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  1. Its not April 1st either LOL...http://www.nme.com/news/glastonbury/76513
  2. Page will never show all the treasures this time around...that would mark the end for him and the band...in the public view for another generation to enjoy...IMO the new releases will one day be followed by live shows from the vault...covering the life span of group...to show all his cards now does not make sense.
  3. About time Jimmy came out and said it. Seeems as if was in fear of pissing Robert off. The window for them to ever play together is fast closing. They wont be able to preform as able musicians for ever.
  4. Wow as i read this I look up from the PC and right in front of me on wall is the poster with 2:00 P.M. Well something went right after Cowboys rolled over today weird man.
  5. Plant misses beginning of lyrics badly and Jimmy is plugged into air. From every appearance it was sellout lip and pantomime job. Is there more of these performances to be found is the big question?
  6. Jack Bruce needs to listen to his own music. So many of their concerts were free form Jams with Bruce, Baker and Clapton were out to be king for the night. Their Jams turned into 3 different songs been played as one. For him to keep slandering Led Zeppelin shows his pettiness.
  7. http://www.tv.com/that-70s-show/fez-gets-the-girl/episode/16977/summary.html
  8. Here we again. Let the games begin.
  9. I agree after that I really did not care. Its just Bono wanting to be in spot light.
  10. Yes you did. We invaded Oakland about 30-50 strong from south Monterey County. The 24th I was left with 3 of my friends. The reason why is because I was driving and had tickets. Robert was right, Nurses Do It Better. At least they played ALS stand on 24th. Saw Page and Plant in SJ and Mountain Veiw. M. Lee was great. It was great but best concert that summer was watching Skynyrd blow Frampton away.
  11. Big Dan I will raise my glass. I saw them 7-23-24-77 both shows and all I know is I had time of my life. I can understand how some of the more musician types that comprehend and can direct notes, brakes rhythms and just the rules of music. I have no problem. In fact I wish that I had that knowledge and understanding. What I do know is that no band ever compelled and deserved the dissection of their music more. From my early teen years I was asked what is so great. I told all that the layering of guitars the rhythm and beats that interfaces as one. That has never been matched. Setting the stand
  12. Checking out eBay earlier they had some offerings from lets say not the official catalog. It caught me by surprise. Needless to say I bought all that was offered. After my fire of 1-09-09 when lost house and zep shrine Irise. I sign the papers on new home 9-9-9 weird. Any way my man room is in the makings with a tribute and theme too our boys.
  13. 51 and having fun in smokey California
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