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  1. For years I thought the same thing. I still do to an extent, it's certainly a better and more powerful song, one of my all time favorites. And the performance certainly is one of their best. But Hats off has grown on me a lot over the years. It is a good closer but Hey Hey is certainly better. I guess I like the philosophical approach behind putting hats off on that particular album.
  2. I agree. 77 had a few great shows (based off of recordings), some decent ones and a good amount of bad shows. It's one of those things where their past greatness puts higher expectations on them especially in hindsight. I'm sure being there in person is a much better experience than listening to a bootleg 40 years later. But from what I've heard most of 1980 is really sloppy and the truth is most of that is on Jimmy's lackluster playing. I don't know if he would have improved himself by that US tour. If anything you'd have to say that his playing got sloppier as the years passed. Whether it's from his addictions of other distractions. So the odds are that 1981 might've been just as bad or sloppier in a live setting.
  3. I know what you mean about Plant, I think he sounded good but he probably wasn't 100% in to it like pre-77. The whole atmosphere of the band changed. I know it was at the suggestion of Robert that they shortened songs but I think as an artist one of the worst things you can do is go with the latest trends. Zeppelin is timeless and it's a shame that they kind of tried to fit in with the 80s music trajectory. They should have just been themselves. Although I would not be surprised if Robert wanted songs shortened because he thought Jimmy and Bonham weren't in playing shape to pull off something that wouldn't be embarrassing. Especially Jimmy who sounded like he wasn't practicing much. I know in his prime Jimmy stated he routinely practiced for 3 hours a day. You can clearly hear that in his playing Pre-77. I'm sure his addiction distracted him from practicing. So being really hammered + not practicing heavily/being distracted= you should not do extended solos and jams.
  4. Ehh don't really think they sound like Zeppelin too much musically, I can see the influence though. The theremin section in Gipsy Hollow is probably most like Zeppelin in terms of feel. The guitarists lead style kind of reminds of Slash a bit though, as well as his tone. I think their song way out of town is probably most like Zeppelin in my personal opinion. But it still doesn't give me that feeling I get when I listen to Zeppelin. As I said I hear the influence though. I think bands like Elder are closer to Zeppelin in approach than bands like this one and Greta Van Fleet. I think these guys are better than Greta though, interested to see what else they release.
  5. Did you hear the newest song? It was just uploaded today.
  6. Personally I love that they've incorporated other elements other than just great stoner rock. But that's just me. My personal favorite is Lore, as an overall album. But I do love all of their releases. I'm excited to see what direction they head with their upcoming release entitled Omens. I think it comes out in late April. Possibly the 24th?
  7. Been really in to this band lately. Definitely pushing the boundaries of Stoner Rock/Sludge Metal in to the realms of psychedelic and post rock. I connect with them a lot as a writer as my music is a bit similar in approach and style some when I heard them I felt a kinship. They're definitely a diverse stoner rock band. Personally I think they've made some of the coolest songs I've ever heard. They even do extended jams like Zeppelin. I can definitely hear some Led Zeppelin/Black Sabbath influence in their music. I thought this performance of theirs was quite good. Give it a listen. From 9:22 to 10:30 is just magic, very creative and unique guitar parts. Well their entire catalog is creative but that section is a personal favorite of mine. They play 2 songs here, first one is like 11-12 minutes long but you gotta give it a listen! Goes through a lot of changes. It's criminal how bands like this are so unknown, these guys should be getting the praise Greta Van Fleet gets.
  8. That is actually a genius idea! I don't like reality TV but that sounds like a great show. It would be hilarious. They'd all get so pissy. Maybe they could make it based on a tour in that van, like a small club tour within the New England/New York area. They could document the tour in the manner you describe.
  9. If any of you dig bands like Nirvana or early Foo Fighters you might enjoy some of the tracks off this album... It's actually my older brothers band. He and I are 12 years apart and it's a huge reason why I wanted to be a musician from a very early age. They recorded this back in 1998 and It's the first time it's been shared online. I put together the video.They had quite a run, toured the continental US multiple times and had a pretty good following back then. I wrote a short bio for them which is in the description box along with a time stamped track listing so you can skip through tracks easier. I love hearing new music so I always like sharing these kinds of things on forums. My favorites are tracks 2 through 5, and tracks 8 and 10. Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do!
  10. Depends what I'm playing. When I'm playing my own electric material it's a mix of stoner rock, swedish death metal and progressive metal (like Opeth) so I use Guitar Boomers 10-60 gauge because I bounce between B and C Standard. If I'm playing classic rock I usually go for some light Ernie Ball Slinkys, usually either 8, 9 or 10 gauge. Acoustically I use D'Addarios.
  11. Well Jimmy could release something instrumental like John Paul Jones. You don't need vocals over music. Personally I prefer instrumentals. In fact I'm sure JPJ and Jason would work with Jimmy on something with a name other than Led Zeppelin on instrumental music. John Paul Jones certainly would have in the past. Jimmy could also (if he really wanted to) release an album of acoustic instrumentals like Bert Jansch or Roy Harper. He could also not say there's going to be new music next year, year after year. It's more so that which gets to people.
  12. Oh I knew you were haha! I was just saying. Definitely a missed opportunity on their part.
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