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  1. Interesting text - Jimmy Page: The Song That Changed My Life. Everyone thinks that his inspiration was sciffle musick, guitar, etc., I directed my attention to the "libretto" lyrics - Rock Island line. What is this text about? A small deception driver who passed through tollgate without paying a fee. Indeed, this essentially trivial song, not because of its music was the pretext for the entire work of Jimmy, but it is "small cheating" with lyrics Donnegan, was the inspiration for another "big cheating" - substitution of the text of all the songs the band Led Zepp, another symbolism,
  2. Well, perhaps a little exaggerated. Kelly probably give all the songs only maximum points, and, still on top of some eleven.
  3. Kelly, that's how it is with this type of classifications that are contaminated with non-objective subjectivism. Second, the classic rock is not the only one kind of music that I listen to and which I prefer. Hats off to (Roy) Harper - indeed is not as prominent on the note he got from me, but it has for me other qualities of these symbolic do not know - because you have not read my interpretation of this song on my blog. In writing this, I do not encourage you to read how important and symbolic event is hiding in this song. I just want to explain to you the reasons for my assessment of this
  4. Interesting fun. When it comes to my Led Zeppelin Song Tier List, I'm a little modify the classification of giving each song my personal assessment on a scale from 1 to 10. In the case of the first four albums. Good Times Bad Times 2 /10 Babe I'm Gonna Leave You 4 /10 You Shook Me 1 /10 Dazed and Confused 4 /10 Your Time Is Gonna Come 6 /10 Black Mountain Side 3 /10 Communication Breakdown 3 /10 I Can't Quit You Baby 2/10 How Many More Times 3/10 Whole Lotta Love 10/10 What Is and What Should Never Be 4/10 The Lemon Song 2/10
  5. Oh, I see that you finally specify your gender. Until now I did not know with whom I speak. So you live here, that is, with the result that it does not there?
  6. Therefore, I do not intend to lead a discussion about religion.
  7. 5. Heartbreaker Hey fellas, have you heard the news? You know that Annie's back in town? (Biblical origins of the nation), (settlement at the Kaan) It won't take long just watch and see how the fellas lay their money down. (the kingdom of Israel), (division into Israel and Judah) Her style is new but the face is the same as it was so long ago, (the kingdom of Judah) But from her eyes, a different smile like that of one who knows. (the fall of Babylon), (Rebuilding of Jerusalem) Well, it's been ten years and maybe more since I first set eyes on you.
  8. OK, give me an example of proof. What could be evidence for interpretation. Tell how else besides what I present to you replied to convince you?
  9. The main and fundamental reason why I took up the work of Led Zepp are illustrations album covers, lyrics of their songs, and finally their music itself - the way their arrangement and interpretation. I say that all these elements have a second symbolic significance, similar to that Voynich Manuscript. I'm trying to prove that by works, their creators, camouflaged give us information about everything from the history we know. The creation of our planet, the origin of life, etc, until the time we completely not distant - what will be the next subject of several songs. Next the tracks of the nex
  10. For a more detailed answer, I will still have time, but I will tell you quite frankly that these jokes do not make me great distress. Such comments playful way - if it does not exceed the limit of rudeness, I accept. If I feel that the limit is exceeded in some way, I can counter it. This is what I know and what I present in my blog - is my protective shield. Do you seem aware of that which faith and hope to have all those people affected by my interpretation? My situation in comparison with their effort and dedication is still very comfortable total. Speaking of the blog, if you are not bored
  11. If you my interpretation does not fit, it is your autonomous decision, I'm all for that, I respect her even more - and accept the message.
  12. You're wrong. Making exegesis lyrics deliberately I've included the original version - for all, and for the Polish version of the reader. Sens my interpretation refers to the original text, and to a somewhat clumsy translation. You can, therefore, not at all to look at the translation - it does not change anything. After all, if even skip entirely libretto, and limit yourself to listen to only the layers of music, the sense of my interpretation also retains its drama. And therein lies the power transfer music of Led Zepp. Do you have something you did not understand?
  13. Kelly, links to the wiki are to make this evidence confirm the previously established theory, and so that no one did not waste time on unnecessary speculation: what it is, where it came from, it is sometimes so that someone does not know some concepts and asks for sources. When it comes to listening to music Led Zepp, that is, from the moment I am familiar with his entire discography, now my favorite band. I have of course their songs that I like, such that overthrow me to my knees, which quickly skipping - but one thing you can say at the moment - that the music of this band can not pass
  14. Woz70, do not draw too hasty conclusions, it is still too early. Wait a few more days. About the same please all those interested. Songs included, as well as their importance, included on the first disc Led Zepp is just a prelude, this is just an introduction to what else is in the following discs. I believe that, from the second plate, what's on them, will now convincing. As for my book - it is not my aim to persuade anyone to buy it - fragments illustrate, the development of this theme, which is contained in the songs the band Led Zepp. Once again - patience. As I mentioned, every day on my
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