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  1. Jimmy and Zeppelin management dropped the ball is about the stupidest statement i've ever read.
  2. I'm traveling to Alpha Centauri soon so will miss the inaction action.
  3. He's keen on being seen. That's why he's spending so much time preparing for this MASSIVE WORLD TOUR. Additionally, he'll be traveling in a Graf Zeppelin. So exciting.
  4. Immigant song; the riff was lifted from the Get Smart theme song!
  5. Billy Fuller, Bass player for the Sensational Space Shifters, want to come off the road and concentrate on producing, so Jimmy Page is going to join them to help them out on bass. Good Lord.
  6. Jimmy is stoned out of his mind; don't get yourself.
  7. The movie is still in the works as is Page' new music and tour. remember now....Page is on the touchlines; lol
  8. Better than most those 1980's hair bands pretending to be as badass as LZ. Still, not all that great......
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