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  1. http://www.tv.com/that-70s-show/fez-gets-the-girl/episode/16977/summary.html
  2. Top 5 IMO 1 ALS, 2 TFO, 3 SIBLY, 4 STH and WLL.
  3. " Hey Hey What Can She Say I want to................. all day]
  4. yea i was listening to 10 years gone when i saw my exwife for the firstime in 12 years in 1986
  5. I saw them in Oakland. Day on the Green, July 23,1977 The day of the famous Grant/Bonham fight with Bill Grahams security. They were unmatched in the music world at time. Just watching Knebworth sends shivers down my spine. They were so good then that its a joke that the Stones considered themselves greatest band in world at time compare the Stones 81 live dvd with Zeps 79 Knebworth peformance. Sorry stone fans not even close.
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