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  1. Hi everyone, Me again..I've been in communications with a lady in Perth, WA who wanted LZ pics from the '72 concert there. The stadium is possibly having a change of use/re-development and she is running a short exhibition before the changes.. Included will be the 'stage invasion' B&W. (Can't seem to increase 'quote' size! ) NS
  2. Cheers IpMan, I used an Epson V370 f/b scanner at 3000 dpi. Having watched a vid tutorial and experimented on an unwanted slide, I cleaned the slides with a soft brush and then with optical wet-wipes. Some of the debris still remained at the edges but PS Elements removed that. I had to C+P the Caltex sign back in place cuz the settings caused it to disapear! (1) 'Repair' JP's skin as it looked as if he had the plague (2) and boost the colour a bit overall. I've not studied PS much and rely on Help/vids to tackle some problems; amateurish but fun really. Nick
  3. Hi everyone, These photos have been rescanned and given more discrete titling . Will update the Flikr page: Led Zeppelin, Perth, WA-16 Feb. 1972 . Nick Shaw.
  4. Ddladner, cheers, a couple of wide crowd/audience pics would have been good, I didn't think of that at the time..N
  5. Hi TOWTF, It can be a surprise what is seen in photos at times; I noticed this when viewing the pic for the first time last week. I didn't notice when viewing them back in '72 'tho.. The set list and further info can be viewed here: http://www.ledzeppelin.com/show/february-16-1972 cheers N
  6. Hi Slave to Zep, I was pretty naive back then and probably did'nt grasp the importance of the situation properly. I mean, running out of film for Gawd's sake! A bit of foresight and we'd all be possibly looking at another xx images But yes, it was pure fluke and life often turns out that way, one extreme or the other...N
  7. Bonham's gong is the transmitter/receiver. It's the only place to get a decent signal Haha
  8. Hi Badgeholder, Thanks. I see that. Maybe they thought the shape of the stage would amplify things. Theres a couple of concrete tiers just ahead of him and a number of folks have admitted that their ears were ringing for days after; mine certainly were.. N
  9. Hi Steve, cheers. Thanks for that info. I shall edit that into the narrative later. also put a photo set or a link on ALS later. N.
  10. Cheers Kiwi, much appreciated. Photos and pictures deserved to be hung and viewed. Music to be played, heard and enjoyed. Food and drink, well you get my point. I'm very pleased that these photos, technology and Social Media have co-joined to make this possible. They could have disappeared forever. Hopefully we'll be seing more in the future
  11. Cheers Sam, What gets me is how slack I was in certain aspects, for example, composition/view finder technique. In photo 5, Sound engineer, I could have just panned an inch to the right and got the chap [update: Michael 'Tiny' Gossen (L) & Clive Coulson (R)] I could've shot some pics of the others gathered around the stage. Just moving around will change your perspective/view point and produce a totally different pic. I'm very glad i did'nt get the cut-off heads or mike-in-front-of-face although I should've got a better shot of John Bonham. I was pretty naive in them days and was probably out of my comfort zone and being rattled by the sound. :-). Peter Grant's son, Warren is making a documentary of his dad; I'll drop a set into him and see if he identifies (?) on the right.
  12. Hello, Just to let you know, new photos of Perth, '72 gig >>> that-a-ways >> Photos section NS.
  13. Hello everyone, Finally they're here after 44 years! I went into the city centre early and heard the band running their sound check, found an open gate and wandered through, as ya do! There were about a dozen other people there and I began to take some pictures on my Canon FT SLR loaded with Kodak Ectachrome colour slide film 400-ISO. I wasn't accosted by anyone and this was well before I became aware of Peter Grant's fearsome reputation! I remained for about 15 minutes, having snapped about 8 photos, before running out of film.... ____king Muppet! and then left to kill time around the city. I returned later and sat up in Tier 2, all concrete structure, to be be blasted by sound and the next 3 days of tinnitus. It was a good show and topped the others that I'd attended. Decades pass and I start to make enquiries about recovering the photos and other personal items and eventually, last weekend, I am able to collect them, work on them and here they are now. A few are missing, so I'm left with these which is as good as we can expect.. . . and that is pretty much it. I was invited out to Oz from England, having left school in 1970 but now live in Exeter, south west England. I'm putting these out on Flickr and other Facebook fan sites. Anyway, enjoy them and here's to the next 40 years..Nick
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