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  1. 6 hours ago, SteveAJones said:

    It's a pop song, one of his most commercially successful ones as a solo artist. I liked it then and I still like it.

    Agreed. Quick question though - somewhere I read his daughter is in the video but I can't spot her. Is this true and if so, do you know where in the crowd she is? Just curious. 

  2. 2 hours ago, seaweed gate said:

    I've always thought it was pretty unfair to blame Jimmy for his musical inactivity, because he's NOT responsible for that fact in the first place.

    Jimmy originally wanted to carry on with Robert after the 02 show, as were Jason and John Paul.

    It was pretty clear there would have been more LZ shows, but ALSO NEW music along the way, if they didn't broke up just after the one-shot London 2007 gig. 

    You can't always blame Jimmy if he wants the best for his music vocally. And the best is Robert Plant. As simple as that. 

    As long as Robert will not agree to write new musical compositions with Jimmy,  or as long as Robert will prefer to postpone his future collaboration for some reason, Jimmy Page will set aside his new music (which does already exists) for the right time to be exposed. 

    Jimmy is so cautious and wise to not compromise these tenuous chances of future P&P(+) collaboration, he will NEVER drop the bucket on Robert for his forced inactivity. 

     I suspect Robert perfectly knows every bit and angle of this arcane human alchemy. And he plays with it, for years and years, now.      

    But Jimmy IS responsible for his own life and choices. I have no problem with his choice not to carry on if he feels he doesn't want to work with anyone apart from Robert and John Paul. It's a shame but no one is forcing him into anything one way or the other. 

  3. 2 hours ago, LedZeppfan1977 said:

    I watched the entire interview on You Tube.  I was hoping it was a bit more recent but its fairly recent.  Robert said he was going to two soccer games, I assume in the UK as he as in Wales then.  Today Manchester United is at Wolves.  Not sure if he will be at that one. Doubt it.  It was strange to see Robert Plant with Dan Rather.  Two guys that are so different.   I did not realize Robert lived in Austin.   He can have Texas.   Good to know he has left.  Two states I would never care to live in are Texas and Ohio.  For my own reasons.  I also saw the Page interview where he shows his "house".  More like a castle.   Beautiful.

    I would assume if Robert is home, he'd absolutely go to see the Wolves play. He has a house in Wales, or I think he used to, but he lives in Kidderminster area. He lived in Texas with Patti Griffin, probably the driving reason, more so than the state itself, although Austin is a really cool city - very Liberal compared to the rest of the state. 

  4. 10 hours ago, Xolo1974 said:

    I don’t think anyone can really know much it hit Jimmy.

    And everyone has a different temperament. Robert and JPJ looked to the future. Jimmy looks to the past. Nothing wrong with that. 

    Let’s not forget, Jimmy (in my opinion) was the talisman of Zeppelin. The pressure on him to produce something other-worldly since the demise of Zeppelin must have been an insurmountable task. And this is for a guy who was renowned for near debilitating stage fright.

    I’m very happy with what he has given us. I was way too young to see Zeppelin (born in ‘74), but I did see P and P. 

    The music of Zeppelin was an untold joy to discover when I was 13. And it still inspires me today. It’s the reason I picked up a guitar at the age of 42. 

    What the fuck more could I ask for?


    I wasn't judging how Jimmy or anyone reacted to Bonzo's passing. No doubt it was devastating. I was merely stating in response to another comment that I would assume it was probably more devastating to Robert given their close friendship and bond prior to Zep but no, i have no idea. 

    I think the pressure was on Robert too as the lead vocalist of Zep to produce solo stuff that was other worldly. He was just able to not succumb to it. Jimmy owes no one anything. I am very grateful for what he gave us with Zep. I just am sad that someone of his talent wasn't able to find a solo path but never did I say or think he must or owes us (though I wish he'd stop claiming he's working on stuff when he's not). 

  5. 17 minutes ago, Badgeholder Still said:

    Jimmy Page lost his muse on September 25, 1980. It's as simple as that.

    Once you've conquered the world with the likes of Bonzo and Led Zeppelin, what's left to do? Page made some valiant efforts post Zep, but I believe a time came when he realized he was just going through the motions. And once you've taken it to the level he did, going through the motions just ain't gonna fuckin' cut it.

