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  1. did i hear correctly ? robert plant to appear on bbc 1 "the one show" on mon 25th feb 19:00 - 19:30, ....if anyone is interested
  2. ill join in with the banal banter, in my view, without doubt the best was this man: segovia was so so jealous of him that he ignored him, and turned the other cheek when people mentioned his very name, not even page + hendrix could compare to him, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agustin_Barrios
  3. for me, couldn't agree more, hendrix was great, but his songs are guitar player songs, everyone i know who is a jimmy hendrix nut is male and plays the guitar. page's sonic palette is greater, and his music has aged alot better than handrix's...
  4. .........why should his old band be his priority ? 1) he's far too old to play and revisit music from his led zep days, and has too much aritistic intergrity to do this even if he was younger. 2) why should he revisit those years with so many happy memories, yet at the same time, visit a period in his life where he almost lost his wife, lost his beloved son and his best friend. he'll never go back, get used to it folks...perhaps the one or two gigs here and there, if your lucky...
  5. 1. How long have you been listening to Led Zeppelin? since 1986 (21 yrs) 2. What would you say is your favourite album of theirs? presence, if i had to pick one 3. Your favourite song(s)? achilles last stand 4. In terms of design, what would you say is their most powerful album sleeve? In through the outdoor 5. What colours or colour schemes would you generally associate with the band? orange, white, black, brown, grey, cement colour (?),(from presence album cover) 6. During which period of their career would you say they were at their creative peak? aug 1968 - sep 1980 7. In general, what do you think would be the most effective means of introducing the band’s music to the younger generations? obviously more radio play on british radio, always listened to the radio as a boy in the late '70s and early '80's; never once heard a zep tune. 8. Who or what made you start listening to them? i searched for a fresh sound to listen to, picked up led zep II on the off chance and was hooked. 9. Apart from the obvious iconic image of the zeppelin, what do you think is the strongest form of imagery associated with the band? plant and page bowed back on each others shoulder blades whilst playing live, bonhams flailing arms, jones' discreet distance at the back. 10. Finally, in no more than five words, what do you love about Led Zeppelin? freshness, excitement, passionate, mantric, pioneers
  6. used to be III, now presence,led zep III is imo their most diverse album, presesence is their least eclectic music, however presence is full of hot rhythms, great funky bass and drums, and it has their best song they ever recorded. Every album made by zep has high and low points, presence sets an incredible standard from the beginning, almost maintains that through out, and dips off slightly on the last song apart from pet sounds, my fav album is presence
  7. achilles is a very demanding piece technically and emotionally, i personally think of all the music released on the official dvd (over 5 hrs) achilles at knebworth is the dvd's best song, perhaps did not feel ready to play this song ?
  8. come on, let's face it, r head are second rate, just that people are starved of good music, and when r head become seuccessful, people thought they we great, when they are in actual fact a second rate p floyd.
  9. .........thx for a great article, particularly like the notation of this great musician
  10. mine is still on my left wrist, might take it off at the weekend
  11. roberts attitude was robert's....having said that, i remember how he finished the show with song, and the last "lonely lonely....." was done a touch petulantly, or it seemed to me ...don't look too deep into the microphone thing
  12. welll said songbird, threads started by air air and bedroom guitarists,
  13. macartney can suck my big one........ the man is a complete and utter fool
  14. page's guitar solos were on the spot, do you think he wouldn't of been professional ? what do you want to hear ? that his solos were "sloppy" and his solo to "stairway" was only 49 seconds long ? he played like a consumate professionaal, let's just say he played the electric like only page can..........now stop asking inane questions !
  15. .....unless i'm mistaken,,, he come on stage, about a minute after the second encore, went up to robert's micrphone and said thank you, that's the only time he addressed the audience..
  16. .......know how you all feel, can't concentrate on work, feels like a fairy tale... completely unreal.. im blown away, have been raving about the gig to friends and family like a religious zealot. best gig ive ever been to....
  17. i name me, for telling bill wyman to "fuck off" during his poor show
  18. what a day.... ......the sound did not suit the 02 arena, now this is mainly due that led zeppelin seemed to prefer outdoor stages, however they blew me away, i was worried that this would be an abysmal show,but i can ahppily say that this was the best concert ive ever been to. we arrived at the 02 at 10:00 am , checked in, had no problem receiving our tickets, many people had got this out of the way on sunday,we went straight to the merchandising bay, waited about 1 hr before it opened. then we purchased t-shirts, hard back programmes, mugs etc. we met up with some american ladies, who really added to the experience, lined up in the wrong queue,many hours later, we got into the right queue, did not get into the stage until about 6;30 pm, but we manged to get right infront of the stage, 20 metres away !!!!!!!!!!! Harvey Goldsmith came on stage, showed a quick video about ahmet etergun, then the support acts started, emerson lake and palmer first, cant quite remember the other. Bill wyman's set was crap, during a quite interlude,i shouted "fuck off bill" he replied: "there's plenty more" finally, the satge was prepared, jimmy page's rig and "zozo" guitar cabinets were rolled on stage, bonham's drum kit was prepared, and to the strains of "good times bad times" the mighty band came on stage, three songs before robert addresed the audience. full set list: 'Good Times Bad Times' 'Ramble On' 'Black Dog' 'In My Time Of Dying' 'For Your Life' 'Trampled Under Foot' 'Nobody's Fault But Mine' 'No Quarter' 'Since I've Been Loving You' 'Dazed And Confused' 'Stairway To Heaven' 'The Song Remains The Same' 'Misty Mountain Hop' 'Kashmir' 'Whole Lotta Love' 'Rock And Roll' the band seemed very professional and committed, as the night wore on plant seemed more relaxed, infact so did the whole band: "please welcome jason" he said i've checked the pitch of some songs, being a professional guitarist myself, i know some of the songs were tuned done a whole tone, for example "stairway" was played in the key of G minor, not A minor. "Dazed and confused" was spectular, so were all the other numbers Jason Bonham's drumming suited zeppelin's music just fine, a different style to his legendary father, not as funky as his father, but still an exceptional performance by Jason. Jimmy came on satge with a long, black coat, sunglasses, and quickly took this coat off, then revealed a tidy white shirt, with black waist coat, the waist coat quickly came off, too. i must admit, seeing jimmy page perform with led zeppelin was like seeing God. Incredible....
  19. i was at the gig ! you all know the setlist by now........i was 30-40 ft away, not bad for a bunch of 60 yr olds. still the best
  20. they will say what needs to be said, hammer of the gods haven't slept a wink, about to leave, 02 is 1 1/2 hrs away by car,
  21. im so so so so excited, just watching them perform in the evening from the 2003 dvd, what a fucking band come on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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