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  1. You guys should check out this band as well. I think they're pretty great. Check out the first song on the album. The vocalist might not have the ability of the singer from Greta but I think the songwriting is pretty great. It's heavier but it certainly has it's roots in Zeppelin and Sabbath.
  2. Welcome to the forum man. Have you ever listened to the entirety of the first Wolfmother album released in like 2006? I think they did a great job of capturing the spirit of the 70's on that album. I think there's some good songwriting. People also called them Zeppelin and Black Sabbath rip offs when they came out. There was obviously some influence but I think they were very much their own thing.
  3. I think they're talented players but their entire persona comes off as totally manufactured. Likewise their songwriting really isn't good (in my opinion of course) and their latest album was really over-produced (like almost every album these days by any band or artist). There are a number of more underground acts that capture the spirit of the 70's better and expand on it a bit. I think the first two albums by The Sword are a good example just off the top of my head, although they do have some thrash influence. I still think the closest a mainstream act has come in the last 15 years is the first Wolfmother album. I think in regards to songwriting that album is far more superior to anything I've heard by Fleet. I really have tried to like them, I've listened to them numerous times and they just come off as very fake. They're like the Jones Brothers if they tried to go 70''s rock. I do hope they improve though. I also really don't think they sound like Zeppelin aside from the vocalists voice (at times, at other times he kind of sounds like Ms.Piggy doing an impression of Geddy Lee).But there is no doubt he can do an uncanny plant impersonation. In my opinion it would be like saying AC/DC sounds like Led Zeppelin, obviously there are some very vague similarities instrumentally but when you really listen to their albums they are vastly different. It actually annoys me a bit when I see people calling them Zep rip offs because they really aren't anything like Led Zeppelin musically aside from a little bit of influence on a solo or a drum fill. I think Greta has a lot of industry hype and very little songwriting substance.
  4. Very interesting. Personally, I think you're on to something. I don't really believe in coincidences. Wouldn't be surprising as Jimmy is most likely very interested in ancient texts and the esoteric/occult information which can be gleaned from it as well as the symbolism within such myths. But then again this also has to do with whoever created the picture. Isn't the creator of the image heavily speculated if I'm remembering correctly?
  5. No doubt about that, humor is the best icebreaker. In my post I just meant not to taking things so seriously when they don't really matter that much. Coming on here is just some fun and entertainment talking about something most of us love. Just to reply to the first part. Well when it comes to web censorship and this entire singularity movement that is being majorly funded through the defense department and silicon valley to connect/interface brains to the internet/download information directly to the mind, it certainly does become that serious. And it's not just in the US, it's pretty much international. Not saying it's for certain, just saying that those with the wealth to steer society are taking it in that direction. I just see all of these calls for censorship (not the original poster, just in general) and i'm aware of the amount of money and infrastructure being poured into what I was talking about and if censorship takes place on certain subject matters it could lead to that. Essentially any such connection could lead to that but especially with web-censorship.
  6. As I said In the statement you highlighted, I totally agree with that. But I just don't agree that it's hateful. People just have subjective opinions. I really don't see too many people just intentionally making stuff up about Zeppelin members on here. Most of it is shot down because many of us on here have read up on the band a lot over the years. But no doubt about the moderators having the right to censor whatever they like on their website. Generally speaking though in the public domain nothing should be censored unless it's libel. But If the mods did go around subjectively censoring what they arbitrarily deem hateful or untrue then things could get extremely boring on here for people that want to know more about the band members and discuss certain topics. Part of the problem is that In the world of Zeppelin there really isn't much happening so most of what happens on here is open discussion on the history of every single member, past shows and all of that. One thing that says a lot about Zeppelin's timelessness is the fact that the band hasn't played since 2007 and this forum still has a pretty good amount of activity. Many forums (especially band forums) across the web are pretty desolate these days.
  7. I wouldn't call someone else's opinion hate. Truth, or differing bits of information, is not hateful in the slightest. Just because the facts, theories or information espoused might behold unpleasant information does not make it hateful. When you can take someone's negatives (as realistically every single member in the band has, just like everyone else) and still love them, that is the literal epitome of unconditional love. Many people on here have differing opinions (sometimes negatives) but everyone loves the band in their own way. To erase history and create an echo chamber/ feed back loop is basically asking for everyone to be hooked up to the hive mind/borg. We might as well be biological artificial intelligence at that point with the internet or some other awareness dictating all of our thoughts. At that point we are a programmed slave species. This entire mindset that someone who states something that is either quite possibly or definitely factual but isn't pleasant=hate.... could possibly be the literal end of freedom of thought, expression and ultimately consciousness. Of course not in the realm of a led zeppelin forum, but it does reflect a mindset pervading modern human society internationally. Even if something is totally unrealistic that doesn't mean someone should be silenced. People can discern reality for themselves. Imagine if this mindset was so pervasive when something like cigarettes were still considered healthy by the government and the mainstream scientific/medical establishment? I do agree that some people on here have unrealistic expectations for band members, can be both unnecessarily and overly-negative, can be unconsciously judgmental, can act very entitled and in some instances probably don't even understand the band. But that's their right and it actually makes things interesting. I totally respect what others feel and believe and in regards to something as harmless as a Zep forum, I love seeing other peoples opinions. Do I think certain people on here have some really dumb or ignorant opinions? Of course, but that doesn't make them hateful nor does it make me dread coming on here. It makes it interesting and highlights the infinite expressions of humanity. If something bothers you then maybe you should exert your will over your reflex action of distaste and just learn to laugh it off. Because quite honestly I find some of what people say on here (in regards to certain topics) to be quite funny. People really need to see the humorous side of things more often and stop being so impulsively sensitive. Or you could also just stop reading their comments because no one is forcing you to read through the forum. If you can't hear unpleasant facts, or possibilities about something how do you ever expect to learn the truth about anything? I hope you're not like this when it comes to history or politics. In the realm of led zeppelin it obviously doesn't matter but I'm just stating that it could possibly reflect a mindset that literally can't cope with reality and rationalize it, or in some cases differing bits of information that might expose something unpleasant. Or I should probably say that it's similar to a mindset that many people express. Obviously I don't know you personally so I really don't mean this in an absolute way, I'm just commenting on this particular post. Think of it this way, Led Zeppelin has had such a profoundly positive effect on all of us that we want to feel like we know the members because we've all felt so connected with them through their music. Can that get annoying for the members of the band?At times, Probably, but it comes with such widespread success and I'm sure they wouldn't change the fact that people feel so connected. That's what happens when you create something timeless. So in a way you should really see these things as a positive, because they are reflections of something that is positive which is the music of Led Zeppelin. On the forum people are just responding and innocently discussing information they have heard about the band, as well as opinions about certain performances. Yet Robert, John and Jimmy are seemingly doing just fine living the lives they want to live. I'm sure they couldn't care less about what anyone is saying on here and i'm sure they'd probably find some of it as humorous as I do.
