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  1. i disagree, saw a les paul historic les paul 57 b beauty, the seller was selling it at 60% off the marked price, i took a chance, some chances pay off, some dont, this one did..
  2. hello again, that looks a nice guitar, epiphone like gibson can be hit and miss wen it comes to quality control, see if you can try 1 out at yr local guitar shop, good deal for a solid mahogony sg epiphone, in the uk, this guitar is approx the equivalent of $400, only order from the web if yoy are sure as you obvioulsy dont have the oppurtunity to play b4 parting with yr money.
  3. you may still damage your apeakers in the long run, perhps have your volume low, wen i was starting out, in your situation, id do exactly the asme, but wear headphones, yamaha pacifica 112, is perhaps the best guitar in this range, has been around since about '95 and has a mumbucker pick up at the bridge also Ibanez RG2EX1 i find this one of my fav pages regarding musical instruments, its on the "el guitar $200 -$300" section, some extremely nice guitars, http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/navigat...100001+304275+9 remember "humbucker" pickups are gernerally more rock sounding whilst single coil are more compatible with most types of music. paul
  4. wouldn't hook a guitar amp straight into yr stereo speakers, your stereo is not made for the sudden bursts in volume that an electric guitar can make, you may damage yr stereo speakers, i do it it sometimes, but i have i plug the guitar into the break out box of a good sound card, run it through the pc stereo speakers, that way the sound card neutralises any harshness that would ordinarily would damage the speakers. $250 is your budget... that's fairly small, however, you should be able to pick up something decent. if i were you i'd: i) take a trip to the biggest el guitar shop around, and play the guitars in your budget range. ii) the long winded way: look on ebay, sometimes you can find real real bargains, especially witht the econmic climate now. i bought a guitar from ebay and had been played for approximately 1 hr, i basically saved myself 60% on this particular guitar, in your terms you could find yrself a real nice guitar on ebay. if you dont haave an ebay account, get one, or ask for help with a friend/family memebr who may have an ebay account. a word of warning, be very discerning when buying from ebay, make sure they are seeling you a "guitar", rather than "here's a lovely picture of a epiphone les paul for $4 !" in addition be v careful of people who have no feedback. buying anything in a virtual auction room can be very dodgy, however, there are some people who are geniunely in a sticky situation finacially and need cash desperately and sell things for silly money, ive used ebay once, but it took me about a month of searching to find and nail what i was looking for and am extremely happy with it, the cahp i bought the guitar from had made dozens of transactions on ebay and had a 100% feedback score. iii) look in second hand column of your local paper. iv) increase yr budget even, an extra $100 may broaden yr options. hope this helps paul.
  5. wot you mean wot is he trying to do ? he's doing what he's doing. end of another banal thread.
  6. this guitar retails brand new, in the uk for approx £2,700 - £3,000 +. i've been looking to purchase one ever since i was 14, i have a glance at ebay now and again, to see what instruments are on there, and my eyes popped out of my head when i saw this...... http://cgi.ebay.com/2007-Gibson-Les-Paul-V...1QQcmdZViewItem even though it's second hand, this guitar has onnly been played for an hr or 2, it has been plekked, (if you don't know what that is, google it),ebony fingerboard, long neck tendon, all mahogony body, unchambered........i've basically saved myself 60% this will become my main electric guitar...
  7. the proof is in the pudding, led zep have sold 300 million records worldwide, 115 million in the usa. it doesnt take a rocket scientist to realise that the remaining records have been sold in the major popular music markets (belive it or not, that inevitably includes europe and south america, japan australia etc)..........that's approx 180 million records...end of thread....good night....pointless discussion.... it's cool to knock led zeppelin....last yr 20 million people scambled to get tickets for their gig, in 1979, when they were considered out of fashion in a country "they were not that popular in" 400,000 people saw them in play 2 outdoor gigs, i'm off to play my les paul...
  8. the legendary buckethead, the best electric guitarist since the late 60's
  9. trex ? pink floyd were not that big until dark side, how can they of been considered old farts by 1976 ? they were in their late 20's, except for page who was in his early 30's, they didn't play one show in the uk perhps because they did not want to...................disagree with this post.
  10. ........disgagree, zep as stated were mega in usa and canda, so to in th uk, in terms of albums sales the same as queen, just that queens' best of albums have been amongst the best selling albums of all time time here in the uk. there are many queen original albums that struggled to get into the top 5 album chart here, while all zeppelin albums hit the no#1 spot, except for the first lp. I think you'd be suprised if you found out how many albums zep sold in continental europe...come on, you talking about a band that sold a lot of records, they sold as many albums in their 12 years together, as queen did in almost 20 years of existance with mercury, so inevitably they would of been just as popular as any other 70's band in europe, asia, etc.
  11. thx for help everyone, very much appreciated. have a good weekend, btw, im likely to visit bonzo in may/june
  12. hi all, i'm looking to go to to john bonham's grave, has anyone been ? is it easy to find ? I know he was buried in Rushock, Worcestershire parish church, is Rushock a village or small town ? Are there any landmarks near the site that can act as a beacon, thus enabling me to find it easier ? I've looked on the net but it information appears a bit vague, btw i live in buckinghamshire. Any help will be much appreciated, Barrios
  13. ive seen some silly things on this site, but how can such a lumpen, hamfisted, and rhythmically band have given zep a run for their money, in their dreams, perhaps ?
  14. ...you just dont get it... "It's like Dave Gilmour with Pink Floyd" you sound like a girl... get a grip, all of you....
  15. .........well said, all my love is genius, where band chases the fade is awesome, of all there albums ITTOD is the one i play the most...
  16. yes i have, of course, listened to it lots, still doenst detract form the fact that his huge impact impact was in the 1st 3 albums....come on m8, even you must see this... not an album eddie kramer finished off many yrs after hendrix passed away
  17. there are two jimmy Vs threads in this very board, one is pitting v hendrix, one against van halen. most banal argument i've ever heard, anyone who sells records in tens of millions is a great, whether they fart, play banjo, or a tin whistle,music is about moving the human soul in way words cannot, not comparing guitar solos, people travel to see them play live,listen to their music all their lives, these jimmy v xyz threads are irksome, somone think of a good thread ? btw, jimmy is a god, hendrix's playing isn't bad either, but hendrix looked the part more than page, was in the media more, page was much more "underground" and like many young people who die so young, is lionised for eternity. if the roles had been reversed, and page would of died in when hendrix did in sep 1970, and hendrix would still be with us today, page would of been idolised even more so. there's no way hendrix could top his 1st 3 albums had he survived, no way, so in many people's eyes he's the ultimate tragic rock and roller, while page was a survivor, rode the storm....
  18. barrios


    sorry 4 stepping on yr toes, peppermint, do you feel better ?
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