    So he steps back, services the band's legacy and enjoys his girlfriend until he takes his rightful seat in Valhalla.

    There's no great mystery. It's the story of a guy who for 39 years has been living with losing his drummer and his band when his friend died in his house.

    So did Robert and John Paul - they were equally as much of the reason the band was what they were and both managed to move forward, accepting they all never be at the same level of Zep but forging ahead in many different and interesting directions. I would imagine John's death hit Robert the hardest since it was his dear mate. Jimmy could have done the same but he for whatever reason, wasn't able to. It's not a put down on Page - just my obersvations and thoughts. 

  6. 1 hour ago, anniemouse said:

    Can I ask some questions as a relative newbie to the scene. Page is a genius and why he does not play could be through a myriad of reasons but what puzzles me is that other aspects seems to have stopped (unless you know better and can cite examples).

    When did Mr Page last have a real productive song writing session.

    When did Mr Page last produce (not including any Led Zep archive work)

    Would fans be happy if the two facets mentioned were all he did and the playing stopped.

    I can only imagine the list of bands that would jump at the chance to have their work produced by Mr Page.

    Maybe he is disillusioned with music full stop. From the little I know the figure who was really important to him was Mr Grant. The trust in him seems to have been so important to his career.  

    I'm no expert but as far as we know, the last official songwriting he did was with Plant on WIC. I don't know when he last produced anything non Zep related. It is a mystery why he could never carry on post Zep but it appears to me at any rate, he seems to have lost his confidence unless he's with Robert (and Jonesy). I always wish he would have taken the approach Robert did which was to push forward and accept he will never have the success of the past but that doesn't mean he can't build a new career as a player. Or I wish he would have done producing for other bands. 


    I also found, and again, just my point of view - the footage from that museum exhibit, his playing was very slow and did not look like someone who was comfortable with an axe in tow. 

  7. On 3/2/2019 at 12:44 AM, Canadianzepper said:

    Most controversial?


    - I'd have to say I assume that in their Prime, like many great talents be they athletes or businessmen, I probably wouldn't have personally enjoyed any of their company save for JPJ who seemed the most grounded (or maybe the best actor).   Who knows how well known people are when you really know them, we only vie them from afar and through stories, and much of the negative stories came from the alcohol and youth, but, just from early interviews, they were arrogant, maybe even outright A-Holes.  Musically they had earned that Right I suppose and they certainly weren't alone in the industry.

    - Another somewhat controversial concept is that I think they stole LESS from the Blues than they are accused of.  It was due to Plants lazy writing efforts of these blues songs early that caused their bad reputation.  Songs like When the Levee Breaks are nothing like the originals, save for lyrics.

    - Without Page there is no Led Zeppelin.  Before, during or even today with the reissues.  Everyone agrees nobody could be replaced and still be called Led Zeppelin, I always felt any of the other three could be replaced with lesser talent and they would still be a great band, Page was irreplaceable, without him you had little to nothing.

    - Grant was the 5th member of the group, a major part of their success, even as he was probably also responsible for much of their bad press and reputation






    Ironic that if you feel he basically made the band, he's been the least successful post Zep apart from his time with Plant. You are of course entitled to your opinion but I would have to say that they wouldn't have been Zep if it weren't the combination of all four of them equally. 

    I don't think Plant's songwriting was lazy. I think he was developing it. Lyrically he's much stronger post Zep IMO but I don't attribute that to laziness. 

    I do agree that I wouldn't have wanted to hang with them during that time either. 


  8. 6 hours ago, gibsonfan159 said:

    I'm glad he's finally got around to talking about Zep tunes, but his reluctance to give any true insight or details about the song production is frustrating. He constantly beats around the bush and makes jokes but never really tells us anything we don't already know. Car crash? Check. Wheelchair? Check. Based on Morocco? Check. I did find it interesting that he mentions Maureen's morphine use after the crash. Could that have been what caused their split? 

    Doubt it - I would predict his infidelity was the impetus to their splitting up. 

