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  1. Whoops... didn't know there was a Rolling Stones thread. I must confess, I don't visit this section much. I typically like to talk about artists on their respective forums and not other ones. And that's not a knock to anyone on this board. Of all the boards I am a member of, this one definitely leans more friendly than most of them. Before downloading this album I had only seen the album cover once before and didn't notice then. What struck me when looking at the album cover this time was not only were the aesthetics similar, but the poster itself was in the exact same position on the co
  2. Hint: it resembles another album cover from around the same time period. The thread has been moved here now, but I first had this posted on the LZ master section because this technically does pertain to Zeppelin.
  3. Anyone know what album was originally supposed to follow up Exile on Main Street? It was a live album called Keep Your Motor Runnin', recorded during the 1972 tour. Eventually contract issues with ABKCO forced the cancellation of this album, but apparently not before a track listing was selected and artwork was prepared. There was a Japanese bootleg released in 2000 of this album. Some of you reading this may have it already and know just how good it is. I've heard plenty of recordings from this tour before, but the tracks they selected for the album and the concert performances they chos
  4. Click this link and it will take you straight to the Mars section of the song. It is and always has been my favorite section of live Dazed. The first recorded use of this section was the Texas Pop Festival on August 31, 1969 and it was the final piece of the puzzle for the early years arrangement of Dazed. The structure of the song didn't change again for well over another year. Mars remained in the song until its final performance in 1975.
  5. I'm here to refute it... 😄 Ok, this may blow your mind a little bit... mainly because it comes from a night that is not especially revered as being one of Robert Plant's best shows... far from it. It's actually the other first night in Tokyo: October 2, 1972. Here's the link to hear for yourself. This was brought to my attention in a member's-only thread of the Hotel sometime in the past year. If I remember correctly, the guy that pointed it out as being the last time Plant hit the "lady," created the mistaken impression amongst the readers that he was referring to the firs
  6. If I were a betting man, I'd wager this show is the first one (at 7pm)... and probably the only song that is missing from the tape is Bring It On Home. Add that song and the length of the show comes to about 90 minutes. There is a cut between Heartbreaker and Since I've Been Loving You, and in theory the acoustic set could have been in there, but the show was probably only 90 minutes long so there was enough time to change audiences for the late show at 10:30. I guess Dazed and Heartbreaker were switched because they weren't sure exactly which songs they were going to do, so they just pl
  7. And just when I thought there would be no 50th anniversary thread today... Strider saves the day!! September 4th is a sentimental day for me... not to mention arguably the most important date of my entire existence. To name a few milestones: 1987 - My parents met each other at a dancehall while in college. 1981 - George Strait (the first singer I called my favorite) released his first album. 1972 - The Price is Right (one of my favorite shows ever) premiered on CBS. And of course one of the most famous nights in Led Zeppelin history. But today didn't start of
  8. While I really hope HMMT was played at this show, all signs point to no. A newspaper review from that night specifically states that Moby Dick and the brief snippet of WLL were the only pre-LZ IV songs performed. I believe Plant also states on the next show that HMMT was being played for “the first time in a long time.” That same review states that the show was shorter than expected... which lead to a good amount of booing when the house lights came up. It is strange though that a second encore of Communication Breakdown didn’t happen, especially since many shows in January had it.
  9. Kashmir was performed very well at that show. No mess-ups and a solid rendition overall. In fact, I've always thought the whole show is very solid. It's not Page's best night ever, but certainly not his worst... and pretty much every song is performed really well. The Year of LZ blog even marks this one as a "Must Hear" and he didn't give those out willy-nilly. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I was under the impression that "The Destroyer" which is the audience recording from the following night, was the one released in 1977... and the "Destroyer" soundboard box set was released in the ea
  10. So I'm all alone this Saturday afternoon, and I've decided to have a Stones marathon. I'll be watching all the concert films from the '70s... Ladies and Gentlemen, L.A. Forum, and Some Girls. L&G is a classic and one of my first real exposures to the Stones. I've only seen the Forum once before, and Some Girls will get it's first viewing from me tonight. We'll see which one I like the best when it's all over, but L&G is gonna be tough to beat. Sean, I'm pretty sure you were at the 1973 Forum show, correct? Did you also see them at the Forum in 1975 and Anaheim in 1978? If so, whic
  11. I recently purchased a copy of Luis Rey's book. I've never read it before, but I knew how big of deal it is to many pre-internet fans and wanted it for historical reference. I found a copy for about $14 on eBay (1993 edition) which was good enough for me! I read the whole thing in just a couple of hours. Having been a hardcore fan only since 2015 myself, the Year of LZ blog has always been a big point of reference for me, and it was fascinating to basically be reading the prototype of that blog. In the write-up about the Copenhagen 1971 show, he mentions that Gallows Pole is played w
