album, zep sold just as many albums if not more than the beatles. zep made rock and roll magical again, the beatles were good, don't get me wrong, i loved them when i was a boy, but i cant listen to their records anymore.

  4. Some Zep fan's in for a shock when their phone bill arrives! Not sure how they won. Thought the Beatles would (and should) win and I say this despite Zep being by favourite band ever.

    unless im mistaken zep had a member in each of the gategories, and won two of them,

  5. Perhaps that's how he'd want it. After all, Zeppelin's songs are so good I think people naturally just get hooked into the primal riffs or lyrics of many of the songs and never bother to ponder specifically WHY it sounds so unique or special to them.

    I've always felt Jimmy as producer was as signature and key to the timelessness of Zeppelin's records and songs as much as his obvious talents as a guitarist and songwriter. I suppose it's much like Alfred Hitchcock or any good film director. The last thing typically fawned over and sometimes even noticed is the director and yet it often has everything to do with why a film is as good as it is! I think sometimes people don't realize that or give it enough importance/thought.

    Jimmy truly seemed to have (like everything about the band and its music) an almost "into the future" foresight in his producing. The fact that the songs SOUND so atmospheric, good and yet fresh and even contemporary speaks to this! It's as if he somehow was almost recording less for the moment THEN and more for how he wanted them to eternally last and sound in the future ! It's eerily almost like he foreseen the advent of "more quality mediums of music listening" another 20 years or so down the road and wanted to make music that, unlike everyone else, would outlast the current mediums of which he was recording in at the moment in time. I'm just always amazed by the "foresight" sense he had (in everything really). Because it's easy to sit here now and take for granted that the sound of a song like Your Time Is Gonna Come, Whole Lotta Love, Kashmir or The Song Remains the Same (amongst all the others) was just "always there" somehow but I feel the sounds of those songs was very intentional by Jimmy (the band). And it's extremely difficult and thus talented to write and create atmospheres and layers that will suit the future as much (if not more so) than the present! Jimmy had that gift and style in his production. It's easy for us to sit here and enjoy all their work now in modern times and just assume it had to have always existed this way. But he (and the band) didnt have the luxury of today's time (or listening mediums). He was producing these sounds and timeless ambiences back in the 1960's and early 1970's! (primarily).

    I'm always amazed for instance at the pure sound and depth of a song like Whole Lotta Love! Especially when you stop to consider it is still a sound of 1969! It's easy to just take for granted today. Even beyond the trademark and legendary riff, just listen to the sound, depth and atmosphere of the song sometime. It's incredible! Not only is it mind-blowingly depth-y for 1969 but it's just as much so even today too! If not more so! And that's including the famous and wondrous middle section too - everything. It's just awesome!

    I know Jimmy has commented before how right from the very first album he wanted the drums to really "breathe". Atmosphere and depth was something he always had a loving attention for and it really lives timelessly today on the songs. And yet he had the gift to make all the albums and the songs follow a seamless kind of depth, layer and atmosphere while at the same time each album was somehow quite different too! In other words the first album sounds level and largely comparable sound-wise to the last one even though each album is also quite different. A lot of bands (even great ones) have an album or two that just sounds off-level or out of place to the majority of their catalogue, often because most bands didnt always use just ONE producer. But Zeppelin's albums, while you can hear the growth and ever-onward evolution of the songs themselves, don't sound "out of whack" next to each other volume or even depth-wise. Jimmy produced very different moods and styles but always with a largely constant and seamless thread between it all...

    I'd even go so far to say he's my favorite consistent/all-around popuar music producer (for what he did with his body of work in its time) that I know of. Surely several are great and timeless and I can think of isolated albums that live timelessly largely because of the production - Brian Wilson and Pet Sounds come to mind, Rubber Soul (The Beatles) by George Martin etc. Certainly the production of several classic pop singles such as those of the early girl groups done by Phil Spector or those of Motown go without saying. But I would personally put Jimmy in there just as much as anyone. And in HIS case he did every one of the albums and over a lengthy and constant period of time. Well, 10 years anyways...

    The pure sound, depth and atmospheric way in which he made sure the songs came off to the listener is almost so integral to the Zeppelin music as a whole that I truly think the songs would hardly be half of what they are if it weren't for the production!

