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  1. Yep, the subtle differences of temperament are hard to predict. I think the "parking" bit is actually pretty quick witted, and it wouldn't have bothered me. I certainly don't think Plant intended any ill will. Like I mentioned, I feel like Plant was trying to convey that Jones would always be part of the circle, he just wan elsewhere at the moment. In hindsight, Jones (privately) felt cold-shouldered, and the quip hit the quick. (sounds like something Plant would say) Jones phone number jab at the HOF was probably good medicine for all of them.
  2. This topic has spun thru my head many times, too, but I always come back to the simplest explanation. Its just the way people are: prone to mistakes, slow to correct them, and awkward in execution. (Page/Plant) Further, people are usually easier to offend than we imagine, and slower to forgive than we hope. (Jones) When the whole Page/Plant thing got underway, those two would be anxious to get started, but wary about Jone's feelings. (FEELINGS? Oh, no.) So, they drag their feet, hoping to avoid the confrontation. If they call, it might get uncomfortable, emotional. No man wants to deal wi
  3. Ho yeah! Work those out, and the whole album changes. By the way, I've no doubt Paul played the Radioactive bit, and couldn't care less. Paul is a good guitar player that has always been willing to let someone else take the spotlight. We all know that. Given Paul's record of innovation with guitar synth, etc, the Radioactive thing makes perfect sense.
  4. Have browsed here before, but this post got me to sign up, finally. I can remember flipping thru some magazine back in the 70's as a kid. It had posters rock posters for sale in one of the adds. Most were pretty straight forward, a picture of whatever band in some wacky 70s duds posing for the camera. Then I saw a Led Zeppelin poster. This one was unusual because you rarely saw merchandise for the band, there were mysterious. The Led Zeppelin post had a picture of Jimmy with the double-neck, face mostly obscured by hair, and the whole thing overexposed by concert lights. Completely out of le
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