  12. Led Zeppelin Rarities posted this fabulous compilation today. Give it a listen... the sound is incredible!
  13. This show really does not have a definitive version out there (that I've heard at least). Which is a shame because it's one of the best of the tour. I think Nite Owl would be the man for the job. His matrixes are the best I've ever heard... everything he has touched so far turned to gold.
  14. Steve... since this thread is over 10 years old and a lot of information about this time period has been uncovered during that time, can you post a short timeline of events covering these two weeks? Just so you can bring us up to date on all the info that’s been posted in this thread... some of which has been disproven. Thanks!
  15. I wondered if he really did have the red one in that shot or if my eyes were fooling me. It's just barely visible. Since Robert said "Good Evening" right after that, I'd bet the pause to switch guitars was very brief. Maybe Raymond had seen the broken string ahead of time and had the red one ready to go. With all the new sources popping up, the 27th being one of them would be a real treat!
  16. Well I don’t know... the description doesn’t match my compilation. I have way more than just Black Dog from the 28th, and Moby Dick is the complete Ledsox merge. If they did use mine, joke’s on them, because I’m already working on some updates and may have a v1.2 released soon.
  17. I wonder what show that snipped of Dazed was from at the end of the video...
  18. If anyone else wants the download link, send me a PM. Specify MP3 or FLAC when you do.
  19. I'm very sorry I haven't posted the FLAC files here yet. I've been doing the exact opposite of quarantine this past week. I'm a contractor... so if I don't work, I don't get paid. And I'm about to get laid off from my main job, so I've been working extra this week to get as much bread as possible before that happens. But I will start working on getting the FLAC files together tonight and hopefully have them uploaded tonight or tomorrow. I'll re-upload the MP3 files to since the link is now dead. Just to be clear, the music files I was working with were FLAC files rendered to MP3
  20. Tomorrow I will upload some FLAC files for those who would prefer that option. To further elaborate, I don't use FLAC very much because my iTunes (which is the main way I listen to music) cannot play FLAC or WAV files, so it's always MP3 for me. That's why FLAC didn't even really cross my mind to provide initially. It's just not on my radar much. Am I correct in assuming most people here use FLAC to burn to CD?
  21. I’ve just never mixed with FLAC because it takes up more space on my computer, and I was always expected to turn in audio projects in college as 256 MP3s. Sorry... Glad you’re all enjoying it though!
  22. Nearly five years in the making... How The East Was Won, my compilation of the legendary Osaka shows! Way back in 2015, when I first became a hardcore Zep fan, I heard the Osaka shows for the first time and have dreamed since then of having both shows combined into the greatest live album ever. The first night I started working on it, I became a bit emotional knowing that one of my dream projects was finally coming together. And now I'm finally finished and proud to share it with all of you! About 75% of the music comes from the soundboard sources, which was as much as I co
  23. Led Zeppelin Boots is ZepHead315 on this forum. He is, without a doubt, the best LZ channel on YouTube. I love how he has reached a whole new generation who may not have heard Zep’s greatest moments on stage before. There’s also a lot of unique shows he brings to the table. Case in point... two of the very first full shows he uploaded to his channel were Baltimore 1973 (which is not available on many torrent sites) and the audience source of Seattle 1977 rather than the old video source. To answer your second question, while everyone you named has done some fantastic remaster
  24. I think it's safe to say, with Plant basically nailing The Wanton Song here, that this could be one of the best shows of 1975. Sure, it definitely won't be Page's best show ever, but with Wanton, Levee, possibly How Many More Times, and any other surprises that may be in store, in crystal clear sound no less, this would be the epitome of awesome! I'm praying more surfaces soon...
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