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  1. nemophilist

    Page now fighting his other neighbour!

    I don't think many of us know for sure know how things have been with his home (such as peaceful). We can only speculate. In my opinion I'd have to say calling a city peaceful is an oxymoron. Additionally we live in an era where everyone knows everyone else's business nearly instantly, especially when you're well known like Jimmy, but this could've happened in the past yet we just aren't aware. Or maybe I'm just not aware or have forgotten? Believe me, I absolutely and obsessively hate anything modern and hate seeing all of the enchanting, timeless history being ripped out of historic houses in England and elsewhere. It's hard for one man to fight against trends that are coming from corporations worldwide. Maybe Jimmy could (if he isn't) push to get some regulations passed to keep that neighborhood traditional/historic? Sadly sterility and soullessness has gone hand in hand with modernity increasingly since the 70's, and it's gotten exponentially worse over the last 20 years. When it comes down to it the guy should have equal rights to his property that Jimmy has. I really dislike Robbie Williams and his remodeling plans, and I'm sure this guy is a tool as well but rights are rights. I have to balanced on such an issue even though Jimmy is a guy I really resonate with for many reasons and as I keep saying I totally understand where he is coming from, but this is exactly why I'd personally, even If I loved a house, would have the foresight not to live in a city. Now Jimmy is at the point where he probably worries about his home significantly more than when he bought it not just because of how it's began to fracture in certain areas, or due to how unique and magnificent it is but because it's been his home for so long and he's grown to love it even more. As I said with Robbie Williams it made total sense, it directly effects Jimmy's private property, with this it's more a noise complaint and believe me I'd hate it too, but is Jimmy living off-grid in London? I doubt it, if he is that's awesome and I further commend him as it's something I aspire to do but as I said I wouldn't be living in a city with such lifestyle desires. It's a city, everyone is on top of everyone else, you can hardly get any privacy at all and peace and quiet is nearly impossible. Likewise I also think 4 AC units is totally ridiculous but who am I to tell that guy how to maintain his home? It would be nice if they could work something out that would be mutual. I mean it's not even good for Jimmy's health to have to constantly stress about something like this, and it'll most likely only get worse as time goes on. To truly protect his home Jimmy would not have to have wifi around his house, not have cell phones in his house, stop cars from driving past, etc. He'd have to limit vibrations as much as he could. Basically he'd have to move the building to the countryside to be worry free. Likewise the sad reality is that most city planners worldwide actually cheer modernization and that might be why they aren't considering making regulations to protect that neighborhood or Jimmy's historic house. Modernization essentially has been linked to fighting climate change as everything is "green" and claims to be more efficient. If I remember reading correctly I believe the 'Green New Deal' had a plan to eventually rebuild every city in the country to go along with such modernization, that's both interior and exterior.
  2. nemophilist

    Page now fighting his other neighbour!

    I totally understood his concerns with Robbie Williams, but I have to say that I don't know what Jimmy expected when he bought a house in one of the most congested, busiest cities in the world. I personally wouldn't be able to put up with it at all, especially when you have an extraordinary house like he does. Maybe he should move out to a beautiful historic house in the countryside, where his neighbors aren't up his rear and there aren't a million cars going past his house every day. That goes without all of the electromagnetic radiation in such an environment, none of which is good for your body or even your house as it's all vibrations. The other guys have their property rights as well. I'm curious how Jimmy even found this out without spying on his neighbor, unless maybe he's friendly with him or just asked him what he was up to? Could certainly be the case obviously. Believe me, I really would hate it as well if I was Jimmy, I understand where he is coming from, but all of that is exactly why I wouldn't live in the city nor would I spend any significant amount of time in one.
  3. nemophilist

