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  1. A new review is in the house! The first one from Guitar Optics with video and sound. Check it out, and share your opinions about it so we can improve in the future. More to come. Enjoy and thanks guys!
  2. Check out Guitar Optics's Top 10 Progressive Rock Albums on . Yes, Frank Zappa And The Mothers Of Invention – One Size Fits All, Supertramp – Crime Of The Century and Genesis – Selling England By The Pound are in there . Enjoy guys!
  3. Check out the new WASHBURN IDOL SERIES WI64TRK guitar review! Feel free to share your opinions about it! Thanks!
  4. Hi guys! Check out our new Carvin V3MC guitar amplifier review! Please share your thoughts about this amplifier. Thanks!
  5. The new Fender Jaguar guitar review is here. Come check it out on http://guitaroptics.com/fender-classic-player-jaguar-special/. Thanks!
  6. Check out our new category BEST SELLERS! All the new starting packs (electric guitars&acoustic guitars) including amplifier, strings, strap, picks. All the best prices for starting guitar models. Prices starting from 50$. Check them up, the Holidays are coming and maybe u can find something u like for a cheap price! Thanks!
  7. Check out our new category "Vox Populi" with comments from ppl all over the world. Lots of fun info, about guitars, guitar playing, amplifiers, etc. Some of them are very technical, some of them are just funny, a nice read anyway! Share your own opinions about them. Thanks and have fun!
  8. Check out my latest Fender American Standard Stratocaster – Olympic White guitar review on http://guitaroptics.com/fender-american-standard-stratocaster-olympic-white/! That Hendrix feel in one guitar! Please share your thoughts about it! Thanks!
  9. Hi Mithril46. Thanks for the feedback! On the drive channel this model is a beast! I like it a lot! The pick-ups respond really really well, good dynamics! I didn't tried it with .008s. My usual strings are .009-.042 Ernie Ball Super Slinky, but I guess that it sounds nice with even more lighter strings. It really depends on how you set up your amp/pedals. Page uses a lot his volume/tone knobs also, while playing, so this can be a sound factor. Maybe I will add some tests to my reviews with different type of strings, although with floyd guitars takes a while to get them in tune . Cheers!
  10. Hi guys! Come check my latest Gibson reviews: The Jimi Page legendary guitar - Gibson Les Paul Standard - Heritage Cherry Sunburst here The Angus Young legendary guitar - Gibson SG Standard - Heritage Cherry here I hope you will enjoy them and share your thoughts about them! Thanks!
  11. Thanks guys! Really nice forum you got here! Lots of interesting stuff, glad to meet u all! Cheers!
  12. A new model came to my studio, ESP LTD EC-256. I had a quick review of it. It seems to be well build, a nice thin neck with a good handling. When plugged in this ESP sounds really solid on the drive channel and the riff part. The downside is the clean channel, but with some pedals and a good tube amp it's pretty decent. All in all for its price range, I think it can be a good choice if you want to do some hard rock/heavy metal stuff. What do you think about this one? If there is somebody who tried this model, feel free to share your thoughts about it! Thanks!
  13. Hi all. Name's John Black. Led Zepp is one of my favorite bands all time! I'm 30 years old now and starting from 10 I'm playing the guitar. My day job is as a Land Surveyor, but my passion remains my Music Studio. I've already worked with some underground bands and touched and played several guitar models. I've just started to review different guitars models and I though that will be good to see a couple opinions about them. So here I am, hoping to make some new friends, and to help if I can, with my limited knowledge. If you want to see my new reviews and help me with some rating and comments
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