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  1. There is no best version. Get them all and find the one you like.
  2. Don't feel bad. Back in the day I thought it was GLOW. Bioluminescence or something. It is most certainly "blow". The new 9/29/71 soundboard is a good example.
  3. On the first picture of Copenhagen on the official website, I never noticed the guy leaning against the front of the stage on the right side (stage left). Almost looks like a video camera. I remember someone saying it would be bad practice not to record a warm-up. Possible. https://www.ledzeppelin.com/photos/led-zeppelin/1978-1980/copenhagen-79
  4. Brings back memories. When I was lurking CD stores and first discovering Zeppelin, I bought the CD, drank the cool-aid. Jimmy Page and Heavy Friends I believe. I loved it. Many good jams to that CD. Not long after, CD stores died. Thanks for the jams and Sutch!
  5. Buy if you want, but you're probably not getting Winston Remasters. Heard bad bad reviews.
  6. Oldest trick in the book. Somebody from Moonchild went online and spread the rumor that it is "Winston's label". It's not. This rumor is years old, and if you want Winston Remasters, get them from WINSTON. 🙄
  7. Beautiful. I can't live without a kick drum that lacks a punch. Thanks for the punch.
  8. I go with 2/28/75. Do a HTWWW style approach and you can do better.
  9. Because there are a few times where Bonzo yelled "Over the Hills!" and the band should have listened! Btw... if you''re like me, you love every member of Zeppelin. But in 1977 and 1975 Jimmy really gave us some Jimmy Page. '77 OTHAFA is probably Jimmy's darkest solo, IMO. It is super unique. It's Jimmy saying "hold my beer, I'm going to make this like a No Quarter solo".
  10. Orlando '71 is pure tight but loose Jimmy and Bonham going at it. Beautiful. One of my favorite Jimmy moments. The BBC '71 is a close second.
  11. They nail practically everything on 3/12/75. So yeah. That's the best I've heard on an audience recording.
  12. Come on now. Get ahold of yourself. From memory, 3/21/75 and 5/30/77 were great. Try 3/19/75 too. If that doesn't do it for you, keep looking. I'm sure there's one out there that you'll love. I know what you mean though. Not Jimmy's best moments! The new 3/24/75 soundboard Sick Again is decent, but boy they don't nail it!
  13. If it was up to Bonzo, Over the Hills would be played at every show.
  14. Silver Garden Supreme Dinner could come along and make more money, and market better.
  15. I'll never give a dime to these cheap bastards. From now on I'll be more than happy to get every EVSD release for free. The cost? I'll have to wait about 12 hours. To hell with the greedy bootleggers. Hoping someone better replaces EVSD's shoes. There are plenty who would. Hint hint.
  16. 6/21-6/27/77. Every night. Led Zeppelin Everest summit.
  17. Bonham. On the soundboards, for sure. He's usually yelling something here and there if you listen closely.
  18. Have you ever slapped a bitch? I mean, your bass. ?
  19. I've never enjoyed any instrument I've played more than a bass guitar. Gotta have a decent drummer to play with though. And THAT, my friends, is FUN. Or play drums. 😜 Just don't let them turn you down and play loud.
  20. I'm honestly the perfect example of "should I play bass or guitar". BASS. As someone who's done both, guitar gets old sometimes. Bass? It never gets old. And I've always had more fun playing a sweet bass line than going on a mountain climbing adventure trying to do some wild guitar solo, with hit or miss results. Play bass man. You could be an excellent guitarist, but in my opinion, you'll be HAPPY playing bass. And I think it is way funner. Plus, people are gonna want you. They'll NEED you.
  21. I've always thought that Jimmy was the songwriter, the magician if you will, Robert and Jonesy made Zeppelin sound unique, and sound tight, and Bonham gave Zeppelin their iconic sound. What's so cool about Zeppelin is that it wouldn't work without any of the members, unless in a perfectly ideal and luckily amazing reunion (with Bonzo's son). If the Concorde was still flying I could be there in 4-5 hours. Lol. So glad to see the man being honored and remembered. We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for him.
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