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  1. recently, the billboard magazine published the list, zep have 7 studio albums in the top 300 selling worldwide list, more than any other artist except the beatles. couldn't find the original list, but many sites have the same list, http://www.moopy.org.uk/forums/showthread.php?t=59751
  2. sorry, i disagree even zeps best album, have moments were some songs just dont measure up to the rest of the album. ITTOD, is no different, there are 20 minutes of music that stands up there with the best zep ever commited to posterity (for me: in the evening, all of my love, i'm gonna crawl), and 20 minutes that is still good, and listenable. i wouldn't go as as far to say its their poorest effort, id resrve, that for houses of the holy, only two really top zepplein moments on that album, and the whole of the 2nd side sounds average by thier standards. still enjoy listening to it, mind.
  3. ....the craziest thing i ever done whilst watching this was not turning it off. dreadful film, and the live footage of them was below par. watched this film 20 yrs ago, once..not watched it since.
  4. inevitably youll get people and guitarists who say this isnt quite there, that is quite right, ignore them, if they can do better lets see it..overall though..excellent. that's the kind of thing that will never ever sound like the record, you kept the integrity and phrasing of the solo there though. get yrself in a band, record make music, keep up the good work, keep going and keep playing
  5. its like buying a car, you can buy a cheap car, or you can buy a ferrari, they essentially do the same thing. i have a 57 black beauty vos, samshing guitar, but does the same thing as a guitar for a tenth of the price.
  6. a personal favourtite: ozric tentacles, and a record called waterfall cities. can be listened to on spotify. this is the first track from waterfall cities, check out the drums at 6:00, incredible beat. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O4hN4VfK6LU unless im wrong they use an odd time signature for the main part, i think it's in 17/16, before going into 4/4 time. then back into the original time signature...pure prog rock !
  7. may i suggest an album: mingus ah um, by charles mingus...you maybe able to listen to it without purchasing on spotilfy.
  8. i used to idolise the beatles, cant listen to them anymore, find that their music sounds very dated and hasnt aged too well.
  9. jackson in mho, along with brian wilson, was the only genius in music since the end of the 1940's. he could write, dance, sing and produce, and thats before even mentioning how fantastic his live shows where. the guy was frigging innocent all along,
  10. i,m shocked by his passing. i'm certain he was innocent of the child abuse charges. i hope the parents who made the claims, in order to make money out of a vulnerable man who, was one of a kind, have their cumupance. the world has lost it's greatest single entertainer.
  11. running order: night flight c pie t underfoot kashmir sick again wanton song in the light down by the sea bron yr aur however, physical graffiti works very well as it was intended.
  12. hello,

    greetings from england, memories of nov 10 2007 will stay with me forever. take it easy,


  13. QUOTE (Aquamarine @ May 15 2009, 06:50 PM) I always say this, but I might as well say it again, what the hell-- I don't see the attraction of threads that ask what you like least about the band, or what's the worst track on HOTH, or whatever. Obviously everybody likes some tracks more than others, but there are none I actively dislike. I love this band, I don't want to spend time trying to decide what their worst album is, when it's obviously just "least favorite" and way ahead of most other bands' best albums. And I do listen to and love lots of other bands! To each his/her own, I guess. thats the whole point of many forums. fruitless, endless and pointless pondering
  14. Presence is an Under-rated album, but not in my Book. Please look out for the DVD named "Past-Present- & Future", it really is a Diamond. All the best, Hang-man -
  15. who gives a shit ?? its a good song, infact the older i get, the more i'm convinced it's one the the best pieces of a guitar/bass/drum set up by anyone. if any other band had written a song half as good as this, including queen, they would of made a mess of their pants. this song shows zep really spreading their wings i9n the latter half of their career, this piece is as deep as a chopin nocturne or a bach fugue.
  16. barrios

    Reunion reports?

    led zeppelin are never getting back together, so many hugry fans on here are like rabid dogs, get over it. i'd love to see it just as much as anyone else, but their time has gone, and they are doig other things rather than starting something they havent done for almost 3 decades. they are not getting back together, despite the inevitable tabloids saying they will every once in a while.
  17. .there would of been too much of a clash witht the other big artists, namely hendrix. zep and hendrix avoided touring in the same cities at the same time. grant's decision to not play woodstock was very astute, who cares anyway ? get a life
  18. http://www.musicradar.com/news/guitars/led...-manager-190946
  19. ...i find the lyrics to this song, like a few off the last couple of albums, very dark and foreboding. whatever the song is about, it's almost like an ominous warning. an excellent song that stands up against any of their best. great middle section, then the band return for another verse and chorus. great bass drum work by bonzon before the page's guitar lick at the end, and a hint of plant's love of eastern singing during a great fade out chase. i remeber the first time i heard this song, still one of my top zep tunes.
  20. ....and the kneboworth version isn't too bad, either ! for me, the best song played live ever by the band imho.
  21. for me, ALS used to be a good song, in the last few years, imho, now i realise, (with the aid of a good quality playback system), the song in a masterpiece. the song, being so long, always grips me, and i dont find it indulgent, the phaser guitar parts always seem to climb, the solo (im my opinion) is possibly the best electric guitar solo of all time, the six verses are always rivetting, the added guitar refrains jsut add to it, the "mightly arms of atlas...hold the heaven from the earth" refrain, which occurs twice, is slightly different the 2nd time round, the second time there is yet another phaser guitar effect which adds to the constant yearning and relentless climbing i find in the song. i've realised that there are many many parts to this song, should you not be to fond of the song, may i suggest you play the song on a good stereo system or a good set of headphones, very loudly... the song is massive, add the various odd time signatures, the vari speed, the production and you have zeppelin at their most untouchable. bands have had multi platinum careers by picking off this carcass that is ALS
  22. http://img59.imageshack.us/my.php?image=img4544bkn8.jpg
  23. my main electric: http://img59.imageshack.us/my.php?image=img4544bkn8.jpg
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