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  1. He paused everything a couple of years ago for personal reasons... I know because I was due to write something for the next issue! As zep head says, all the details are on his blog and facebook, so I won't repeat them here. I assume he'll start up again at some point, but I don't know when. He is doing a revised edition of the Evenings With book, which is probably very time consuming.
  2. A bit of info here, though no direct Jimmy reference: https://raseef22.com/en/culture/2017/06/27/jazz-arab-world-early-attempts-new-fusions/ Must be during the break in the 77 US tour when he flew over there.
  3. It's a brilliant track, beautifully played and arranged. They should have done it live in 77. Page's playing and tone are fantastic. I love the way the opening plunges from major to minor... like jumping into a cold swimming pool. I also like the way Page tricks the audience into thinking it's in one key, when actually it's in a different one.
  4. It's a question of how far you can go, isn't it. I'm fine with Stairway, and think the Taurus suit is nonsense. But then Jimmy didn't write the Stairway riff either, and nor did this guy!
  5. 100% right. Show me a zep-related page of that book and I'll show you the factual errors on it. We could have a whole subforum for that.
  6. Yup... to that I'd add no clue as to what he's listening to. It's hard to square his negative review of 2.14 with what we can hear on tape, and his piece on the Philadelpia show is both factually slipshod and tendentious. On the lid of his grand piano perhaps... yeah, appropriate, lol
  7. He doesn't say "wait what the f***" though, at least not on my version, nor does he explicitly refer to a broken string. We don't actually know it was a broken string, doesn't quite sound it to my ear. Something goes wrong, Page briefly tries to play through it, then gives up. Not sure what that would be. I don't think there was time to properly replace a string anyway, listening to the tape, and Page didn't have a backup doubleneck. EDIT: the other thing I see there is the 'vibes' comments. Davis has them in the wrong place, they are actually before Stairway, near the end of the show.
  8. Oh man. There's not one line in that book I would trust, unless it can be independently verified from a reputable source. You might like to inspect his review a few pages earlier of the 1975 Austin TX show too Or his glowing description of the 30 minute Whole Lotta Love played in Fort Worth... etc etc...
  9. 3.19 is probably my favourite 1975 show. 3.20 is generally excellent as well, though I shudder to think what you are going to make of Heartbreaker there!
  10. No, but I think you started out trying to prove how awful Page was in 1975, and I think by the end you will prove the opposite! With respect, that's the bit that misses the point a bit when discussing Page IMO. Technical perfection isn't really his bag. Non-guitar buffs might find all this tiring, fair enough. But don't stop, nobody has to read anything here if they don't want to. It would be awful if all we did was swap pictures of Robert's hair. You clearly know a lot about playing, and I hope that by the end you'll revise your opinion of 1975. You already have a bit, haven't you?!
  11. OK, here's another one you won't like. What do people think of Jake Bugg? His live singing can be a bit variable, but he's a very solid guitarist (more acoustic than electric, though he does both), and he's kicked out a lot of great songs in quite a short space of time. Here he is on his recent one man show, doing a bit of DADGAD playing.
  12. I dunno. Fair play to the effort from Gibsonfan, there is a place for this kind of thing, even if I do disagree with almost everything he writes! It's interesting but a bit niche. Might sit better in Musicians Corner maybe.
  13. Nobody has ever bitten their guitar strings, not more than once anyway! Even Hendrix (who got the idea off Buddy Guy btw) was only pretending.
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