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  1. Echoing the other thanks and appreciations. I'm currently listening via my Audio Altar (a.k.a. stereo set up) and by Jupiter's balls, this is a complete revelation compared to what I recall of the very dry Dragon Snake soundboard from 2005. Just superb weight, breath, depth and freshness. Wholly resets my appreciation for the too dry and tinny 1977 tour soundboards. And good golly Miss Molly, it's a cooking show. The bass!! Yumsville. Thanks again Steve. You're a gent.
  2. Hi Steve, thanks so much for these stereo remixes. Hit me with a link when you can, please. Yours, in Valhalla! 😘 x
  3. That would be a mammoth set! Not outwith the bounds of previous limited edition box sets that labels like Rhino have put out before. I suppose the copyrights are sorted due to prior release, so.... who knows.
  4. Aah Dreamland is one of his best. Plant's on record in interview saying that the Strange Sensation was the manifestation of the kind of solo band he wanted all along. While the Sensational Space Shifters are also great, I feel Clive Deamer's exemplary drumming gave a dynamic foundation unlike any other drummer he worked with solo, especially in the live setting. And yeah, a couple of Plant live albums from various band incarnations wouldn't go amiss!
  5. Greetings fellow Zep geeks, You know those useless fantasy-type threads that folk post? Well, here's another one, just throwing into the ether... and RP management! Blessings and hail to Nicola Powell!! 😘 xx Plant reissuing three of his solo albums. I know we had the Fate of Nations vinyl repressing recently, but it was a single disc and got very mixed audio reviews. So, here's a little post on how one could reissue and repress some of his LPs again, on double vinyl, and throw in b-sides or Japanese/non-USA bonus tracks as well (Faith No More did this to excellent effect a few years ago). You can still get up to 25mins on one LP side without losing much volume & dynamics. Plus it doesn't have to be DJ-level loudness, like, right? And please, this is a fantasy, so go easy, friends, on your hard cold unconstructive criticisms πŸ™ πŸ˜‰ FATE OF NATIONS (1993) A1 Calling To You (5:48), A2 Down To The Sea (4:00), A3 Come Into My Life (6:32), A4 I Believe (4:33) (approx 21mins total) B1 29 Palms (4:51), B2 Memory Song (Hello Hello) (5:23), B3, If I Were A Carpenter (3:45), B4 Colours of a Shade (4:43) (approx 20mins total) C1 Promised Land (4:58), C2 The Greatest Gift (6:53), C3 Great Spirit (5:27), C4 Network News (6:42) (approx 23mins total) Bonus Tracks: D1 Naked If I Want To (0:48), D2 8'05' (1:50), D3 21 Years (5:12), D4 Dark Moon (5:39), D5 Hey Jayne (5:23), D6 Whole Lotta Love (You Need Love) with Rainer Ptacek (3:30) (approx 20mins total) ** There are also several other b-sides with live from Montreaux and all those Calling To You remixes, but I dunno how good or outdated they may be. DREAMLAND (2002) A1 Funny In My Mind (Believe I'm fixin' to die) (4:44), A2 Morning Dew (4:24), A3 One More Cup of Coffee (4:01), A4 Last Time I Saw Her (4:39) (approx 18mins total) B1 Song To The Siren (5:52), B2 Win My Train Fare Home (if I ever get lucky) (6:01), B3 Darkness, Darkness (7:01) (approx 21mins total) C1 Red Dress (5:21), C2 Hey Joe (7:02), C3 Skip's Song (4:45), C4 Dirt in a Hole (4:46) (approx 21mins total) Bonus Tracks: D1 Last Time I Saw Her (remix) (3:22), D2 Song To The Siren (remix) (5:52), D3 Morning Dew (BBC session), D4 Funny In My Mind (BBC session). MIGHTY REARRANGER (2005) A1 Another Tribe (3:15), A2 Shine it all Around (4:03), A3 Freedom Fries (2:52), A4 Tin Pan Valley (3:47), A5 All The King's Horse (4:20) (approx 18mins total) B1 The Enchanter (5:27), B2 Takamba (4:04), B3 Dancing in Heaven (4:25), B4 Somebody KNocking (3:47) B5 (Bonus) Red, White and Blue (3:08) (approx 21mins total) C1 Let The Four Winds Blow (4:52), C2 Mighty Rearranger (4:25), C3 Brother Ray (1:28), C4 (Bonus) All the Money in the World (3:09), C5 (Bonus) The Enchanter (UNKLE remix) (6:49) (approx 21mins total) D1 (Bonus) Shine it all Around (remix) (7:41), D2 (Bonus) Tin Pan Valley (remix) (6:32) - finish off this side with 2 choice tracks from the iTunes live sessions or the The Enchanter UNKLE remix Dub version?
