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  1. I think it's safe to say, with Plant basically nailing The Wanton Song here, that this could be one of the best shows of 1975. Sure, it definitely won't be Page's best show ever, but with Wanton, Levee, possibly How Many More Times, and any other surprises that may be in store, in crystal clear sound no less, this would be the epitome of awesome! I'm praying more surfaces soon...
  2. I will definitely be compiling a merge of the two shows as soon as possible. We’ll see how it turns out before I decide if I want to share it. And I’m sure I’m not the only one who is doing so. I plan on only using the soundboard sources for the music as much as possible, meaning the 929 stage source will only be used for Whole Lotta Love and Thank You (and dialogue in between songs). While there are much worse songs than Thank You to be lacking a soundboard source, a majority of WLL has the worst mix of the stage source. But it suddenly sounds great once You Shook Me starts... what’s with that?? Of the versions I have listened to so far, it is Winston’s first remaster (Arigatou) that has Plant the most audible during WLL, so that’s likely the one I’ll use. However, if anyone has another suggestion, let me know so I can do some comparing.
  3. This cancelled tour has been a subject of my interest lately. I have fully realized just how different the band’s history would have been if the car accident had never happened. Just last night I was reading about the era between the 1975 and 1977 tours in When Giants Walked The Earth. It really is a wonder the band didn’t break up in 1976. I guess all of the planned tour dates have never been confirmed. I haven’t been able to find a full list yet. And it appears not many tickets had been sold yet by the time the tour was cancelled. But based on the dates that are known, I think the tour would have looked something like this: August 23/24 - Oakland August 27 - Tempe August 29 - Kansas City August 31 - Atlanta September 1 - Tampa September 2 - Louisville September 4 - New Orleans September 6 - Pasadena September 8 - Denver September 9 - Oklahoma City Has anything actually been written about what Jimmy was planning with the set? Since there were no rehearsal, I’d guess that most of it is speculation. I think it would have been similar to the EC shows with a few switches. Some additional PG songs like Ten Years Gone, Night Flight or Wanton Song. Since I’ve Been Loving You probably would have been added back and Dazed discarded. The EC performances of the song were average. It seems every member of the band not named Jimmy were pretty tired of it. The 1975 renditions of HMMT were really good and could have gotten better over time if kept around. This would have been a fresh and welcome addition to the set. I think this could have been a great tour if only.
  4. No, the photos you have as the 28th are the 24th. The stage and background gives it away. Bonham and Jones outfits in the Friends picture matches the other ones from the 29th so I guess that one is confirmed.
  5. I just spent a long time comparing photos from various websites and this is what I came up with... Plant didn't wear the sun shirt on 9/29. This photo shows Plant wearing the same shirt he did on 9/23 and 9/27... and it's definitely from 9/29 as the song being played is Friends. It would appear that Plant wore the sun shirt on 9/24... the banner showing the bands name that stretches behind the stage matches the one on 9/23. Other photos of Page and Jones that are labeled as Osaka on the official website, are in fact also 9/24. Also this one of all three of them. As for the photos of Page wearing the blue shirt with red lines, these are not from Tokyo or Hiroshima, as the stage does not match. That leaves only 9/29 as the possible match.
  6. I just listened to this show for the first time ever... and wow! Where did that performance come from? All four members are ON! And even though Plant's range is limited, his power is all there! Page and Bonham are playing really fluidly tonight. TSRTS is the best example of this... Page's licks are more colorful sounding and Bonham is really energetic. I thought I was listening to a 1973 show for a minute there. Dazed is slow and plodding as Page seems to have over-indulged backstage during Moby Dick. He's holding Bonham back during the second half of the song. Bonham unleashes his pent-up energy during the return to the main riff. But other than this and a rather sloppy Black Dog solo, Page's playing was excellent. I noted early on this was a very "good-vibey" show like 1977, but in contrast to 1973, in which the crowd was more dead and Plant got kinda pissy with them a few times. His comment about the quaaludes before Dazed made me laugh. He then introduces the following song as one of the first things they ever did in a little room in London in 1968. Then coincidentally, Page hints at the actual very first song in said room. That was really amusing... Great show! Just became one of my favorites of 1975, and it's almost certainly Bonham's best show of the tour. P.S. Bring on Houston!
  7. Well I’ll be darned... https://www.discogs.com/Led-Zeppelin-Gallows-Pole/master/892282 Thanks for the info! I wonder how many of those exist.
  8. This may have been discussed before, because surely I can't be the only person that has noticed this... During this famous Forum show, taking place just over a month before LZ III was released, there is an audience member that numerously shouts a request for a song that he shouldn't have even known existed yet... Gallows Pole. This can best be heard on the TMOQ recording. It happened after Bring It On Home (a moment which didn't make it onto the original LP) and immediately before What Is And What Should Never Be. Maybe other times too, but I don't know offhand. Plant may have even heard this request after BIOH because he addressed the people "shouting obscenities" right after that. How the heck did this person know about Gallows Pole? Both possibilities I can think of don't sound very plausible, but who knows... The most unlikely of the two is that the person somehow got his hands on a promo copy of the third album. But I don't believe these would have been sent out yet since the mixing had been done just days prior. The other is that this person also attended the San Diego show the day before and they played the song as the second encore, after the recording ended. This also seems unlikely given the unruly crowd which forced them to drop Bron-Yr-Aur from the set that night. I don't believe the lads would have rewarded them with a second encore after that. But imagine if a recording of that surfaced one day! What do you guys think?
