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  1. For me, PG was their last classic album. Presence has ALS, FYL and some great musicianship, but it's not a great song-writing album. It's a bit like Pink Floyd's animals. A fan's fan album, or one that serious muso's like. ITTOD has all my love and a great intro to ITE, but the rest is like a weak Plant-Jones album. By '75 the song-writing partnership between P and P had imploded. You're only as strong as your material.
  2. Usually the primary motivator for estate releases are money. So the best chance would be the archive falling into the hands of someone who is hard-up (not much chance of that I suspect). I guess the key question is this - legally, do the live tapes belong to Page or the entire band?
  3. My question was more about who assumes control of the archive after Page is no longer around, and would that mean a greater chance of legacy releases.
  4. Without sounding morbid, what happens when Page toddles off this mortal coil? Do all the soundboards and reels, etc. in his possession technically belong to someone in his will, or the band? I know currently they all vote on every Zep archive release and have to reach a unanimous decision or it is vetoed. But is this a gentleman's agreement or is it legally binding? It would be sad if really good soundboards never saw the light of day until after most of the fans from that era passed away too. A comprehensive download-only release of all the rehearsal and soundboard material - i
  5. Yip, it's from 2011. I think it might be the only time he's played this live since 1980?
  6. I'm sure I read somewhere (perhaps gig report on Tight but Lose website) that Plant and the SSS did a version of All My Love. It was in the last year or so. Would love to hear it, but I remember I could never find it anywhere. Has anyone heard this version? As far as I know, he hasn't performed All My Love since Zep split?
  7. nice. weird studio. very IKEA.
  8. I agree with you. The best songs of the night were Kashmir, For you Life and those that didn't rely on him being a virtuoso, a la 1968-73. Unfortunately he hasn't had the fluency since 1973. Page has tried to wing it twice before at Live Aid and, to an extent, The Atlantic Reunion and both were awful. I think it was the best Page could have done on the night. Sadly, he just isn't as good as he was in the early '70s.
  9. I follow a Bonham drum enthusiast on YouTube. He posted a link to this pic of Boham's kit in the Polar Studios, with the following: "Most die-hard Led Zeppelin scholars have always concluded it shoes the Silver Sparkle Ludwig kit Bonham received in 1975 (and allegedly used on the album Presence), but leading Bonhamolgist Nigel Foreskin has determined it to be : THE STAINLESS STEEL BONHAM GIGGING KIT." He also posted a link to a nice article on the closure of Polar studio with interesting stuff about Zep (I put the link to the full article at the bottom of the Zep content below):
  10. Burton still looking great. I remember watching him play with Elvis in the '68 comeback rehearsal footage and in the On Tour '70s video. Burton always looked kinda serious and not really into Elvis's japes and high-school humour. Great guitarist. Very versatile.
  11. The problem was that after Zep - who were the gold standard of rock - everything else Page did in the genre was never going to live up to the past. That's why he should have gone sideways and done more soundtrack work or something avant garde. DW 2 showed he was adapt at eerie soundscapes and in my opinion is some of his best post-Zep material. Plant went sideways for most of the '80s and so did Jones. Initially, it was the only way to go. Even Plant said he like dw 2 soundtrack but wasnt keen on the AOR Firm. Cadillac was cool because it wasn't a conventional rock song.
  12. I reckon he should have teamed up with Harper on a new project. They're good friends and it would have been a good way of keeping his hand in and getting back into recording. An all acoustic project, free of the 80s manure that hampered Jugula, could have been really interesting. In fact, there would be no shortage of younger folk musicians to pair up with him on a project, but obviously he's not keen. I reckon his new girlfriend must be in his ear, saying Jimmy get back out there, and with her poetry leanings she probably would be in favour of him doing a Harper-style project. I believe
  13. I'm not saying he's not a good singer. Just that he's a bit of a twatt.
  14. "Gross Neanderthal". lol. Plant was probably a bit like Coverdale in his early twenties until he realised how absurd the whole game was and matured. Guys like Coverdale are cartoon-like caricatures with no depth. He's a poster boy for a certain brand of shallow LA rock. For all their faults, Plant and Page are cultured and have soul, That's what separates them from rock's masses. I think Floyd are the same.
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