  6. Yes it looks like Chris Spedding, and that's Dave Edmunds on guitar on the left too.
  7. Cheers folks for the heads up on this, esp the CaptainAcid patched remaster. You are sweet, kind people and never forget that. 😍
  8. It's a nice question to ask, but honestly, it's probably less likely to occur than a Zep reunion. And I love the Live at the Greek album, even have it on vinyl and the Japanese edition with bonus tracks. Regarding drugs, I've never seen much more than booze, loads of weed and a little coke being associated with them. Anyone interested in the true story behind the sudden mid-tour end of Jimmy Page and the Black Crowes ought to read BC drummer Steve Gorman's well-written, insightful, and eye-popping memoir, Hard to Handle (pub.2019). To my regret - cos I'm still a fan of their 1990s work - let's just say Chris Robinson does not come across too well in it. Control freak. I don't generally go for memoirs that expose too much mystery and magic, but Gorman's mature reading of the Robinson brothers' codependent and destructive relationship is kinda sad, cos when the Crowes were hot, they were incandescent. To sum up, yes, Jimmy Page had a painfully bad back and it needed rememy (ha!), but the killer blow was dealt by the Robinson brothers who, as a result of their combatative, egotistical relationship, managed to fatally insult Page. It is astounding how it happened. Utterly immature and short-sighted behaviour, but then the Crowes history is full of that. A shame really, cos I remember seeing the magazine ad for their November 2000 gig in Dublin and was looking forward to it. Och, well.
  9. Heads up retro heads: UK RSD release this summer. Robert Plant 12" coloured vinyl (limited) on "Mercury Studios" label. Tracks: 1) Hurting Kind 2) Liar’s Dance 3) Tall Cool One 4) Wearing and Tearing No further info; might be Knebworth 1990 tracks. Due 12th June. Eye fank ewe.
  10. Greetings. I don't know if this has been covered in the preceding 29 pages of this thread but I just heard a great one on Twitter from Julian Cope's wife, Dorian, who was a massive Who fan as a teenager in the '70s. She says that when Zep split after Bonzo died, she was really jealous of their decision not to continue compared to The Who's decision to bring in Kenny Jones and their subsequent career. I'd never considered that angle, the jealousy of a difficult artistic choice which left so many people bereft of any future Zeppelin but which kept the magic, mystery and aura of the band intact. And being frustrated with your favourite band for actually continuing past the death of their drummer! Anyhoo, that's your fan trivia news today. Stay safe folks.
  11. Aha, I just ordered Gorman's book, thanks Strider for reminding me of its worth. Always loved his drumming. Saw the Crowes in '95 and '99 in Dublin which were absolutely great shows. Extremely high, as I hazily recall. In '99 I'd seen their tour set lists online and was yelling out for In My Time of Dying before the final encore, and then they started it and everyone went nuts. Saw them in Dublin '97 too but it was a duff dull disappointing gig, which tallies with their uneven later output and in-band aggro. I remember seeing an ad in an Irish music magazine for a Page/Crowes gig at The Point arena due around November 2000 before the tour got cancelled officially due to Jimmy's bad back - looking forward to the Gorman read over a continuing precautionary isolating Christmas. Stay safe, folks. PS for a haunting, harrowing and darkly hilarious sex, drugs and rock 'n roll read, I recommend Mark Lanegan's memoir, Sing Backwards And Weep. https://www.roughtrade.com/gb/mark-lanegan/sing-backwards-and-weep
  12. As a local living near Boleskine, anecdotally I hear from older people who worked there in the past that either they never saw or felt anything weird, or they had something strange happen or felt something inexplicably ominous occur. Now, whether there was whisky or psylocibin involved... I dunno. πŸ˜‡ Either way, the new owners are ethically steaming ahead with the rebuilding and repurposing of the house and site, with paid contractors and a healthy amount of volunteers. Whatever one's beliefs, they're trying to make something good for the locality and beyond. I am not connected to them in any way (yet!). More info and donations: https://www.boleskinehouse.org/
  13. Can't believe I've gotten a chance to say this to @SteveAJones but you're incorrect in this matter, good sir. πŸ™ The ruin just got taken off the local authority's dangerous buildings list and is full steam ahead for a rebuild in the coming years. The gate lodge is already refurbished - a mate of mine did it. All the up-to-date info is on their Facebook page and website.