    But I just had to "ramble on" here and share that alongside his more known and iconic image as stage legend, cool guitar legend and riff & songwriting genius (all of which he is) I also think his talents as producer were as important as any of them! (In my opinion...)...

    i disagree, he's greatly revered as a formidable producer.

  6. I agree with what you are saying here GA. How does anyone in the modern era claim anything totally original. ? Everyone is doing a partial cover of someone elses music and that will continue. Sounds and stage acts may vary but in the end, The Song Remains The Same

    ..very well eloquently put, why analyse so much ? every artist has been influenced by someone, passing on their desire and passion to another generation; hearing an influence in music has always happened. oterwise they would be no musicians. this really is a silly thread. cant believe ive wasted 2 min of my life writing this

  7. i hope it's becoming scarce, it's a dreadful film. catches the band when they were tired, and not on form. the self indulgent dream parts are chronically bad at best...i've only managed to watch this film once; this film done nothing to enhance their rep, the sooner it's made obsolete so that new fans aren't compelled to watch it, the better, as ir does nothing for the leagcy of the band,

  8. I think ur right they did go to the bath festival. But nobody remembers the bath EVERYONE remembers WOODSTOCK.

    it was brave for them not to do woodstock, a very clever and long term idea that has ultimately worked in their favour. people in the uk remember bath, people and the british press began to relise how good zeppelin were.

  9. Led Zeppelin got around a bit, but there are many countries they surprisingly didn't play. I'm not really referring to places where it was impossible because of politics et al (though I know they almost went to the Soviet Union), but places where there were no such obstacles and the band was likely to have something of a fanbase. Here's a list - I was wondering if you could think of any more.




    Hong Kong

    South Korea




    I'm also surprised they only played Italy once, although the violence at the Milan gig probably put them off.

    It's possible they planned to cover some or all these places during the 75-through-76 tour, but the accident in Rhodes obviously put the kybosh on that. Still, I'm curious why they didn't play these places earlier.

    ........my back garden.

  10. Hi barrios! I'm sorry about your family trauma :( and I hope all is well with you and yours. :) Glad you picked up your instrument again! You seem driven! :D Hey, I listened to the John Williams performance of "la ultima cancion"--magnificent! I know what you mean by its being just about "perhaps the most beautiful piece". I didn't get to listen to the Bach one yet, unfortunately. I surely will, later.

    There's now a way to embed your videos right onto your posts! Hope you don't mind, I will now take the liberty of embing your great John Williams find onto this thread...

    Okay, barrios' John Williams video...


    he fan, i added you as a friend,

    thx for your knd words...back to playing 2-4 hours evryday, 6 days a week

    the barrios piece is intense and beautiful, infact there are about 30 pieces that barrios composed that are masterpieces...

    so tell me, if you can pls, how do you embed the video ???

    thx fang-s (do me a favour and add me as a friend.)

  11. Wow! that's beautiful, Barrios! I loveBream! Classical guitar is difficult for me, I must learn to sight read better. I've always admired classical guitarists. :D

    And, nice!, TurnThePage 24! So, there is a group with the word "Yngwie" in their name! :)

    Anyways, here's the thing I was going for in my post above, re: Chava Sequence...(thanks, Sam for the new video embedding feature! :) )

    i got to a stage where my playing was strong, in 2005, i had approx 27 pieces at grade 8 and above all memorised. (including my own transcriptions of mozart, chopin, satie) had audtion at the royal northern, then i had a huge family trauama, well actually two, and left me reeling. i had no desire to play the guitar, and basically put my classical away in its case for 3 1/2 years.

    have now returned to the instrument , and am very very rusty, am preparing an atcl advanced recital diploma (trinity college), am also relaerning this, perhaps the most beautiful piece ver written for guitar by, imho, composed by the world's greatest guitarist: agustin barrios; here's john williams playing it.


    in addition learning the prelude and fugue from bwv 997 (js bach)


  12. Billboard didn't publish that list. A michael jackson fan did. Where is the original link to the Billboard publication? I am skeptical. Thriller is claimed to have sold 72 million units, when in 2005, it was verified on 28 million? I find it hard to believe it sold 43 million in 3 years.

    This link to Billboard magazine dated 25 June 2009, still quotes 28 million, the same as the RIAA figure. See:


    thriller has sold 29 million in the us,well on it's way to 30 million, the figures are worldwide

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