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    What next? AGAIN

    A Tribute to Johnny Kidd and the Pirates. Run it through the eq software, clean it up and put it out on vinyl; I will throw the money at it as needed. I feel Page's reluctance to clean up these awesome bootlegs and the few studio outtakes that were stolen from his house in the 80's or whatever really diminished the quality and variety of stuff on the most recent remasters bonus discs. He was quoted saying he didn't want to release stuff that was readily available on bootlegs, which is kind of silly if you think about it given how few people actually do collect bootlegs today. I remember, as I am sure everyone here has heard many times themselves, a great sounding boot I had of Fire (say your gonna leave me)--I wish they had gotten together and finished this track for the Coda set. Could have either played a bit in the studio for it as the Beatles did w/o John several years back, or just used what they had to mix a finished version. Not that Coda needed it; surely it was the best of the most recent release's bonus content by far. PG was the biggest disappointment for me for bonus content; but sound quality was aces across the board (except for the Paris show off of LZ1).
  2. Darth Hoek

    Outstanding Page performances after 1980

    I saw P & P at Great Woods in Massachusetts in 98' and they were amazing, so I guess this is my outstanding performance for Page post 1980. Page did the version of BIGLY with the solo as shown in the earlier post here and it was even more powerful to see it live. They also did a "real" version (not the rather miserable acoustic thing from No Quarter 1994) of No Quarter (or as real as it could be given the not-JPJ-and-Bonzo rhythm section) where Page's playing was just as fluid, jazzy, and technical as the version of No Quarter from the TSRTS film. ( Part 1 of 2-P & P Mansfield Ma. ) (No Quarter starts ~25 min). Page seemed like he was really in his element and was playing like was 1973 again. He has presented this way during other events where he is well practiced and not too F'd up to keep it on track; such as the O2, Roy Harper's Birthday event ( Page With Roy Harper "Same Old Rock", ) and the with the Black Crows. One other event that always stood out to me was the Montreux Jazz Festival 2001 where they did Elvis tunes and a cover of candy store rock ( BLPH 2001 P & P. ) Too bad they stopped playing together right after-I really felt the 50's stuff would have helped to them get back on track since it was their common interest back in the day. There of course have been other moments besides these and hopefully there will be even more!
  3. Does anyone else think the guitar is in the tuning CACGCE as Friends, Poor Tom, and Bron y aur are? It sounds like it to me; would be interesting if it is given Jimmy's love for this tuning. I really hope this is not the best this new album has to offer. Robert should stop writing songs that sound like they belong on the soundtrack for a cattle drive montage in a Western or some outdoor show and get back to his heavy blues roots in my opinion. I saw him at Telluride in 2012 with the Space Shifters (best act that week was B. Fleck and V. Wooten). Plant and his band put on a great show, but the heavy reliance on reworked Zeppelin tunes and the country-ass-ye-haw vibe did not do justice to this great singer's legacy and neither does this short sample of his new work.
  4. I have heard a A Foggy Day in Vietnam before, that would be a great release. Is Page involved in those sessions? I wouldn't mind a reissue of the Scream for Help soundtrack too for that matter.
  5. I ordered one from Amazon, as it was not available here in the U.S. for RSD as far as I know (and I can't handle the war between real collectors and online sellers that occurs at the only record store in my area) . Came shipped from Amazon for $14.99 in a MASSIVE box with lots of air pillows on top with the record on the bottom of the box; allowing the 45 to slide all over the place in transit and demolishing the fontana sleeve while leaving the record untouched looking. Typical for Amazon in my experience, but they also refunded my money when i bitched, so now I just need to order a new one for the collection. The record itself sounds great through my old Bose 901's through the carver head unit. The fuzz sound on this is particularly great sounding to me right now. I have wanted this for years on a 45 but could never find one.
  6. Darth Hoek

    The Next Jimmy Page Studio Album

    Hello, long time lurker who finally signed up here. I hope this thread might be the right place to add this...I saw that jimmypage.com posted about Jimmy's first time seeing Scarlet Sabet at the World's end Book Shop during her first poetry reading or something to that effect. This is the first time this post was put up on JP.com as far as I remember and it sure seems like a promo for the provided link to Scarlet's site. Here she has video links, a small store, promos for events and info to let people familiarize themselves with her work. I suspect this may be a rather calculated move, since the lovely and talented Scarlet Sabet could very easily be Jimmy's new muse. And if JP's new solo work has her singing, or at the very least writing the lyrics, this posting might be intended to start the publicity drip feed, so the fans are more prepared to take SS into the fold if this happens. As I am sure we all remember, the salivating and desperate media liked to portray JP as a lecherous old man, and SS as a girl of questionable morals or even an unwitting victim of Page in those idiotic stories that accompanied the paparazzi images of them in public. Myself, I really hope they are working together, be it on an acoustic project or something "heavier." I think that the JP and SS are well paired, and Jimmy's new work might head in the direction of the fantastic Burrows/Cobain work on "The Priest They Called Him " or something to that effect. As posted elsewhere, Jimmy has done this sort of thing pre-zep; it might just work with his magic touch. Of course I am really just shooting in the dark, but honestly I just have a feeling about this since Jimmy has certainly noticed that bringing a lady in worked out quite well for Robert Plant.