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  1. Mothership is still a steady seller across Europe. In Germany, it's currently #5 (down from #4 last week), in Austria it's #6 (down from #4 last week) and in Denmark it's #9 (up from #15 last week). In most countries it's either still in the top 10 or at least in the top 20. Sales are much higher than sales for Remasters back in 1990.
  2. Mothership is now #13 in the US (up from #16 last week), in Canada it's #9 (up from #11 last week).
  3. Why don't you read before you post? There is NO single disc DVD release of TSRTS in 2007!!!! All versions available are 2 DVDs!
  4. TSRTS CD is currently #88 in Italy (first week). Mothership is currently at #14 (peak was #9).
  5. Mothership now on #4 in Germany (up from #12 last week) and also #4 in Austria (up from #16 last week). Steady seller all over Europe, no wonder it made #1 in the European album charts.
  6. TSRTS DVD #10 in the UK's music video chart (up from #14 last week).
  7. Mothership is a huge seller in the UK, and in most other European countries as well (Germany, Switzerland, etc.). The only thing I don't quite understand is the lack of interest in TSRTS CD and DVD. I consider these releases far more exciting than Mothership. Maybe one reason is that Warner did a particularly poor marketing and distribution job. In Germany e.g., it's difficult to even find the DVD in major record stores.
  8. TSRTS CD currently at #168 in Billboard's Comprehensive Album charts.
  9. Mothership went up to #4 in the UK again (from #8 last week).
  10. Found both, many thanks! Southern Comfort is ok, but Saccharine is simply awesome! Great guitar riff. Had an MP3 of it but lost it. Does anyone know a download source for it? Btw, you can skip through the songs on North Coast Radio to get to Saccharine faster!
  11. Er, could you please describe where exactly? Can't find them. I heard Saccharine a few years ago (very good) but I'm curious to hear the other song. Does anyone have a downloadable file of these songs? Thanks!
  12. The Ocean and WLL are both there. But you miss the Ocean if you don't play the previous song (Misty Mountain Hop) until the end. If you try to jump directly from song to song, the Ocean is skipped. It is not song no. 13 as indicated on the cover, it's still a part of track no. 12 (right after MMH). WLL is not track 20 but in fact 19 (but you can jump directly to the beginning of the song), since the accidental fusion of MMH and Ocean into one track reduced the no. of actual tracks to 19. Overall, editing of the bonus DVD was a bit poor IMO. No Menus, no settings, etc. But the songs listed on the cover are all there. Just play the entire DVD from start to finish.
  13. TSRTS dropped from #92 to #183 in Billboard's Comprehensive Album charts. Seems no one likes the remixed and expanded TSRTS in the US
  14. USA #13 (last week #16, peak #7) Strangely, Mothership also charted at #6 on the US music video chart. Why? Maybe because of the bonus DVD? (TSRTS DVD didn't make the top 10 according to Billboard.) Germany #10 (last week #10, peak #7, 3rd week in the top 10) Finland #16 (last week #11, peak #11) Btw, TSRTS CD finally charted in Germany, at #65, well, at least higher than anywhere else it seems.
  15. Mothership, various 3rd week positions: Switzerland #5 (last week #6, peak #5) Austria #10 (last week #7, peak #4) Australia #15 (last week #10, peak #8) New Zealand #1 (three weeks in a row at #1) Norway #3 (last week #1, peak #1) Portugal #20 (last week #12, peak #12) Netherlands #21 (last week #17, peak #16) Sweden #28 (last week #18, peak #17) Ireland #5 (last week #3, peak #3)
  16. Well, I consider the old TSRTS album and the new one to be two totally different albums. I like both of them, but for different reasons. The new one can't replace the old one, for me, it's simply an additional, new album of live Zepppelin .
  17. In fact, it charted at #92 in Billboard's Comprehensive album chart . My understanding is that the Comprehensive album chart combines sales of new albums (from the Billboard Top 200) with sales from the Top Pop Catalog albums chart. That means, the Comprehensive album chart shows the actual ranking of US album sales, regardless of date of release. Can anyone confirm this? Think TSRTS should still be listed on the Billboard Top 200 since it is another version than the original one (in fact, if you listen to it, it's a completely different album). But Billboard seems to view it as a reissue.
  18. Mothership is now at #6 in the UK (third week in the top ten, highest position was #4).
  19. Wrong, it went Platinum in the US by 1995, according to RIAA.
  20. TSRTS CD: UK: #73 Canada #83 TSRTS DVD: UK Music DVDs: #5 Hmm, not too much so far.
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