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  1. Bozoso73

    The greatest year for live events

    I got to wondering about what year MSG had the biggest acts in the world and my opinion is that 1977 was a banner year. In no order: Kiss, Queen, LZ, ELP, Fleetwood Mac, Genesis, Eagles, CSN, Yes, Rod the Mod, and Pink Floyd. It doesn't get much better than that. Comments? What was your personal best year for shows? 2018 was awesome for me. . 2 Robert Plant shows, The Cult/STP/Bush, Greta Van Fleet, BORNS, Faster Pussycat and one more I think. . PS Happy New Year Zep Heads!! Let's hope the Zep 50th is full of great stuff:)
  2. Bozoso73

    The greatest year for live events

    Killer year for sure! What's your personal best year?
  3. Bozoso73

    led zeppelin and the osmonds?

    Thank you. LOL. . the ol in out in out:) We would have never heard the end of it if Percy was on stage for a Os song singing a duet or Bonzo doin maracas. .
  4. Bozoso73

    led zeppelin and the osmonds?

    I am one of the people that can't understand why this is a thing for the Osmundites. I own both the 24th and 25th on DVD. There is a moment when RP says something about the Os being at Earls Court next week. And that's it. There is the video proof of each show that there is no one from the Os anywhere on that stage. And if you are going to say the next night they were on stage, do your reasearch. The very next night the Os were in PARIS. http://www.osmondmania.com/Timeline/1970s/1975.html By the time the Os took the stage at EC on the 28th, my guess would be that 3 days after the last concert the boys in Zep had scattered back to their parts of England. Of course I could be wrong. . Is there video of the Os at EC?? A SBD or AUD? If there is proof don't just say it and not back it up. Im not just gonna take the word of the Os drummer. Sometimes people remember what they want to remember.
  5. Bozoso73

    Pink Floyd Animals Computer

    Yes please!! fantastic!!:):)
  6. I went to this show!!:) Only time I got to see JP. . Ugh with the questions from the MTV lackey. .
  7. Bozoso73

    Newly found roll of Zeppelin photos - 06-10-77

    This one rocks!! THX for posting these great photos you lucky devil in the front row:):) Its amazing these kinds of things are still being found:)
  8. Bozoso73

    How loud were Led Zeppelin concerts?

    I never saw Zep but the loudest show by far that I ever saw was Judas Priest in 1990 on the Painkiller tour where everything on that LP was double bass. . I couldn't believe how loud that show was. .
  9. Bozoso73

    What’s the greatest lyrical line in music?

    I always loved Chris Cornell's line from Holy Water off of BadMotorFinger Dam the water if it's life you wanna drink. . Too bad he didnt heed those words. .
  10. Bozoso73

    What Are You Listening To At This Moment?

    This fkng kills. .
  11. Bozoso73

    How do the latest Zeppelin Books stack up

    This is a fantasic book for the person who loves the bootlegs and a helluva scrapbook. .LZ x LZ is just JP x JP II but it is a must have for any Zep head:)
  12. Bozoso73

    Still the greatest rock band!

    Well at least they got #1 right!!:)
  13. With all this talk of 9/29 I got to thinking. . What's my favorite? I might be in the minority but I like 72 by a nose even though the band seemed tighter in 71, I like the new material of HOTH being inroduced to an audience when they were still 6 months from getting released. "The Campaign" gets me everytime:) So what do you think?
  14. Bozoso73

    Tiger 2019

    OK so tiger had a hell of a PGA championship and a pretty good year so will he break out of 10+ year slump in the majors and win one next year. . The Golf world desperately needs him to win. . For those who like golf anyways. .
  15. Bozoso73

    Best version of 6/11/77?

    Sorry John but that don't sound right. . Ive got a great version of this and it seems a little slow. . One of the best nights in NY 77 for sure:)
  16. Bozoso73

    NBA 2018-2019 season

    Can I just say that the Suns have become the laughing stock and that sux!! This should be destination but the owner is a jerk and we are going on a decade without the playoffs. .
  17. I have 3 different 6/21 and a dozen W's and dont really think this was one of Winstons best IMO. . Ps slammin Pb :):)
  18. Bozoso73

    Led Zeppelin vs Deep Purple

    There were 35 members of DP and yeah had a couple songs and everyone's a great musician but it isn't in the same universe and JP JPJ JHB RP . . No one else can take the place of these four guys. . Ive got my LZ fanboy cloak on LOL
  19. Bozoso73

    Eddie Van Halen slamming Page

    of course EVH saw LZ. .we all know JP got worse. i just didnt know if he had proof like a quote somwhere.:):)
  20. Bozoso73

    Eddie Van Halen slamming Page

    ok? were you standing there or what? elaborate please
  21. Bozoso73

    Eddie Van Halen slamming Page

    He definately had a point😎 You said you have the interviews Iwould like to read some of that if at all possible. I always heard he talked shit but never saw any interview where he is blasting JP.