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  1. Hey Jimmy, No problem, Glad you got to go to the show, it must have been amazing. Let me know if you have not scored a good copy of the audience source and I can hook you up. Thanks for the info about the Mobile Auditorium show. That is an EARLY start for a rock show. Take it Easy, Jim
  2. Led Zeppelin did not do much mixing up of the set list after 1972-73 unfortunately with the exception of possibly alternating one song (ie, IMTOD and OTHAFA 1977) which is too bad. It would be incredible if a new tour brought nightly setlist changes.
  3. The Black Crowes do a nice version of Ten Years Gone without Page.
  4. I had 3rd row tickets for Tampa but this leg of the tour was canceled and boy was I pissed. The Black Crowes are an amazing live band and I encourage anyone interested to go to a show. They vary their setlists nightly and for most of 2005 and 2006 were playing 2 set 3 hour shows. New Years Eve 2005 they covered Ten Years Gone and Wanton Song very nicely.
  5. I am with you brother however as you know this guy was rewarded and probably shit his pants when Page started the Heartbreaker riff.
  6. JRich, I wasn't at the Mobile Show (as I was only 5 at the time) but I have been to the Mobile Auditorium several times and can't imagine how cool it must have been to see Zeppelin there. Goin' Mobile has always been one of my favorite shows and is a nicely performed early show from the 73 US Tour. Do you remember what time the show started? Plant mentions something about just getting out of bed around 2:30PM so it must have been a very early show. I met a guy in college at South Alabama who went to the show and he had great but vague memories of it.
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