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  1. I don't expect anything from any of them. It's a little sad Jimmy hasn't done anything new and keeps "promising" he's working on stuff but he owes us nothing. Jimmy did a whole tour of Zep stuff with the Black Crowns. That's fine - it's his music as it is Robert's and John Paul's so again, I've no problem with any of the including it in their own shows.
  2. Yes sugar is bad but I don't think being on such a high protein, high fat diet is good either, even if you add carbs. I've read a lot about him and I know someone who worked for him.
  3. So what he doesn't want much with Zep. They agreed the band was done when Bonham passed. They all agreed. Maybe feelings changed down the line but Robert chose not to revisit Zep full time. I don't know why he's a bad guy but Page hasn't done shit for years except remaster zep records a bunch of times but that's wonderful? I appreciate it but I respect Robert for doing his own thing more. And just cause Shaken wasn't his finest hour I wouldn't put down what he did following which I think was some of his best work.
  4. Okay maybe so - not been here actively that long to say.
  5. It's very dangerous to eat all that fat and protein. Silly that people think carbs are bad. Refined carbs not good but whole grains and all are important. Best diet is a balanced one with good quality protein, carbs, fruits, veg, and some fats and exercise. All these "fad" diets work temporary but soon you go off, you gain the weight back and sometimes more.
  6. Total agreement on this but it seems from what I've seen of this forum, people are always ready to blame Robert for everything and bc Jimmy wants to do nothing original but Zep reissues and reform the band, he is without any faults.
  7. I understand what you're saying but I would guess (just my opinion of course) that first off, it's his sense of humor which doesn't always come across as such but also, he'd probably been asked a ton of questions about why no John Paul and Zep and maybe he was trying to find a way to put a stop to it and it just didn't come out that way.
  8. I know sometimes threads get off topic but you suggested another member die, and there are several instances of liberal bashing and assuming everyone who's a Democrat is like that. I take offense as a liberal but regardless, attacking other people for differing view points or taking every opportunity to dig into someone is inappropriate and especially in a thread dedicated to those who passed.
  9. I don't post too much but thank you for saying this. It's really so inappropriate to get into wishing people should die, political nastiness etc. in any thread, but especially this
  10. No sorry. Later 70s given how he looks is my guess
  11. Nirvana - an Indian restaurant I think in NYC
  12. What made them great was the sum of the four of them. Even with Jason who's a good drummer technically, he isn't his dad (which is okay, he should be his own person/drummer etc), they can't be what they were and I would guess that is Robert's point. I do question though why he does so many Zep songs with a big back catalogue of his own stuff.
  13. I think he was just saying that people need to get involved in things and not just have fun so to speak. At least that was my take on it.
  14. I think that looks like the finale so it was all the musicians who performed that night. He has his 5 piece band as always when he's touring. He still rocks out - maybe not every song but I don't think you'll be disappointed.
  15. Very sad but I don't think I would call them underrated. This month just stinks as far as loss
  16. The guitar pic I think is an ad he did for Washburn.
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