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  1. Aye, was a good day to be a Bronco fan!! Yeah, he's admitted himself that he wasn't a good HC.
  2. Damn, could've won the contest, just like my team. Ah well, can't win em all, haha. Good pickin paul! Haha, made the right choice for SB 50. Thank you Strider for your time, even if you are a Raider fan. Might see y'all next season. Take care!!
  3. DENVER BRONCOS. 40 Carolina 16
  4. DENVER BRONCOS. 23 Pats 20 Total: 43 Arizona 34 Carolina 30 Total: 64
  5. So apparently Denver decided to reverse their roles yesterday. A healthy Peyton Manning performs well, and a shitty, injury-ridden O-line does a solid job. Almost nullified by the rest of the entire offense, who couldn't catch a ball to save their souls, and the league's most dominant defense, who decided to give out big plays and third-down conversions like candy, against an offense without their star WR and RB. If you watched the game, you know that every receiving offensive player on the Broncos: WR, TE, RB; was dropping balls all day. Peyton Manning had a great
  6. Patriots Cardinals Panthers DENVER BRONCOS 50 Pittsburgh Steelers 0 ....in a perfect world
  7. Hah, they sure did. Feel bad for 'em, it's always embarassing to get shut out in the playoffs. At home, no less. But, I'm happy for the Chiefs, even if they are Denver rivals. Finally won a playoff game after 22 years. The last team they beat in the postseason was the Houston Oilers, haha.
  8. Well, as I predicted, the Chiefs have scored 30 pts. However, I see that I overestimated the Texans, as their 21 pts are nowhere to be found, haha.
  9. Kansas City Chiefs 30 Houston Texans 21 Pittsburgh Steelers 27 Cincinnati Bengals 16 (Man do I love rivalry games in the playoffs) Minnesota Vikings 13 Seattle Seahawks 10 Washington Redskins 27 Green Bay Packers 21
  10. "B-B-B-Bennie and the Jets" NE Chicago Atlanta Cinci Pittsburgh Houston Indy NYG Washington KC Carolina Rams Arizona BRONCOS. Minnesota
  11. Raiders [WIN] Redskins [WIN] Carolina Pittsburgh Buffalo Motown KC Indy NE Chicago Houston Jags Arizona Seattle Vikings BRONCOS.
  12. Thank you, I've reached the big 20. Supposedly it's all downhill from here. Don't believe that, but I'll find out, haha. Goin with Skins.
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