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  1. It was unlisted so I figured I'd link you to it.
  2. Did you hear the newest song? It was just uploaded today.
  3. Personally I love that they've incorporated other elements other than just great stoner rock. But that's just me. My personal favorite is Lore, as an overall album. But I do love all of their releases. I'm excited to see what direction they head with their upcoming release entitled Omens. I think it comes out in late April. Possibly the 24th?
  4. Been really in to this band lately. Definitely pushing the boundaries of Stoner Rock/Sludge Metal in to the realms of psychedelic and post rock. I connect with them a lot as a writer as my music is a bit similar in approach and style some when I heard them I felt a kinship. They're definitely a diverse stoner rock band. Personally I think they've made some of the coolest songs I've ever heard. They even do extended jams like Zeppelin. I can definitely hear some Led Zeppelin/Black Sabbath influence in their music. I thought this performance of theirs was quite good. Give it a listen. From 9:22 to 10:30 is just magic, very creative and unique guitar parts. Well their entire catalog is creative but that section is a personal favorite of mine. They play 2 songs here, first one is like 11-12 minutes long but you gotta give it a listen! Goes through a lot of changes. It's criminal how bands like this are so unknown, these guys should be getting the praise Greta Van Fleet gets.
  5. That is actually a genius idea! I don't like reality TV but that sounds like a great show. It would be hilarious. They'd all get so pissy. Maybe they could make it based on a tour in that van, like a small club tour within the New England/New York area. They could document the tour in the manner you describe.
  6. If any of you dig bands like Nirvana or early Foo Fighters you might enjoy some of the tracks off this album... It's actually my older brothers band. He and I are 12 years apart and it's a huge reason why I wanted to be a musician from a very early age. They recorded this back in 1998 and It's the first time it's been shared online. I put together the video.They had quite a run, toured the continental US multiple times and had a pretty good following back then. I wrote a short bio for them which is in the description box along with a time stamped track listing so you can skip through tracks easier. I love hearing new music so I always like sharing these kinds of things on forums. My favorites are tracks 2 through 5, and tracks 8 and 10. Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do!
  7. Depends what I'm playing. When I'm playing my own electric material it's a mix of stoner rock, swedish death metal and progressive metal (like Opeth) so I use Guitar Boomers 10-60 gauge because I bounce between B and C Standard. If I'm playing classic rock I usually go for some light Ernie Ball Slinkys, usually either 8, 9 or 10 gauge. Acoustically I use D'Addarios.
  8. Well Jimmy could release something instrumental like John Paul Jones. You don't need vocals over music. Personally I prefer instrumentals. In fact I'm sure JPJ and Jason would work with Jimmy on something with a name other than Led Zeppelin on instrumental music. John Paul Jones certainly would have in the past. Jimmy could also (if he really wanted to) release an album of acoustic instrumentals like Bert Jansch or Roy Harper. He could also not say there's going to be new music next year, year after year. It's more so that which gets to people.
  9. Oh I knew you were haha! I was just saying. Definitely a missed opportunity on their part.
  10. Just look at the great and creative material Jones came up with for his two solo albums which came out right around the same time Page and Plant were touring and recorded walking into clarksdale. If they all collaborated it would've been quite a good album whereas Clarksdale is just okay. It's not like Jonesy was trying to recreate Zeppelin (which Robert is against), he totally expanded on it while the essence and spirit of his influence upon Zeppelin is still felt.
  11. It's a lot of practice at any age to go from not playing consistently to trying to get back to a level at which you could perform the material he's created and not mess up too much. I know a lot of us would love to see him do something acoustic but his acoustic style is arguably just as hard or harder to play than some of the leads he's recorded, obviously depending on the song. White Summer/Black Mountain is one that requires a lot of constant practice, as well as Going to California and Bron Yr Aur. That kind of practice isn't always fun because it's tedious especially when you have such a passionate investment in your art and you know at one time you were at a level which is very hard to get back to, especially at 75 years old. Sometimes one can feel very frustrated and unfulfilled when you can't get back to that level and at his age he probably just doesn't have the motivation to go through that. It's totally understandable, he's achieved so much creatively. I just don't get why he keeps stating he intends to release solo material when there seems to be no evidence that he intends to.
  12. Yeah it would be awesome to see more footage of that show!
  13. You guys should check out this band as well. I think they're pretty great. Check out the first song on the album. The vocalist might not have the ability of the singer from Greta but I think the songwriting is pretty great. It's heavier but it certainly has it's roots in Zeppelin and Sabbath.
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