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  1. the greatest single force in rock and roll = brian wilson. to think of his output from early '62 to the end of '66, 10 studio albums in that time, he was the songwriter, producer, arranger, player, singer. form 67 to 71 still made some insanely good music (regardless of smile) holland has 7 brian wilson songs on it, a great album, until i die on surfs up is so jazzy and incredible. time to get alone on friends is years ahead of it's time. pet sounds in stereo is a must, the guitar arrangements in sloop john b are crystal clear in the stereo version. genius is a word that we all bound about to often in this day and age, however b wilson ranks alongside j s bach. i fucking adore his music i'm a huge fan.
  2. great interview with r plant, good for him,
  3. why cant you understand ? it's something he done years ago, why would the world's best boxer, who's retired in his early thirties make a come back a few years later, when he's still clearly got it in him. because he's done it already. in addition i think robert may have very painful memories of his time with zep. he lost his son and best friend, almost lost his wife too. i think it's great that they haven't sold out and done a "police" tour. zep have their artistic integrity intact.
  4. anything by john coltrane, stevie wonder and roxy music, that's what i have beem listening to lately, and of course zep
  5. the rolling stones, apart from 3 or 4 songs that are bearable, they have me dashing for the volume control quicker than a domesticated cat being chased by a large pit bull that has been bullied as a pup by a lion, and has had a particularly bad day because his wife ran off with a leopard. what a load of shit. what a good post: the jimi hendrix experience, what a load of electric guitar noise, the beatles (im so used to having them rammed down my throat that i can't listen to them) radiohead, absolute crud. cold play, barely listenable without reaching for a paperpag. ac/dc: why ? they have a singer that sounds like an asthmatic donald duck. anita baker, another wanker "sweet love" is possibly the worst noise commited to disc by a huamn being. guns n roses, one or two listenable songs, but in general have me in a cold sweat when they come on the radio. bob dylan, think of damien in the omen, the part when his parents take him to a church, that's what happens to me when i hear one of his songs on the radio. in all seriousness, he's made one listenable album, but why didn't he leave the singing in his band to someone else ? he sounds like he's falling down the stairs with his guitar and his swallowing his harmonica, and that's before he open his mouth. umph umph, i feel like mike strutter.
  6. something sensible. i think we should have an amnesty on the rumours...
  7. now that i've grabbed your attention by making such a sweeping statement, listen to the clip, and keep listening, until you get it. it's not that he plays fast; it's his perfect phrasing and sense of melody. a true genius, we see his like very seldomly, the guy was from a different planet, there's a full tab of this in "guitar techniques, sep 2008" magazine. http://hk.youtube.com/watch?v=5yZksKwH9Co
  8. don't i know it, i was there 30 foot away from them. but they done it for a special friend, these guys are well into their sixties, prancing around like a 20 somethings, churning out music from a lifetime ago. people have been clamouring for them to get back together since the day they split up. the one off, they'll do, a gig every 5 years or something. that's it.
  9. in yr dreams ? with little counting sheep ? i doubt it, they ssem to have to much integtrity to play music they made a along long time ago.
  10. 20 minutes of this album is up there with the best stuff that zep recorded, the other 20 minutes is satistactory, id say overall, the best album ive heard from '79. we know music is subjective, i dont think music is about top 10 lists, it's about listening to it and enjoying it.
  11. i agree, im not saying "hes a sad old pensioner" i'm saying he's old, i'm not being derogatory at all, his career has moved on.
  12. he's a big boy now, im sure he can make his own mind up, even if 300 million fans are willing him to say "yes". he's been single minded and recalcitrant up until now.
  13. i guess it was kind of harsh, im saying that big acts that have spilt up for various reasons, sooner or later have got back together again. i just dont want them to damage their legacy, and they are old enough to be grandfathers , perhaps they've realised it's now or never, and plant's voice isn't what it used to be. the timbre and the tone has changed, his range is lower, i'm sure they'll make excellent decisions
  14. ......i just hope all of this is just rumours, if they do something, personally, i hope they dont call themselves led zeppelin. bunch of pensioners have finally succumbed, i hope they were above that.
  15. why poeple analyse wot other people think on this forum ? is it full of adolescents or wot ? you like the song/performance or you didnt....
  16. still, his work calender has had huge empty periods in it. guess he's got food in his mouth now.
  17. ......the performance proves page has as much stage presence as any other performer. why hasnt he done more of this ? he's done basically nothing guitar wise since the day zep broke up apart, thats 28 years.
  18. thought leona lewis added a real contemporary thing to the performance, excellent, even if it was mimed
  19. anyone can give me a link of the clip please ? i missed it...
  20. hi, i'm sure the custom shop make the flagship guitars, (historics, signature models, cutoms) not the usa guitars (lp studio, classics, standards, sg, firebird, etc ) the standard has been touched up, to try to lure more people towards the more expensive guitars. in the usa, (surely gibson biggest market) the new 08 lp standard goes for $2300- $2500) for approx $500 more dollars, you can purchase a 58 or 60 historic les paul, far superior guitars overall. that way the demand for historics goes up, however they turn out a small number compared to the usa gibson, and people begin to covet these guitars more and more, because they are exclusive guitars and most probably wont increase their work force in the custom shop, after all they won't people to deisre their guitars. think about it. clever gibson.
  21. seen the 2008 standard has a plek'd neck and other upgrades, (longer neck tenon, fancy electronics amongst others), the price of this guitar is a steep £1,500 in the uk ($3,000), an increase of about £150 on the old model, perhaps a ploy by gibson to try to get people to part with a bit more money for a historic ?
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