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  1. I think the far bigger "mistake" was the inclusion of three third-rate quality, dull sounding mono mixes which are (apart from sound quality) absolutely identical to the album mixes.
  2. After close examination (listening with headphones) I have to admit that the IV companion disc isn't that bad. There's more subtle differences to the original album than I first noticed. I would rate it "average" now, just like HOTH. Same applies to ITTOD, the better mixes are significantly different. The three mono mixes are still disappointing though. My new rating would now be as follows: Coda: Excellent ***** III: Very good **** II, Physical Graffiti, Presence: Good *** I, IV, Houses of the Holy, ITTOD: Average (at best) **
  3. Quite a few wrong facts about Zeppelin in the article. Disagree on Physical Graffiti, think it's one of the better companion discs. And four stars for the IV bonus disc which is easily the weakest of the bunch (along with ITTOD)? I would rate the companion discs as follows: Coda: Excellent ***** III: Very good **** II, Physical Graffiti, Presence: Good *** I, Houses of the Holy: Average (at best) ** IV, ITTOD: Poor *
  4. I like all three. Ozone Baby is heavy rock, but a radio-friendly pop song at the same time. Darlene is a great piano-driven blues rock number, love JPJ's piano runs. And Wearing & Tearing, I think it's a cool mix of Metal, Punk and (fast) Rockabilly. Could have been a monster track live. Sometimes I wish they had been included in ITTOD, would have been a great album then, with 4 great hard rock tracks (the 4th being In The Evening). Would have dropped South Bound Saurez and perhaps I'm Gonna Crawl (but not Hot Dog!) instead. On the other hand, this would have made Coda a much weaker a
  5. Maybe I'm weird, but I could watch a single angle shot of Jimmy Page playing guitar for hours, not boring at all for me. Admittedly, the Knebworth footage would be more exciting and also better video quality. But I would expect that an official Earls Court video would still have improved image and sound quality compared to the bootlegs (see LZ DVD). I don't watch the bootleg DVD often either, but with improved quality, I think I would (I watched the official LZ DVD many many times, even though much of the material was out on bootlegs before).
  6. I think Earls Court wouldn't be a big release without video. The band was at their peak visually in 1975. A video / audio package (like Celebration Day) could sell well, considering the severe lack of official footage from Led Zeppelin. Casual fans don't have the bootleg videos of Earls Court and Knebworth. I would love to see both (Earls Court and Knebworth) released as video / audio packages. Audio-wise, I'd even prefer Knebworth, at least they had a singer again in 1979. Robert's voice is terrible at Earls Court (in 1975 in general), it cracks all the time, he doesn't hit any higher notes
  7. You can find the writing credits directly on the discs.
  8. Original album remastered: Very good sound, much improved, I can even hear Robert's vocals better in Carouselambra. Companion Disk: Three interesting alt mixes - In The Evening, Carouselambra and Hot Dog (prefer the rough mix of Hot Dog over the original). Very bad, dull sounding mono mixes of All My Love, I'm Gonna Crawl and Fool in the Rain. South Bound Saurez sounds very similar to the album mix. Still worth getting for the much improved sound of the original album.
  9. Some of us wonder why Jimmy Page didn't release some of the already bootlegged stuff like the extended All My Love (and went for inferior mono mixes on the ITTOD companion disk instead) or the alternate When The Levee Breaks with additional vocals, etc. Jimmy said he wanted to avoid material that had come out on bootlegs, but at the same time he released quite a few tracks that were available on bootlegs before (like Sugar Mama, Friends and Four Sticks from India, Jennings Farm Blues, etc.). Maybe the answer is easy: Perhaps, for some of the bootlegged material, the actual multitrack masters w
  10. IF there's a full EC release, I hope it includes video as well. Visually, they were possibly at their peak in 1975. Musically, well, at least Robert wasn't at his best IMO. Would still love both, audio and video of EC in better quality than the bootlegs. Hopefully, it'll happen in 2016, and not 10 years later.
  11. 1. Led Zeppelin - How The West Was Won 2. Led Zeppelin - The Song Remains The Same 3. Motörhead - No Sleep till Hammersmith 4. Deep Purple - Made in Japan 5. MC5 - Kick out the Jams
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