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  1. One of my friends sat right behind Pink. After Kashmir played, she just turned around, looked her dead in the eye, and said "Do you even realize who the fuck is playing? It's Led Zeppelin!" and shouted out to the band. She also saw Sir Paul McCartney sitting in the wing to her right.
  2. I'm keeping mine until it rots off or my arm does, one of the two. This was a life-changing experience, to be sure. I can't believe I was incredibly lucky enough to be there in the audience when Zeppelin blew the stadium away. I still have ringing in my ears from this show, it must have reached 100 decibels! For those who bought seated tickets, thats not the way to go. If you're a true Zep fan you should've been right in the thick of the crowd, shoulder to shoulder and packed in so tight you can hardly breathe, getting beer sloshed on you by drunken hot girls dancing, and jumping up and d
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