  14. Excellent shots, love the super sharp one of Jonesy, Bonzo & Page - and all the others of course. Fair play to you for getting such clear shots while in the audience. It's not easy and I appreciate that you have plenty blurred ones too. Thank you for sharing.
  15. Another late entry to this party, @SteveZ98. I'd love a link please. The BYA Stomp clip is beautiful. Need to change my mind about those shrill 1977 SB recordings.
  16. Really? I'll have to check my ears then! Thanks for the comment. It's just that I've never heard a cut mid-song on any of the 1975 boards, hence my query.
  17. First bootleg was Dallas 4 March 1975 on a 90min cassette bought in the early 1990s in a second-hand record shop in Dublin which had trays of bootleg tapes right on the counter. Those literally were the days. The recording blew my mind and made the 1975 tour my favourite, not least because of the superior sound quality compared to other tours. If it's poor sound I just can't listen to it, audio snob that I may be. Shortly after that, in the stoned summer of 1992, while working in the flower fields and bulb factories in western Netherlands, I bought a CD called In The Evening, Brussels 1980 in a small record shop, which was another insight into the band - although the audio quality was average at best.
  18. Great article, thank you for the link. My question regarding cassettee vs reel-to-reel soundboard recordings: how do the, say, 1975 boards, not have any break or cassette flip in a three-hour show? If it was a single cassette there'd be the flip every 45min or 60min, but those shows just seem to flow complete from start to finish. Plus the linked article shows that there was only one on-stage recorder. Anyone?
  19. Folks, only one person in this world wrote the words to STH, a song which means so much to millions through the years, but something Plant wrote when he was, what 22 years old? What dire poetry was most of us writing at that age? So if he says that, it's not too surpriseing. Look at the man's long and varied trajectories. Spot the touchstones and tendrils and spores. Think about how proud he was of his Mighty Rearranger lyrics. There's the tone of latter man, no? I interpret this as not that he can't relate to any of those older Zep songs, but STH has a heavy weight to it, and the lyrics are of his youth. He's no problem with, say, Ramble On. So really, who among us - who - could stand up and truly imagine what it must be like to be the actual person who wrote the bloody words of STH? And then judge him for his comment on this one particular song. Lordy lordy. Plus falls for the classic mistake of not double-checking whether Percy was in fact taking the piss a little - as one commenter said above it's prob part of the PR for his new box set . Season of good will and all. Anyhoo, seasons greetings.
  20. Highland resident here. The new owners of Boleskine House have been busy since they got the deeds a few weeks ago. Apparently, two people have been charged with the 1st August arson on the remaining intact wing of the house (it didn't make sense as an insurance rip-off as new owners didn't have insurance yet plus I doubt you can get insurance on a dangerous structure). Here are some links, including a chance to contribute to the renovation. I have no idea who is backing the new owners' endeavours, cos we're talking considerable sums, but overall I see this as a good thing with great potential as their planned retreat centre, operating well beyond the Crowley and Page connections. And yeah, there is a vibe in that area of the Foyers road... eerie in the depths of winter let me tell ya! Anecdote: I was talking to a friend in the Dores Inn by Loch Ness the other week and he told about having a few pints one evening and some eager American Crowley/Page fans came in looking for the house, and all the locals in the pub pulled An American Werewolf in London job on them, telling them that it was dangerous and terribly spooky to be going down to the House. They all cracked up when the tourists left. Stick to the path, boys... beware the moon... 😎 https://www.boleskinehouse.org/ https://www.gofundme.com/f/boleskinehouse https://www.facebook.com/boleskine.house.foundation/ Paywall but you can read some of it: https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/volunteers-help-boleskine-house-to-rise-from-ashes-v3s2w985g
  21. Hello Steve - please count me in for a download link. Sounds fab!
  22. Hi Chef Free - non-Dime link please, cheers.
  23. Tix were sold to a pair of delighted young fans. Admin feel free to delete this thread, thanks.
  24. Hi - Admin please delete if inappropriate. FOR SALE: 2 x tickets for ROBERT PLANT Perth 28 Nov I have two genuine standing tickets for Robert Plant's gig in Perth, Scotland, this Tuesday 28 November. I can't go due to temporary health issues. Tickets are Β£130 for the two, which includes fees and original postage costs. If bought in time I can get them couriered. Otherwise, I have friends going to the show and they can sell the tickets at the venue. PM me or email: sigilarts [at] gmail.com
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