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  1. larry.. you not going to give anything else away ? how do you know anything about wot the band are upto ?
  2. are yr plane tickets refundable ? if yes, get your money back, if no, depending on how much you wan to go to the show, i'd fly over to england on yr booked flight with ticket confirmation of both you and yr friends tickets, bring your friend's credit card that he payed the ticket for with you, physically visit the "02" arena, and explain the situation, possibly with the dr's note. ..then visit h goldsmith's office, first thing in the morning, (google his address), explain the situation to the staff. b4 flying to england think of the logistics of what you are about to do, prepare, and carefully expalin that circumstances and vicissitude have led you to do this. there must be a way round this, sometimes life is about gambling, and gambling and giving it a go, may make someone in england, who can do something to atleast make one of you go to the gig. should you go and be successful, and yr freind hasnt recuperated in time, yr friend won't be a true friend if is resentful towards you when you return, he'll be happy you tried and were successful.
  3. why would zep appear on stage with such a daft band ? ill give by gibson les paul away if metallica even take their instruments out of their cases within a 10 mile radius of zep. i cant think music as one dimensional as the kind metallica play, just speaking my mind........had the misfortune to see metallica live in the early 90's and their sound/noise/music, call it what you will, sounded like pneaumatic drill. whatever next ? appearing on stage with van halen or black sabbath ? anything but a "donington" style set up, should zep decide to do a festival, im sure they'll do one where their is a varied range of music,not bloody metallica et al.
  4. thx chaps. no way, jools h ? jools holland show would be too bbc-ish for them ?
  5. .........hi all, i read somewhere that they gonna play a night/two nights before the big show. where ? surely itll be in the london area ? have a good weekend.
  6. olipticle.... thx for your kind sentiments, have two tickets waiting for me at the "o2", was going to sell my spare ticket, instead, im taking a mate along. what a day in store !
  7. tell me about it, im so happy i crashed my car ! i have a big grin on my face, constantly.... i feel 7 yrs old again, incredible....
  8. mark 101 thx for yr reply all the best
  9. hi all ill bring my driv.license, however, i dont have my paper counterpart, will this be a problem ? many thx.
  10. yeah, yeah i know, material from itto, i think it's a brilliant album, never tire of listening to it, its a real rough jem, if they play all of my love and in the evening, i will seriously flip out.
  11. does't matter whos better than jimmy page ? sold 300 million + albums, wrote riffs that were meant to have been written, was one of london's best session guitarists in the mid sixties, an he was producer (perhaps second to none, except for brian wilson) for led zeppelin. so he cant be that sloppy... Just listen to any record from the zeppelin era, and they have aged amazingly well , example: the beatles white album from '68 sounds terrible, compare that to zeppelin's 1st album from the end of the same year, and listen to how well produced it is. sure buckethead/van halen et al were far more technical, and hendrix looked the part, but page was the trailblazer for all kids who picked up electric guitar, i bet most people who answered this thread are guitarists, that's my point. sitting there forty yrs later,postulating who's better than page and being harsh on him because he's slighty sloppy (as a professional guitarist myself , over the years this something i'm sure page was conscious of and does on purpose) sums up his influence on musicians and bedroom guitarists.
  12. dont feel guilty, and if you do, perhaps you have other things in your life to feel guilty about and you have a gulity conscience. look, there are going to be 20 thous led zepp fans in that arena, some will be hardcore fans, others inevitably may only have a one or 2 albums: led zep IV and "best of compilation" for example. I've been a huge fan for 21 yrs, since i was 14, now 35, about 4 yrs ago. i bought a friend of mine led zep IV, slowly, but surely, the music started to bite, and seeped into his sub-conscience. about two yrs ago, after not getting in touch (just like friends do) for a while, he asked for a all my led zeppelins cds, so that he could burn them all. i have all the records on vinyl, in the early 90's, updated to cd. my friend still checks his email to see if he has won tickets, but in a way, it's poetic justice, im a huge fan, im a guilty ? get a grip....
  13. Im going, found out on 20th nov, travelling about 50 miles, south east england. im so excited, that whilst listening to all of my love, at full volume, from in through the outdoor, i crashed my car ! luckily i wasnt hurt, nor was the other driver, im so so excited that i have a constant, inane grin on my face !
  14. .............you bet im going ! come on ! got email contirmation yesterday and done the business.
  15. hi, apparently there was a second ballot yesterday, and i hit the jackpot ! on the 10th December im going to see the greatest band of all time, the rosetta stone of modern music. percy and his old chums will give a performance that will threaten to make the O2 stadium swallow itself inside out ! I might not go as mad as everyone else who attends, but believe me, inside, in my heart, my very soul, every molecule of my being will be trying to stop myself from falling to my knees and balling my eyes out when they come on stage. Their music is so timeless, so tight, so loose. pure magic. I've had a few ups and downs in my time, but zeppelin's music has always been there. fucking legends !
  16. ill be there to witness it ! id pay to watch them play cards !!!!!!!!! come on boys !
  17. im so happy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! come on ! i csnt sleep, cant think bout anything else yeha !
  18. ps: only got my ticket confirmation today (20.11.07) so dont give up hope all the best barrios
  19. hi, been a fan of led zeppelin since i was 13, now 35, i got eamil confirmation that i got tickets, ordered 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! man, is lonely at the bottom, ... dizzy at the top, and im a professional guitarist !
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