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  1. A twopenny upright was, incidentally, a fool and his money. It was a cheap deal of sex up against a wall with a prostitute in Victorian England!
  2. Well, well- 'Bootledz' site selling the following- 'Twopenny Upright CERTIFICATE ONLY by Antrabata, $29'
  3. Can't believe my minces me old china, you have posted the posh version. 'Knees up Muvva Brahn' is the true cockney pronunciation.
  4. It was an unexpected, and amusing, find when I opened up the cd after buying it all those years ago. Has probably put at least 5p onto the value of the cd.
  5. Such an important music producer, and sadly gone at the early age of 71. So much of what I listen to was produced by him.
  6. This one-first Antrabata I ever bought and the cover is a thing of beauty.
  7. Deep Purple 'Whoosh' and John Renbourn 'Live in America' both arrived in the post yesterday.
  8. Dexter Gordon, 'Dexter Calling' Blue Note 1961.
  9. A single disc of a part of Dallas 75, think it was Great Dane label or possibly Seagull-time dims the memory, and the disc is long gone as it developed a fault. Was a neat black coloured cd though!
  10. Interesting idea-but it would mean the taper didn't learn from his mistake and rush out to get a C120 for the second show.
  11. it is a cockney sing along suggesting (to the middle classes and above anyway) cheery working class types in the pub having a sing song, guvnor. Or for our American readers- an historical song originating in the working class communities, particularly the poorer areas of London.
  12. Thanks. I will consult the Tyrant Queen (aka my other half) as to how best to play the file as my IT skills are basically nil.
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