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  1. Totally disagree. His sense of humor can come across as he's dissing the band but it's more to ward off constant questions about his past when he's rooted in the present, especially when promoting a new album. He's very proud of his work with Zep and I don't get any sense of negative feelings about it from him at all. I think when Bonzo died and they ended their time together, the only way for him to carry on was to start with a clean slate and put the past aside. He wasn't ever going to be the level he was with Zep but I think he was fine with that and just decided to experiment and in the spirit of Zep, push the creative envelope. Didn't always work but it didn't always work with Zep either. It's a huge albatross for people who achieve that level of stardom to try to start a new chapter for whatever the reasons are and we can't really understand the pressure and all they must feel. As far as it being annoying not to have seen them, well it's a bummer for sure, but if you saw them now, it wouldn't be Zep because Bonzo isn't there. Jason is a good drummer but he's not his dad and I'm not talking about talent per say but how he approached his playing, writing songs etc. Jason couldn't be that which is fine as he should be his own person, but if they did get back together (and think of the criticisms from the 02 show), people would complain about that too.
  2. Indeed. He was a great addition to Mash - played well off Alda et al.
  3. Although his small faux pas is he didn't start adding Zep songs into his shows until 1988, not 82
  4. Don't think so but he usually says he lives on the Welsh border. Not sure how close to it he actually is, not familiar with that area.
  5. Your source unnamed and no pics or concrete proof - how do you expect us to believe you?
  6. I believe they are still married and as far as being related to JPJ, his original last name is Baldwin but changed it to Jones. Charlie Jones worked for Robert before he met Carmen (I would assume that's how he met her) as they got married I think 90 or 91. Charlie joined Robert's band in 88.
  7. I know! Some of them don't even remotely look like him!
  8. Yes! It was capturing a moment in time. Although a bit cheesy perhaps, I like them as they represent bits about each of the four of them aside from being musicians.
  9. I think the frustration and negativity stems from the fact Jimmy has been claiming for the last few years that he "should be seen playing" and is working on things etc. It's all said very noncommittal but he's led fans on and delivered nothing solo wise. It'd be better if he either declared he's retired or just said nothing.
  10. I wasn't trying to pick it apart or go after the guy. I guess I misread its intentions. No harm intended.
  11. Why does that make him a true fan? What defines a true fan. I don't love every Zep song but I don't think that makes me any less a fan than anyone else.
  12. I just got an email today stating it had shipped so hopefully next week it should arrive.
  13. He didn't say there's no such thing as rock music! He's just not into categorizing music per say is what I took from it.
  14. I think his talent would not have gone unnoticed back then and had Page not booked him, he'd have been discovered by someone else.
  15. Robert has consistently toured since 2007 with no vocal difficulty. I would question Jimmy's ability not only physically to survive a tour, but whether he can even play. I wouldn't say his playing at the 02 show was anywhere near what he used to do. Why does blame always get placed on Robert?
  16. He didn't decide. He was asked to participate I'm assuming as a solo artist, and he then asked the others which turned it to a Zep performance.
  17. There weren't 8000 celebrities there. All things considered, I don't think there were that many and who's to say that the band or others given tickets didn't give them to those people? Concerts always have a set number of tickets to comp for the band, record company, venue etc. That is nothing new. Also, who said 8000 tickets were comped? I've never heard that before.
  18. What defines a "real fan"? People wanted to go for a variety of reasons and there's no right one. It was a lottery system which is randomly picked so no bias there. As for celebrities, again why aren't they entitled to go? How do you know they don't like Zep? Just because Naomi Campbell is a model and not a rocker means she doesn't like rock?
  19. I got an email saying domestic orders are delayed a bit so likely a couple of weeks before it arrives.
  20. It's possible he'll add more dates next year. Seems a very short tour of the US and no European dates apart from England and Ireland.
  21. It's so frustrating to be online and all ready at the exact moment tickets go on sale and within ten seconds, a show is sold out. It's a shame that ticket brokers/scalpers are not made officially illegal. They glom a ton of tickets that often no one buys and prevent fans from seeing a show. I wonder what they end up doing with all those unused tickets.
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