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  1. No. They worked amazingly as a foursome many years ago. They've all grown in different directions. Leave it where it is and be grateful for the legacy they left for us.
  2. I think he played guitar during Priory of Brion. I seem to recall seeing pictures but not sure what song it was.
  3. Thing is - the three of them haven't worked together since 1980. A lot of time passed, not to mention certainly Robert and John Paul have gone in very different directions. Im not so sure they still have that magic together. Not to mention Bonzo was a big part of their sound.
  4. There has been a lot posted about charitable contributions Robert has done both locally and nationally. If it's private, clearly there would be no proof because he's not doing it for his own glory but to help out others. Why are you so pissed about it?
  5. He's supporting local businesses and in particular, the hospital. It's not about how much money he gives, he's helping out. There are many other musicians worth a whole lot more who haven't done a thing during Covid.
  6. Agreed. Quick question though - somewhere I read his daughter is in the video but I can't spot her. Is this true and if so, do you know where in the crowd she is? Just curious.
  7. He's been seen in Nashville, assumably recording so I don't think he's throwing in the towel just yet.
  8. He sung them both in 2005. Agreed that they are both beautiful songs.
  9. Agreed - wish he'd get back to some of this. Never understood why he abandoned the first half his career. There is some fantastic stuff.
  10. But Jimmy IS responsible for his own life and choices. I have no problem with his choice not to carry on if he feels he doesn't want to work with anyone apart from Robert and John Paul. It's a shame but no one is forcing him into anything one way or the other.
  11. I would assume if Robert is home, he'd absolutely go to see the Wolves play. He has a house in Wales, or I think he used to, but he lives in Kidderminster area. He lived in Texas with Patti Griffin, probably the driving reason, more so than the state itself, although Austin is a really cool city - very Liberal compared to the rest of the state.
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