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  1. Led Zeppelin's Words of Wisdom for January 20th, 2016 

    "I know what it means to be alone, I sure do wish I was at home."

    After my divorce four years ago (which was without anger and too much turmoil) and I moved out, I really missed seeing my two sons every day as I

    had done for the last 18 years.  That's what this line from "Good Times, Bad Times" makes me think about.  I only live five miles away and I see them

    pretty often.  My Christmas present from them this year was for the three of us to go see Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience.

  2. I saw the show in San Jose, two nights ago with my sons, Jake and Tanner (22 and 19) I'm 56. and we had an awesome time. When

    Jason would talk to the audience in between most of the songs, I felt like we were all in a big living room and he was just chatting with friends.

    He is so sincere, kind and so NOT a rock star. Sharing the fact that he has 14 years of sobriety, still misses his dad, was the sort 

    of thing you discuss with good friends. I wish Jason and his band all the best and if they are here next year, I know where I will be.

    Airship Pilot (John)

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