    Dragon Telecaster Re-created

    The sticker is just easier for the manufacturer. They don't have to pay a guy to hand paint it. They just have a computer print a bunch out. The entire ordeal in that regard is messed up and reflects one reason as to why modern guitars don't compare to those made in the past in terms of tone and even appearance (but I guess appearance is subjective).
  4. I've grown to really dislike Jimmy's suits from 73 onward. I liked his style previous to that far more. I especially liked what he wore at bath. The suits were too cartoon-ish, almost like something Kiss would've came up with. I also think In Through the Out Door is terrible and that Darlene and Ozone Baby would've been the best tracks on the album next to fool in the rain. Led Zeppelin is the most timeless rock band because of their diversity. But I feel that ITTOD is the total opposite of that as a whole.
  5. I've listened to tons of far more technical and more technically proficient drummers. Many of which are actually stiffer than Bonham. I guess it depends what your definition of stiff is. Stiff to me is unchanging and predictable. Bonham was the literal opposite of that early on from 68-72. All drummers are influenced by drum beats from one another. They can only be applied within a framework of a song, they don't have melody or the kind of instrumental characteristics of other instruments. The majority of rock drummers all sound the same to me and in my opinion Bonham, Keith Moon and Bill Ward are the only ones that really do anything unusual, unique or unpredictable (generally speaking within a mainstream rock/metal context). Technicality is overrated. You have to have a balance of feel,groove and technicality when the song calls for it. It also depends what you mean by technical. I think Bonham is perfectly technical for Led Zeppelin, he just has an unorthodox feel and approach that no other rock drummer has. Maybe if you tried playing his drum parts you'd have a greater understanding or appreciation for what he did? What I mean is maybe you wouldn't get so annoyed by peoples love for him. Bonham makes really hard things sound extremely simple. I've played a lot of death metal songs on drums (which are very intricate) and I still think that generally speaking it's harder to nail what Bonham is doing on numerous tracks. You know who I do think is an overrated rock drummer? Dave Grohl. Certainly good but he is not that great. His approach is not on the same level as Bonham, Ward, or Moon. That goes without mentioning other drummers I love like Martin Axenrot of Opeth. I definitely know what you're saying, I just think that you're directing your annoyance at the wrong rock drummer. He is hailed for legitimate reasons unlike many other rock drummers who really aren't impressive or unique and tend to use very generic fills. Most of them are just biological timekeepers.
  6. nemophilist

    The space before the live decline

    I definitely agree with your general premise. The decline definitely started in the US in 73 but they were still playing fantastically, especially when compared to the later tours. That magical aura and energy was still there, along with great performances by all of the members. In 75 that magic was there as well but started withering away a bit. Although Plant lost his voice in 73, it's never actually bothered me. When I think of the bands performance I consider the three musicians. Jimmy's playing certainly suffered from ( I assume) lack of practice, over indulgence and obviously his heroin problem. Robert might not have been the same as he was in 1970 but I think he still sounded good. There are certain things about the shows I didn't like after 73 as well. For instance I don't really like that they got rid of their acoustic segment of their set. I also didn't like where they took No Quarter after that tour either. I think the direction they went during the jam sections in 73' was perfect for the atmosphere and style of that song. Just my opinion of course. They were a different band after 75. Robert said something similar in an interview once . They were still great because of their sound and chemistry together, but just not quite what they were. A lot has to do with that such as constant touring and other lifestyle changes. From the outside looking it seems that it has a lot to do with how Jimmy changed. Once he let himself get carried away in excess because he thought that it would make him more creative and expand consciousness, the whole band suffered as a result. As much as they were equals, the band followed Jimmy during live shows. I feel like the band has two different eras, 68-75; then 77-80. But in terms of live performance they were definitely at their best from 68-73. Their peak was probably the European tour in 73.
  7. nemophilist

    Why no Unledded remaster?

    I definitely agree that it needs a remix as well. Ideally I'd of course prefer Zeppelin live releases and releases of unheard material by Jimmy Page, but I'd be happy if they reworked WIC as there is good material on there. I'd also be happy if they released a live show from Page and Plant as well. Personally I'd prefer a show from 1998 but whatever they'd release would be welcomed by me
  8. nemophilist

    Why no Unledded remaster?

    I definitely think Walking in to Clarksdale could use a serious remastering. It's good that it's honest sounding but Page's guitar tracks tend to sound a little too distant. Just my opinion of course
  9. nemophilist

    The O2 In Retrospect...

    Personally I'd have to guess that if Steven Tyler tells you there are no hits and you feel confident or passionate in your material, then you're probably on to something really good. Especially if you're John Paul Jones and Jimmy Page. Steven Tyler has transferred his drug addictions to "hit single" addiction and essentially the addiction to constant attention . The last thing you should do as a songwriter is try to make hit singles. That's the complete opposite of what Led Zeppelin did (and many others). You're not going to manifest music that is creative, unique, genuine or soulful by pandering to the mainstream audience or worrying about what others want to hear.
  10. nemophilist

    Jimmy Page photo shoot at Abbey Road Studios

    It would be great if it was some new music. I guess it could be editing or de-mixing of some old bootlegs as some suggested as well. Whatever comes of it will most likely be quite interesting.
  11. nemophilist

    Greta Van Fleet

    Definitely. They had one of the biggest names in the pop music industry discover them.There truly is nothing organic about them for me whatsoever as well.
  12. You're welcome. Exactly, there are so many nuisances. They really fill in the song, it truly is an epic performance. It's one that the casual listener wouldn't pick up. Bonzo and Jones really make the song what it is.
  13. nemophilist

    What Are You Listening To At This Moment?

    My most recent performance. It's an acoustic set of my material which is very much influenced by celtic, english and arabic folk; as well as players like Bert Jansch, John Renbourn, among others including Jimmy Page.
  14. Thanks a lot man. I'm really glad you enjoyed it! John Fahey is great.
  15. You do an unbelievable job on all of these tracks. You have a great ear and have everything down to the last detail. I think Bring it on Home is one of Bonham's most under appreciated drum tracks. It's one of my favorites though.