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  1. Possibly although I always got the sense after Robert's son Karac passed, he was done with the band. Yes Bonzo coaxed him back but seems his heart wasn't in it, coupled with Jimmy's struggles with drugs etc. Would have been interesting to hear what they would have done, had things turned out differently.
  2. Ive seen Buddy a couple of times and mostly he seemed really out of it and kind of all over the place. It was sad to see. When he played, he still had it but there wasn't a lot of that happening.
  3. I don't think he plays even around the house to be honest. Sadly
  4. Hard to say - they have tour dates in the summer so perhaps it's a side project?
  5. 100% agree with this. I didn't see the concert live and I know being there is a whole different thing than watching it in the movie theatre or a DVD but I wasn't blown away. I think you said it well that Page did what needed to, but it was very calculated and didn't let loose. It'll never be what we think of Zep because Bonzo isn't there and that band was the success of all four parts. That and the fact that time has moved them on. Jonesy seems happy doing his opera and working with very eclectic bands. Robert is doing his thing and Page is focused on reissues.
  6. How is the picture showing he doesn't give a shit? He's holding the book in front of a kebab shop. I wouldn't read into it.
  7. Not sure he still has it since he hasn't played likely in years. It's his choice there's no vehicle. He could have the pick of the litter to play with him and he seems to only want RP and JPP or no one.
  8. Yes he does. Not sure the age difference but I'm guessing around 9-10 years or so.
  9. I would also imagine in the early 80s, he was stepping out on his own for the first time and probably feeling a bit unsure of things. I think it took him a while before he felt settled on his own.
  10. Didn't VH-1 have something similar with Steven Tyler narrating? Cant think of the name of it offhand. Was several years ago.
  11. But that was his choice. He knew Robert wasn't interested in a reunion. He could have worked with any number of musicians and done his own thing.
  12. He used to have a house in Primrose Hill though I think he primarily resides in the Midlands.
  13. I don't think he has any intention of playing live or recording. I think he keeps insinuating it so it doesn't look like he's "done" or retired IMO. I am fine if he is - he owes us nothing, but I'm tired of him saying he "should be out playing" etc.
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