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  1. His 2005 Berlin concert also opened with NQ in an almost identical arrangement. CM was a surprise, I expexted Rock And Roll.
  2. Led Zep talks will delay remasters http://www.classicro...elay-remasters/ Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page has hinted at the bonus material which will appear on the band’s upcoming remaster series – but he’s warned fans to be patient because some of the band haven’t yet agreed to the re-releases. ... He hopes the material will be released “bit by bit” starting next year, but adds: “You’ve got to get to the point where all the members of the group are in agreement. I would hope it’s sooner rather than later.”
  3. To quote JPJ from the Berlin premiere of CD: "We're not a band anymore."
  4. Unless Jones is too busy composing his opera.
  5. You gotta love the blond girl for asking that question even it was off topic. It caused applause by the audience.
  6. I got no link to source but i was at the Berlin premiere of Celebration Day. Moonson is right, Jonesy confirmed a second album but not when it will be done.
  7. Yeah, at least I got a movie poster signed by Dick Carruthers and a foto of me and my buddy together with him. We had the chance to to him (likeable guy) and payed compliment to his work and use of Super 8 on the White Spripes DVD "Under Blackpool Lights". He was pleased and recommended Bryan Adams' Concert Movie which he also directed. He enthusiastically: "It's even better than the White Stripes DVD". "But his music sucks" we told him. He didn't reply
  8. Imagine me being there without any album/dvd to sign
  9. Just came back from the German premiere. The Movie is nothing but awesome from start to finish. I only wish they would have left all the Plantations intact (Jason's YOU SHOOK ME is cut as is the whole Kashmir introduction) but that's no real complaint. After the screening there was 30 minutes Q&A with JPJ and Carruthers. Nice and funny fellows.
  10. http://www.cinemaxx.de/Site/Content/Led-Zeppelin/164?tr=t03841 JPJ and D. Carruthes confirmed. Got my Tickets today. There are still some available. Be quick!
  11. There's acoustic guitar on CANDY STORE ROCK.
  12. The German TV footage has already been released on CUMULAR LIMIT in 2000.
  13. This must be the nicest tour program ever available at a concert. No paperback as usual but hardcover. It's full of both superb b&W and color photographs and provides you with information on the creation Raising Sand and tour personal as well.
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