  9. 11 hours ago, PeaceFrogYum said:

    I don't care what anyone else thinks, I like the song Too Loud and the Shaken n' Stirred album as a whole. TBF, when the album first came out I was taken aback as I expected something very different. However it did not take long for me to warm up to it and by the time the tour hit town I was sold, really liked the album and still do.

    I admire his taking a risk musically and going in a completely different direction. There are some great tracks on it that along with his other earlier albums, would be great to hear reworked again. I never understood why he doesn't delve into his 80s albums anymore. 


  10. 3 hours ago, PeaceFrogYum said:

    Great, maybe he will play some tunes he wrote BEFORE Raising Sand. I know he occasionally plays a tune off of Mighty ReArranger and In the Mood but Jesus Robert, you put out six very good and diverse albums before Mighty plus the excellent Dreamland album. One of my biggest disappointments is that Robert does not play hardly a tune from this era of his career.

    Totally agree. Would rather hear that then the Zep tunes he keeps rehashing. 

  11. 5 hours ago, bluecongo said:

    Zep was spiraling down, and a huge part of it was the dysfunction of Peter Grant.  Grant was as much of an addict as anyone was, Swan Song et al was crumbling, clear heads were needed to right the ship, obviously.

    If Zep could’ve have gotten fresh management, sobered up, they very well could have continued, alas is wasn’t to be. 


    Possibly although I always got the sense after Robert's son Karac passed, he was done with the band. Yes Bonzo coaxed him back but seems his heart wasn't in it, coupled with Jimmy's struggles with drugs etc. Would have been interesting to hear what they would have done, had things turned out differently. 


  12. 6 hours ago, zep41 said:

    This is not just your opinion. It is fact. Jimmy in 1998 is in no way even comparable to Jimmy at the o2. 

    The o2 was very much calculated and planned. His soloing was just good enough to get by (well, for the most part). 

    1998 Jimmy was getting back to what he was all about in Zeppelin - those bursts of supreme virtuoso greatness, spontaneously mixed in while he completely holds down the fort. Totally loose and focused. 

    The o2 was Jimmy doing what needed to be done to get the point across. But technically on more solo breaks than not, he simply wasn't hitting on what he was trying to do when he wasn't playing it safe. 

    And here alone lies the reason I cringe when people today say "they should have one more go at it" or a one-off reunion performance "for the 50th." The o2 was 11 years ago and Page just barely got by. How do you think it would go today?? We would likely be displeased. 

    100% agree with this. I didn't see the concert live and I know being there is a whole different thing than watching it in the movie theatre or a DVD but I wasn't blown away. I think you said it well that Page did what needed to, but it was very calculated and didn't let loose. 

    It'll never be what we think of Zep because Bonzo isn't there and that band was the success of all four parts. That and the fact that time has moved them on. Jonesy seems happy doing his opera and working with very eclectic bands. Robert is doing his thing and Page is focused on reissues. 

  13. 1 hour ago, Paganini said:

    On the contrary, seeing as he wasn’t expecting it, didn’t have a pick to start with and it was slightly out of tune and probably not set up for him, he played Ramble On ok. Jimmy’s still got it and it’s just a real shame there is no vehicle for his immense talent. 

    Not sure he still has it since he hasn't played likely in years. It's his choice there's no vehicle. He could have the pick of the litter to play with him and he seems to only want RP and JPP or no one. 


  14. 2 hours ago, Allister said:

    Occam's Razor - the principle (attributed to William of Occam) that in explaining a thing no more assumptions should be made than are necessary. 

    We have been promised "new" live recordings.

    There are precious few multi-tracks left.

    Abby Road Studios is the world's best at "De-mixing" old recordings.

    Therefore, Jimmy is working on sweetening some new mixes of bootleg recordings to release officially.

    Agree completely. I highly doubt he's recording new material. Also, it's his daughter doing a photo shoot so it could be for a project Scarlett is working on. 




  15. 7 hours ago, gibsonfan159 said:

    Robert was extremely passive here compared to his interviews in the next few years. Does anyone else think his personality changes as his hair style changes?

    I would also imagine in the early 80s, he was stepping out on his own for the first time and probably feeling a bit unsure of things. I think it took him a while before he felt settled on his own. 

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