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  1. Deb I am so relieved you're back. You were missed. with much gratitude, Bob K. ps: i have a gift for you from Roger. lets talk.
  2. Very cool Steve!! As always, Thanks for sharing. Beautiful scans!
  3. no complaints here either. can hardly wait. the legend continues...
  4. WOWZA...!! very exciting times for zep mag fanatics like ME!! Fantastic!!
  5. hallo roger, wie geht es dir? ich vermisse deine Beiträge hier. ist alles in Ordnung?lassen Sie mich wissen, wenn es etwas gibt, kann ich Ihnen helfen. alles Gute von sf ca, bk
  6. Led Zeppelin "four or more magazines" by Roger Berlin, epubli GmbH, Berlin, 2014 For over a century, magazines have been a medium for news, creativity, cultural critique, thoughtful analysis, and celebration. The corner newsstand has traditionally been a veritable art gallery for the world's leading artists, designers, and photographers. We are bombarded with thousands of visual messages every day. To be successful, magazine covers not only have to stand out amongst the noise, they need to make an instant connection with the consumer. Legendary rock band Led Zeppelin is that connection in this example. Providing a unique and comprehensive overview, Roger Berlin, Curator at the Led Zeppelin Museum in Print, Berlin, presents a generous and profound retrospective from his personal archive. In this first of a kind volume: Led Zeppelin "four or more magazines," Berlin has mined from over 2,000 magazine covers and 6,000 articles featuring Led Zeppelin, one of the most enduring icons of popular music. This hardcover photobook features over 700 international magazine covers featuring Led Zeppelin published between 1970 and 2013. Led Zeppelin "four or more magazines" is a visual feast for the eyes. Berlin provides a unique and comprehensive overview of this vibrant and continually evolving visual phenomena. Whether you're a new Led Zeppelin fan or have been one since the beginning of their career in 1968, Roger Berlin has done all the work for you in compiling an amazing scrapbook of these cultural artifacts. This is as close as most of us will get to having these magazines in our hands. An invaluable and timely resource Led Zeppelin "four or more magazines" provides a fascinating perspective on the rich history of Led Zeppelin and the international music magazines reflecting the spirit of their times. In Led Zeppelin "four or more magazines" many contemporary music publications are represented (Rolling Stone, Mojo, Uncut, Classic Rock, Record Collector etc.) and a plethora of rare international magazines (Japan's Ongaku Senka, Mexico Canta, Yugoslavia Dzuboks, etc.) have their designated space. Assembled here for the first time, these covers offer a rare contemporary glimpse into the life and unfolding legacy of Led Zeppelin. Spanning a course of over 40 years, many of these incredible Led Zeppelin covers haven't been seen since they were first published, providing fresh insights into the history of Led Zeppelin on and off stage and tracing the evolution of their image, style, and continued influence on music culture. The magazine cover is a stop-action record of social and cultural life, fads and trends, as well as the people and events that shape our world. We identify our leaders by putting them on the cover. It is the cover that sells the magazine. In Led Zeppelin "four or more magazines" Berlin has thoughtfully sequenced the magazines by country of origin and title, always paying close attention to never conceal the important headlines, our subtext, by overlapping or obscuring. These cover images are held in high regard and draw the viewer in through their cleverness, simplicity, or boldness. With stylistic framing and borders reflective of 19th century magazines, archivist Berlin creates an easy on the eyes exhibition gallery. Some covers clearly rise to the top. Swiss magazine Pop, Music Life from Japan, and Pelo from Argentina represent some of my personal favorites from the mid-seventies combining rare photographs of the band and simple graphic elements. Led Zeppelin "four or more magazines" is a "MUST HAVE" coffee table book for the true Led Zeppelin fan. This compilation of magazine covers graced with the many faces of Led Zeppelin, are a delight to behold and peruse over and over again. Led Zeppelin is indeed celebrated and beloved the world over and these magazine covers connect their like-minded audience. Combining extensive research and collecting for many years, with an engaging and attractive presentation, this wide-ranging study encompasses consumer titles from a wide range of international sources. Led Zeppelin "four or more magazines" provides a fascinating perspective on the rich history of Led Zeppelin as well as the production and publication of international magazine publication, design, and photography practices. An invaluable and timely resource "Led Zeppelin: four or more magazines," captures everything a Led Zeppelin fan could hope for. These covers drive home the fact that Led Zeppelin stand out as timeless and "cool" as ever. Thank you Roger Berlin for your continuous commitment to celebrating the music and stories, both visual and textual, to allow us to celebrate and learn about the history of our favorite band. Led Zeppelin "four or more magazines" serves both as a unique documentation to the legacy of Led Zeppelin but also as document to the history of popular culture magazines and should be required reading for all design students, rock music historians, and vintage magazine collectors. Many more covers are featured on his phenomenal website www.rogerberlin.de. Bob Kelley, San Francisco, USA 2014
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