  8. I understood exactly what you meant. It's pretty clear to me when you read a lot about the guy.
  9. But I must say that it's really great to say JPJ playing. He certainly was playing well.
  10. If you didn't know any better you'd think the Bass player and drummer are playing together while they have their three year old grandson on guitar.
  11. The sticker is just easier for the manufacturer. They don't have to pay a guy to hand paint it. They just have a computer print a bunch out. The entire ordeal in that regard is messed up and reflects one reason as to why modern guitars don't compare to those made in the past in terms of tone and even appearance (but I guess appearance is subjective).
  12. I've grown to really dislike Jimmy's suits from 73 onward. I liked his style previous to that far more. I especially liked what he wore at bath. The suits were too cartoon-ish, almost like something Kiss would've came up with. I also think In Through the Out Door is terrible and that Darlene and Ozone Baby would've been the best tracks on the album next to fool in the rain. Led Zeppelin is the most timeless rock band because of their diversity. But I feel that ITTOD is the total opposite of that as a whole.
  13. I've listened to tons of far more technical and more technically proficient drummers. Many of which are actually stiffer than Bonham. I guess it depends what your definition of stiff is. Stiff to me is unchanging and predictable. Bonham was the literal opposite of that early on from 68-72. All drummers are influenced by drum beats from one another. They can only be applied within a framework of a song, they don't have melody or the kind of instrumental characteristics of other instruments. The majority of rock drummers all sound the same to me and in my opinion Bonham, Keith Moon and Bill Ward are the only ones that really do anything unusual, unique or unpredictable (generally speaking within a mainstream rock/metal context). Technicality is overrated. You have to have a balance of feel,groove and technicality when the song calls for it. It also depends what you mean by technical. I think Bonham is perfectly technical for Led Zeppelin, he just has an unorthodox feel and approach that no other rock drummer has. Maybe if you tried playing his drum parts you'd have a greater understanding or appreciation for what he did? What I mean is maybe you wouldn't get so annoyed by peoples love for him. Bonham makes really hard things sound extremely simple. I've played a lot of death metal songs on drums (which are very intricate) and I still think that generally speaking it's harder to nail what Bonham is doing on numerous tracks. You know who I do think is an overrated rock drummer? Dave Grohl. Certainly good but he is not that great. His approach is not on the same level as Bonham, Ward, or Moon. That goes without mentioning other drummers I love like Martin Axenrot of Opeth. I definitely know what you're saying, I just think that you're directing your annoyance at the wrong rock drummer. He is hailed for legitimate reasons unlike many other rock drummers who really aren't impressive or unique and tend to use very generic fills. Most of them are just biological timekeepers.
  14. I definitely agree with your general premise. The decline definitely started in the US in 73 but they were still playing fantastically, especially when compared to the later tours. That magical aura and energy was still there, along with great performances by all of the members. In 75 that magic was there as well but started withering away a bit. Although Plant lost his voice in 73, it's never actually bothered me. When I think of the bands performance I consider the three musicians. Jimmy's playing certainly suffered from ( I assume) lack of practice, over indulgence and obviously his heroin problem. Robert might not have been the same as he was in 1970 but I think he still sounded good. There are certain things about the shows I didn't like after 73 as well. For instance I don't really like that they got rid of their acoustic segment of their set. I also didn't like where they took No Quarter after that tour either. I think the direction they went during the jam sections in 73' was perfect for the atmosphere and style of that song. Just my opinion of course. They were a different band after 75. Robert said something similar in an interview once . They were still great because of their sound and chemistry together, but just not quite what they were. A lot has to do with that such as constant touring and other lifestyle changes. From the outside looking it seems that it has a lot to do with how Jimmy changed. Once he let himself get carried away in excess because he thought that it would make him more creative and expand consciousness, the whole band suffered as a result. As much as they were equals, the band followed Jimmy during live shows. I feel like the band has two different eras, 68-75; then 77-80. But in terms of live performance they were definitely at their best from 68-73. Their peak was probably the European tour in 73.
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