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  1. Agreed. Quick question though - somewhere I read his daughter is in the video but I can't spot her. Is this true and if so, do you know where in the crowd she is? Just curious.
  2. He's been seen in Nashville, assumably recording so I don't think he's throwing in the towel just yet.
  3. He sung them both in 2005. Agreed that they are both beautiful songs.
  4. Agreed - wish he'd get back to some of this. Never understood why he abandoned the first half his career. There is some fantastic stuff.
  5. But Jimmy IS responsible for his own life and choices. I have no problem with his choice not to carry on if he feels he doesn't want to work with anyone apart from Robert and John Paul. It's a shame but no one is forcing him into anything one way or the other.
  6. I would assume if Robert is home, he'd absolutely go to see the Wolves play. He has a house in Wales, or I think he used to, but he lives in Kidderminster area. He lived in Texas with Patti Griffin, probably the driving reason, more so than the state itself, although Austin is a really cool city - very Liberal compared to the rest of the state.
  7. I wasn't judging how Jimmy or anyone reacted to Bonzo's passing. No doubt it was devastating. I was merely stating in response to another comment that I would assume it was probably more devastating to Robert given their close friendship and bond prior to Zep but no, i have no idea. I think the pressure was on Robert too as the lead vocalist of Zep to produce solo stuff that was other worldly. He was just able to not succumb to it. Jimmy owes no one anything. I am very grateful for what he gave us with Zep. I just am sad that someone of his talent wasn't able to find a solo path but never did I say or think he must or owes us (though I wish he'd stop claiming he's working on stuff when he's not).
  8. So did Robert and John Paul - they were equally as much of the reason the band was what they were and both managed to move forward, accepting they all never be at the same level of Zep but forging ahead in many different and interesting directions. I would imagine John's death hit Robert the hardest since it was his dear mate. Jimmy could have done the same but he for whatever reason, wasn't able to. It's not a put down on Page - just my obersvations and thoughts.
  9. I'm no expert but as far as we know, the last official songwriting he did was with Plant on WIC. I don't know when he last produced anything non Zep related. It is a mystery why he could never carry on post Zep but it appears to me at any rate, he seems to have lost his confidence unless he's with Robert (and Jonesy). I always wish he would have taken the approach Robert did which was to push forward and accept he will never have the success of the past but that doesn't mean he can't build a new career as a player. Or I wish he would have done producing for other bands. I also found, and again, just my point of view - the footage from that museum exhibit, his playing was very slow and did not look like someone who was comfortable with an axe in tow.
  10. Ironic that if you feel he basically made the band, he's been the least successful post Zep apart from his time with Plant. You are of course entitled to your opinion but I would have to say that they wouldn't have been Zep if it weren't the combination of all four of them equally. I don't think Plant's songwriting was lazy. I think he was developing it. Lyrically he's much stronger post Zep IMO but I don't attribute that to laziness. I do agree that I wouldn't have wanted to hang with them during that time either.
  11. Doubt it - I would predict his infidelity was the impetus to their splitting up.
  12. I admire his taking a risk musically and going in a completely different direction. There are some great tracks on it that along with his other earlier albums, would be great to hear reworked again. I never understood why he doesn't delve into his 80s albums anymore.
  13. Totally agree. Would rather hear that then the Zep tunes he keeps rehashing.
  14. Possibly although I always got the sense after Robert's son Karac passed, he was done with the band. Yes Bonzo coaxed him back but seems his heart wasn't in it, coupled with Jimmy's struggles with drugs etc. Would have been interesting to hear what they would have done, had things turned out differently.
  15. Ive seen Buddy a couple of times and mostly he seemed really out of it and kind of all over the place. It was sad to see. When he played, he still had it but there wasn't a lot of that happening.
  16. I don't think he plays even around the house to be honest. Sadly
  17. Hard to say - they have tour dates in the summer so perhaps it's a side project?
  18. 100% agree with this. I didn't see the concert live and I know being there is a whole different thing than watching it in the movie theatre or a DVD but I wasn't blown away. I think you said it well that Page did what needed to, but it was very calculated and didn't let loose. It'll never be what we think of Zep because Bonzo isn't there and that band was the success of all four parts. That and the fact that time has moved them on. Jonesy seems happy doing his opera and working with very eclectic bands. Robert is doing his thing and Page is focused on reissues.
  19. How is the picture showing he doesn't give a shit? He's holding the book in front of a kebab shop. I wouldn't read into it.
  20. Not sure he still has it since he hasn't played likely in years. It's his choice there's no vehicle. He could have the pick of the litter to play with him and he seems to only want RP and JPP or no one.
  21. Yes he does. Not sure the age difference but I'm guessing around 9-10 years or so.
  22. I would also imagine in the early 80s, he was stepping out on his own for the first time and probably feeling a bit unsure of things. I think it took him a while before he felt settled on his own.
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