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  1. Thank you is a lil emotional. Ten years gone takes it for me. Otherwise Led Zeppelin is just pure musical happiness.
  2. Page and Plant july 11, 1998 Pepsi arena. Great show if you can find it. They were playing excellent together during that period live.
  3. Listen to this Eddie. The quality of the tape, performance,makes you feel like you time traveled to 1977. The best aud tape ive ever heard.
  4. The new soundboard sounds very good as well as the performance. I feel very lucky to hear such a quality soundboard from my favorite band 40 years after its performance. The best part is there is obviously more from where its coming from. I wonder, but it def has to be somebody that was very close to the band, or in the band. Soundboards of that quality just dont fall from the sky.
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