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  1. very cool pics! never seen them before. would've been cool to see jimmy play an sg with zep... especially in the dragon suits!
  2. Coda takes the cake for me. I feel the content there makes up for all the disappointments on other companion discs. The only reason I bought ITTOD was because I got all the others... Honestly I was hoping that all the companions would feature at least one awesome live track but hey, I'm just grateful to get more Zep from Page himself.
  3. Fully agree, mainly due to the fact that it still perfectly reflects the state of the world today.
  4. shit... for now I would also have to go with the No Quarter from the original TSRTS soundtrack... Probably one of my favorite Page solos.... I'll never forget when I listened to it on acid. Not advocating drug use or anything, but I'm sure some of you have similar experiences
  5. A lot of great choices guys, I will be sure to check out all the shows I haven't heard.
  6. Thanks for your input! I actually just got the long beach show today and was thinking that it may be the best boot I've come across so far! Cool that you agree, and yeah I figured that there are other threads that are covering the same subject, but fuck it? If it's really a problem I don't mind if this thread gets taken down. I also have the 2/14/75 show, how 'bout that kashmir? Fucking epic!!!
  7. Hello my fellow zepheads, this is my first post here. What do you believe to be the best overall (performance AND sound quality) available bootleg? I've been doing some hunting to add to my collection, so I was curious as to what other diehard fans consider the most essential bootleg. Yes I know there is a lot to choose from, but if you had to choose only ONE to listen to for eternity, which show would it be?
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