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  1. iHeartRadio Music Festival - Daytime Stage - Las Vegas - 22 Sep 2018. Mainly to see Greta Van Fleet, but some of the other bands should be interesting.
  2. My father, who was an eye surgeon, but had been a drummer in a jazz band through high school & college, went to a record store in Boston in late 1969. He was tired of working at the hospital and wanted a musical release. This was back when the guys working at record stores were exceptionally knowledgeable about music. The best stores had experts in every genre from classical to blues to rock. So my Dad asked one of the rock experts if there were any really innovative new rock albums or groups he would recommend, particularly if they had a kickass drummer. Immediately the guy said, "Oh you've got to check out these two albums from a band out of England called Led Zeppelin, their drummer is outta sight man!" So my Dad bought the two albums on the spot and brought them home. I think it was a Saturday, because my 19-year-old cousin, who was a student at Harvard, was hanging out at our house. I was only 9 years old, so my groovy, long-haired cousin was like a demi-god in my mind, and I loved hanging out with my father on the weekends. Anyway, I remember my Dad and cousin talking excitedly about this rock band--they had apparently just listened to Led Zeppelin I and they were putting Led Zeppelin II on the turntable. Being a music nut, my Dad had a killer McIntosh stereo system, with Bose 901 (Series 1) speakers. Although I don't remember much from my 9th year on the planet, I have a vivid memory of standing mesmerized by this powerful, pounding, music blasting through our living room, and my Dad and cousin with the eyes closed, heads moving up and down with the beat, and issuing some sort of exclamation after every song. "I've never heard anything like this!" was the comment I remember. After that day, I remember asking my Dad to play "Whole Lotta Love" for me several times over the course of the next year or so--I was not allowed to touch the stereo! By the time I was in junior high, I listened to Zeppelin, on a cassette recorder, every morning before school and in the evening before bed. My favorite album at the time was Led Zeppelin III--even after IV came out--and I listened to it so many times the cassette tape frayed apart. I was lucky enough to see Zeppelin live in 1975 and 1977. Hearing cuts from Physical Graffiti live was a highlight of my adolescence. By the time I was 19, In Through the Out Door had been released and it quickly became the album my girlfriend and I would almost always put on when having sex--she called it our "making love album." I was planning my life around the eagerly anticipated 1980 U.S. tour when, like the rest of Zepdom, Bonzo's tragic death shocked and depressed me to the point that one of my good friends suggested I see a grief counselor. I eventually worked through it, mainly by listening to one Zeppelin album after another day after day after day.
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