  9. I don't believe Plant gave a bad performance prior to 1973, but these choices are what is generally considered to be his best shows. My choice, hands down, is Belfast.
  10. I have long sought a decent recording of the Dallas gig on May 18, 1973, as it's one of the only show in which I know someone who attended. The only known recording is a soundboard cassette which ends after Stairway. Unlike most of the surrounding shows in which the soundboards sound very good (Mobile, Ft. Worth, Denver) the Dallas recording is one of the worst ones I had ever heard. That is until ZepHead315 kindly sent me a digital recording from the supposed first gen tape he had recently acquired. It became apparent why most releases of this show sound very compressed and tinny... the tape has much more hiss on it than usual (possibly as a result of years of poor preservation). Pretty much all releases remove the hiss, but at an expense to the music. While this is the best form I have heard this show in, it's still far from perfect. The crowd is barely audible, Page's guitar in the mix is inconsistent, and the overall sound is still more compressed than usual. With guidance from ZepHead, I made some improvements by adding reverb and treble for more atmosphere and clarity. My goal is to give this recording to the person I know who attended the gig, and I'll add songs from the previous show (Houston) to make a complete concert. Here's a sample I prepared for ZepHead, and he suggested I post it here too... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kigk91s_isM Again, the sound isn't perfect, but it's the best this show will sound... for now. Hopefully a decent audience recording will spring up one day!
  11. That comment kind of made me scratch my head at first because Plant’s wailing vocals from the early days (which could have been mistaken for a baby crying) were pretty much all but gone by this time period. So I put on this show and nodded my head in amusement as Plant started singing Since I’ve Been Loving You.
  12. A fabulous underrated Elvis tune it is! No doubt, a 12-year-old Robert Plant added this tune in his collection when it was the B-side to It's Now or Never which was number one in the UK for 8 weeks in 1960.
  13. Houston – February 27, 1975 Here's another example of a show with no recording currently existing (although there have been a lot of talks about a soundboard being released soon). I'm willing to bet though that this was probably one of the best gigs of the tour. By all accounts, this was an explosive performance, and the very next show (Baton Rouge) was definitely one of the stronger performances of the tour. Jones' No Quarter grand piano solo during said show (the second time the piano was used) is really cool and unique from any other version, and hearing the first grand piano solo from Houston the day before would probably be the highlight. Also, if Plant's comments are accurate, Since I've Been Loving You was performed four times during the 1975 tour, yet only three of them exist on tape. I'll bet the missing one is here. We may soon find out! Los Angeles – June 25-27, 1972 These legendary shows absolutely could not be left off the list. Not much more can be said about these shows that hasn't been already. One regret I have for the list is that more shows from this tour were not included, because it is a really good tour performance wise and it's also significant as the end of an era in terms of live performances. In the next tour, the band would change their setlist, style, and overall sound, all of which would further develop throughout the next year. Getting to experience the last great string of encores would be worth the price of admission! Copenhagen and Odense – May 3-4, 1971 I never really noticed just how much Led Zeppelin loved Denmark until I made this list. The Copenhagen show is another legendary performance; I mean, how cool is it to hear the band just freaking nail Four Sticks on their first attempt?! Odense is another one that isn't known to exist on tape, but this is such a high point in the band's live career that there's no way it wouldn't be a smoking gig. California – May 31-June 3, 1973 One thing that inspired me to come up with this thread was reading Strider's posts about his experiences of the 1973 and 1977 tours; and it's on the 46th anniversary of his favorite show he ever attended that I make this post. The LA and San Francisco gigs are amongst the best of the whole tour, and it almost feels like I've already been there because Strider's descriptions really do take you back in time. Strider, if you're reading this, thanks for posting all of your memories and I hope one day we'll get to read your 1972 and 1975 memories as well! Denmark – September 7-8, 1968 These are the most unique from anything else on the list... the band's first gigs. Five shows in two days and we have no idea what they sounded like! Just seeing the pictures of the first gig and the band getting off for the very first time is amazing! The top five are getting down to the real nitty gritty...
  14. This question is for Americans who were around in 1969. Whenever Whole Lotta Love was a top 10 single in late 1969 and early 1970, which version do you remember hearing on the radio during that time, the normal 5:33 version or the short 3:10 version? The promo copy of the single which was sent to the radio stations contained both versions on either side. I'm sure most of the AM stations played the short version and FM stations the long, but I'll bet there were a few exceptions depending on the station and/or the DJ.
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