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  1. I am very excited for this release, and I also saw that this is releasing for RSD here in the US. Since I would imagine the sound quality is better than the versions I remember from youtube, this should be a great listen. I totally have bitched about this here before, but I am definitely not looking forward to contending with gangs of Ebay sellers at my local-but-not-so-local shop day of release, especially during this magically vomitous year. Thankfully the release list is long, so maybe this will not the the focus of their panicked hoarding. Maybe my local corporate owned shop (
  2. That is fantastic, great job putting that together; I can't even imagine what that outfit does for your swagger, energy, and tone (seriously) when you are playing some zep on that sweet LP burst. Is it embroidered? If it is that is even more impressive, but I can't see from the pictures, but I am sure it is my eyes. Also, I have to say this due to an ignorant comment I see above...don't let the haters get you down! Passion is the wellspring of art, and conviction to one's art is life. Not that you don't know this already! Nice work!
  3. Hey party people, I was going through the record collection this afternoon and noticed my Death Wish 2011, JP.com record was number 742 - like 742 Evergreen Terrace for any Simpsons fans. Thought it was funny, since I am a huge Simpsons fan, but it got me thinking how cool it was that Jimmy has his own label through which he releases both his friends and own work. So far he has released: Death Wish II Lucifer RIsing Chris Farlowe Yardbirds 68 Catalyst-Scarlett Sabet SoundTracks - of course this was released after I bought death wish and lucifer rising
  4. I agree, it is too bad they haven't done this yet, a few years back I was excited when there was some activity with bands merch store and in the news. Must have just been the 10 year anniversary of the effort. Johannes was not involved in the TCV studio recordings according to my addled memory as well, and I wouldn't doubt of Jones, Homme, and Grohl were all involved in playing the guitar overdubs/solos on the studio album. I recall Johannes was brought in since they needed a second guitarist to perform the songs live, and they really could have chosen anyone for this role. So, I
  5. I had ordered this single, a tshirt, and a lz3 hoodie from .com...I received an email in November that the record and tshirt had been delivered, and they obviously were not. A few days later the hoodie arrived and I checked music glue, and my account page said the hoodie hadn't shipped yet (said it was due to ship in January), the account page also said that the yet unreleased record and tshirt had already been delivered to me...then a few months went by and now the record and tshirt are cancelled? Very weird, but who knows...based on my experience so far, music glue seems like a bit
  6. I couldn't be happier for him...look at how well he looks in the OP's photo. I have been long to admit it, but Jimmy is so very retired from performing/recording...he is like some sort of socialite patron now, taking in Scarlet Sabet, making her a record on his label, defending medieval architecture, and selling $12,500 guitar amps.
  7. Archivist, I agree with your ideas of value perception and the overall point of your reply, but let's not forget to consider the type of person who will pony up to buy this. A person to whom perceived value is no concern, in fact, amazingly they likely feel that paying more is a mark of status in society. I envision a person who is in the 1%; a someone who comparatively makes Jimmy Page appear to have average wealth. This person has a yacht with a security team on board (to fend off pirates in the Indian Ocean) and they own a $38 million dollar mansion on Cape Cod, Ma. USA, with a perso
  8. Quite a challenge to cut this up given how this is my favorite album ever recorded by anyone. Ever. So, for Physical Graffiiti on one disc I would say ... Side 1: Custard Pie Kashmir The Rover Trampled Underfoot Side 2: In the Light Ten Years Gone Down by the Seaside Bron-Yr-Aur It Might be tight on one LP, but I feel this list would help get the vibe from the double album across a bit. Maybe a bit lz3 in its acoustic leanings on side B, but hey this is Zeppelin after all.
  9. Hey All...as others have said Page has seemed to have a few peaks since Zeppelin; and these peaks are all be a result of extended touring. With that in mind... 1985 Sallie Mae Jam w/ Jaco Pastorius: Not the best technically, but I like this because Jimmy is put in a situation he was not comfortable with here and still rises to the occasion. In later years Jimmy seems to have lost the confidence to play with those he could be compared against (like at the Rock and Roll HOF in 2009)...not here! People could argue that Jaco is patronizing to jimmy here and that Jimmy is sloppy...he is but
  10. Here in Eastern Massachusetts we have 100.7 WZLX's "Stairway to Seven" nightly...always a factoid for the fans and sometimes live and alternate takes from the various releases. This has been a thing for quite some time...
  11. So, I pre-ordered one of the Jimmy Page Dragon production run Telecasters for $1,399.99 from Musicians Friend to be delivered in July...I thought it was weird that the white production one was $2,400 while the what I will assume will be better selling dragon telecaster is $1,000 less. The dragon has non-guitarist man cave wall-hanger written all over it and they should sell a bunch of these. It was also odd that they were not calling it an American Telecaster in the descriptions I could find, in fact no articles I can find mention anything about where the production guitars will be made. Usu
  12. I have a 1992 American Standard Telecaster in Candy Apple Red with a white pickguard. It looks like a Buddy Holly Guitar but is so much more. It has a double bladed DiMarzio in the bridge which makes it rip so nicely. It can jangle or strangle, overall it is pretty badass. I love it for certain tunes and I come up with very different things on it than when I play the les paul studio or the taylor... As far as the Dragon Telecaster goes I would love to know the list price for the mass market model. Maybe I should just make up some stencils and buy some paint for mine...
  13. I think I thought Worcester seemed better since I was seated on the lawn at the great woods show and the sound usually is pretty piss poor there; even now that it is the Comcast Xfinity Center. I remember seeing Phish there two years ago or three years ago and the sound cut out for most of the show on the lawn and it was really bad overall. Additionally, I also really like some of the dive bars in Worcester, so maybe I was a bit biased. For the Crowes and Page, the performance prob was better at Great Woods given the amount of time they had been playing together at that point. I'm a b
  14. I was at the Worcester show as well John M. what an amazing show! The Centrum is a bit smaller of a venue so the view was pretty great from the balcony where I was seated. Favorite songs for me at this show were ten years gone and shapes of things. I remember I thought it funny that the first run of these shows were in LA, New York, and Worcester of all places before they announced the larger tour...I was glad they came here but why not Boston? I also was at the Great Woods show later that following summer; the one where the who was playing back to back nights...was very good, but
  15. In regards to the idea of this new streaming service and concerns over no physical releases...some may remember what Jimmy Page and the Black Crowes did when they initially released Night at the Greek on cd. It wasn't the full 2 cd set or 3 vinyl rsd release album we got a bit later on...instead, you could pick what songs you wanted from the full set and they would send you a disc with the songs that you had picked. Could anyone see that sort of model being applied to this new live zep streaming service? Check off shows or a mix of tunes, design the printing on a box, and then get a tidy l
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